Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday-hump day

I am feeling tired and draggy today.  No energy at all.  I don't want to go to work.  Today is payday though and I get to send my paycheck out to different people.  Lot rent is due, as well as the utility bills that will come rolling in.  I have noticed that every since my dryer died and I've been drying clothes the old fashioned way, my electric bill is about $20 cheaper a month. 

My vegetables and flowers are coming along.  My pansies are doing great and I hate to throw them out and replace them.  So I think I'll keep them until they are done.  I think the squirrels have been digging up my bean seeds however.  Sneaky jerks.  Maybe I will have to put wire down over the seeds until they come up.  Well, time to get ready for work.  Linda

Thanks to Donna for my graphic today... 

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Little girls + mud = FUN!

Yup, little girls and mud equal fun!  Headaches for Mom, but fun.  Sarah is currently outside making mudpies etc..  with her friend across the street.  I also included some pictures of my new gardens, including the veggies.  The plants around the poles are the pole beans.  The small plants around the wire cage are peas.  I also have some tomato pics.  Linda

This is the band that played at the benefit.  The lead singer is real hot and buff!  Carmine Dio and the Goodfellas

Memorial Day

Its been a few days since I put in an actual entry with things I've done.  I actually haven't done that much.  Work and trying to keep up with the household chores.  Thats next to impossible with the kids who say I treat them like "slaves" when I ask them to do something for me.  I wanted them to pick up an area full of sticks so that I could mow and everything was done half assed.  Anyhow...  I took Sarah and her friend to the Memorial Day parade yesterday.  It was a very small parade.  Over as soon as it started.  Next month is the Flag Day parade and thats always great.  I'll have to bring my camera and get some pics.  Later on in the day we went to the benefit for Stephen.  He died last year, three days after his baby, my nephew was born.  It was a benefit to help raise money for his funeral and gravestone.  He has been buried already, but expenses have not been paid.  There was a small turnout but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even danced a little!  Not much planned for today.  Sarah is going over to her Dad's for a little while.  I talked to him twice since Friday and he has been drunk both times and trys to deny it.  Who does he think he is fooling?  I'm gonna get him one of these days.  I'm gonna catch him drunk with my little girl and raise hell.  Ok enough ranting.  I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day.  Remember its not all about cooking out and the start of summer.  Its remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  


Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Meez

Yup this would be me!  Petting a pig next to a waterfall!  LOL!  Linda

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A few pictures

Here are a few pics from around the house!  I enlarged two of my favs and put them down below.  William came for a visit yesterday and we had a nice time together.  I have a couple pictures of the kitties too and my pansies and a surprise picture of a beautiful male ruby throated hummingbird!  Linda

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday photo shoot

Here is my contribution!  By the way its a picture of me and not intended to offend anyone! 

Feeling nervous and upset

Last night when we were in bed, Sarah confided in me.  Begged me not to tell her father, the judge, etc...  She is so terrified of her Dad finding out she complains about him.  He woke her up, or kept her awake by shouting at the computer or TV again.  Shouting obscenities.  Drinking no doubt.  I don't know what to do.  I can't exactly go over there and peer in the window at night when she is there.  I could recruit a neighbor friend of mine that lives there and ask her to call the police if she suspects anything.  She was also asking me about the big bulge in her father's underwear which he walks around in right in front of her.  I wonder if I can petition the court for her to spend Friday and Saturday nights at her Grandmother's or with me.  I don't want her spending the night there.  She doesn't feel comfortable there either.  I guess it won't hurt to try.  I can't afford a lawyer and I'm hoping I won't need one.  Its just a modification request.  I'm just so afraid something is going to happen when she is there.  A fire or he gets hurt or hurts her on accident.  He is not a bad father, just an alcoholic who is in serious denial and who is desperately trying to fool everyone.  I told her when he starts yelling to go out and ask him for the phone.  She is afraid to though.  She says what if he won't let me call you?  I told her he has to let her call, the judge said so.  I don't care if she wakes me up.  She is so afraid of her father's reaction.  She said he yells and the dogs go and run and hide.  I'm so upset and worried.  That old fear of him is still in me.  That fear of his reaction when he finds out I'm taking him to court again.  He can hurt me if he wants.  Try to say I don't take care of her or abuse her.  Linda

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A little more rain....

We are getting a little more rain this Sunday evening.  I am still waiting for my seeds to sprout.  I was bad and dug one up to check on its progess and it has roots and the seedling is starting to come up.  I reburied it and will TRY to be patient.  I know the cold weather hasn't helped, but the rain certainly will.  I'm sure by next week, I will see some plants coming up and then there will be no stopping them. 

I am a little disturbed by the "graphic cops" that have suddenly come down on one of our fine artists who provide us with fun and beautiful tags and graphics for our journal.  I'm quite sure that this person has not stolen anything and if she did take something that was protected it was not intentionally.  There are other people who use the same material and add a bit of sparkle to it and then copywrite it.  I don't think thats right either.  I truly do not like to take sides, but I have known my friend for a couple years and she has been nothing but kind and generous to me and other journalers.  When my dear cousin John died of brain cancer, she went out of her way to make special tags for me with his name on them.  The picture above I found on a Native American graphic website, it is not mine, but I also did not see anything saying that I couldn't use it.  I am not profiting from it in anyway, just using it for my pleasure and hopefully the pleasure of others. 

I found this on someone elses website, I hope they don't mind that I STOLE it!  Hehe!  The pictures I take are mine, or I have permission to use them however.  Here is a nice picture of a Speckled Kingsnake my brother took..

What a beauty!  Ok hope you all have a nice Monday   Linda




Hearing about this poor little girl that was stolen from her family makes me heartsick.  Such a sweet little innocent.  I don't know what monsters have her or what they are doing to her, but I pray to GOD that HE sees fit to let her be returned to her family.  Please pray for this little girl.  I have a little girl too and I cannot imagine the pain and agony that her family is going through.  To imagine what may be happening to this angel is almost to much to bear.  Please GOD bring her home... 

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birthday cards for boy with cancer



This is not spam, this is real.  This boy is from a school near me.  Please if you have the time, could you mail him a card?  May 30th isn't too far away!  Linda

Hi, everyone.

There is a little boy named Shane who lives in Schuylerville and will be 8
years old on May 30th. He has cancer and is terminally ill. His wish
through the Make A Wish Foundation is to get one million birthday cards. He
turned down a trip to Disneyland to get one million birthday cards. Could
you please help? Store bought and homemade cards are welcome. Please send
them to:

Judy Dunkle
C/O Schuylerville Elementary School
14 Spring Street
Schuylerville, NY 12871

Please pass the word on to your family and friends.
Thank you for all your help.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Whew, I'm tired!

I don't know whats been going on in Jland.  People are accusing others of theft and some feel so offended that they have closed their journals down.  I think its a shame that people can't leave others alone and let them do what they want in their journals.  Anyhow....   I went to the nursery today and got some new plants.  Some Kong Rose coleus for the front along with a couple impatients.  Petunias, marigold and zinnia for the front along with some bee balm and phlox.  I got cherry tomatoes and some compact tomatoes for my patio planters and some cayenne peppers to try.  I don't know what I'm going to do with them after!  I want to go back and get some jalepeno for Dave.  I didn't like the ones they had today, they were pretty leggy.  I guess I could plant them deep.  I also went and got my lawnmower and snowblower from the ex's.  Got a good part of the lawn mowed.  Its nice to have a shed to put them in.  I'm not sure if any of you remember the shed problem when I lived with the ex.  He got a shed but then it layed in a heap in the yard and was never assembled.  He gave me some line of crap that his brother wouldn't come over and help him put it up because I wouldn't let him come "party" at the house anymore.  Well after putting up with that butthead for as long as I did, I could live without a shed.  I think it was just sheer laziness on the Ex's part.  His yard is still full of garbage and furniture.  The landlord will be getting after him.  Well thats not my problem anymore.  I did enough work trying to keep that place up while he sat on this fat ass in the living room playing video games and talking to other women on the computer and getting drunk while I was busting my butt.  I am so glad I don't live there anymore! 

I was also asked about speaking again for EOC.  Wow, they sure are asking alot of favors!  They were given $80,000 after the fundraiser a couple weeks ago.  There was even a blurb in the paper about my speech, calling it the most touching part of the evening.  Now they want me to speak again and I will, but I wonder if they can help me out a little more, like paying off my house?  Heehee.  No I wouldn't ask that.  Icould use another clothes dryer thought, the one that was donated broke.  Ok enough rambling. 



Friday day off



I like the new add image feature, beats having to upload it to FTP first.  Of course I still have to go through Photobucket or Flickr to change the sizes of the photographs I take.  I have been having alot of pelvic pain since getting that IUD put in.  I talked to the nurse a few days ago and she said if it persists to call.  I'm worried I have an infection or it perferated something.  I'm calling again this morning as the pain is coming again.  I can tell when ones coming because my right buttock starts to ache and it spreads quickly.  Sometimes it hurts so bad it feels like a labor contraction and I have to stop what I'm doing and breathe thru it.  I know TMI.  Sorry for being graphic. 

Today I am going up and get my lawnmower and snowblower.  Also my birdhouses as long as their are no occupants and my bird feeder pole.  I have permission to go up even if he isn't there.  I dreamed about him again last night that we were back together and I was going to tell him that I wasn't going to live with him.  I was thinking about some of the hell that he put me through and I know I could never do that again.  Never...  I have to get this house cleaned up because the lady from EOC is coming today.  At least the living room and kitchen.  I know she doesn't care, but I do.  Everyone have a good day! 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The "FART" survey

Ok, last night, Dave and I got into a discussion about "farting".  He thinks that its "hilarious" and "likes to giggle" when he passes gas.  He has gas quite often and passes gas around me without excusing himself.  Now I have gas too, but I do say excuse me.  I don't laugh hysterically and I don't consider it particularly amusing.  I think his whole mentality about it is juvenile and preschool at best.  He says "All" men are like that and think farting is funny.  Now I would like to get everyone's opinion on this, men and women, young and old.  Is he acting like a 4 year old or am I over-reacting? Please feel free to forward this to all your friends so I may have a broad view!   Linda

Washington Park, Albany NY

Welcome to Washington Park in Albany, NY.  This is home of The Tulip Fest which happens usually on Mother's Day weekend.  We went last night and enjoyed the tulips and fountain.  All was peaceful and serene until we witnessed a disorderly group of pre-teens sit on a picnic table and rock it until it collapsed on the ground.  A guy who I think was a security person sat and watched and then finally got up and told them to leave.  They didn't, they just went where he couldn't see them.  There was a nice playground and dog park there also.  Lots of wide open spaces and beautiful old trees. 

The fountain in the park is Moses splitting the rock and the figures around it represent the different stages of life.  It was put in the park by Henry King in memory of his father, Rufus King.  I couldn't quite make out the name of the sculptor in the plaque photo.  Hope you enjoy the photos!  Linda

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We had a good day today.  Started out with lots of time on the computer!  Then we went to church and then to the grocery store.  I managed to spend over $40 for fruit, chips, soda and gifts for Mother's Day.  Went out to my sis in laws and we had a cookout.  I had a nice time visiting with everyone and the food was good too.  Came home a layed down for a while.  Now I'm up again and will be going to bed for the night soon.  I over ate.  Especially on potato salad!  This stuff was heart attack on a plate with eggs, mayo and bacon!  Yesterday I planted some pole beans, green beans and sugar snap peas from seed.  I hope they grow well.  Almost time to put out tomatos.  We are expecting a frost tonight.  I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day...  Linda

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Springtime and Saratoga Apple

Today was a gorgeous day.  We started out by going out to breakfast and then to Congress Park.  I forgot my camera there and I'm really disappointed because Sarah and I rescued some baby ducklings that had fallen down a storm grate.  Mama Duck was very upset and the babies were peeping for her.  We were just able to reach down and pluck them up.  Mama duck was quite happy and waited until they were all collected before swimming off with them.  We brought Logan back home and then stopped at Saratoga apple to take some pictures in the orchard.  Tomorrow is Mom's Day and I think I will be going out to my sister in laws to have a cookout with them. 

See ya around!

A beautiful Mother's Day weekend

Sarah is in the kitchen playing with the answering machine.  She has figured out how to record on it and playback.  So she is making silly messages.  I have Logan until about noon.  He stayed overnight.  I almost pulled my hair out last night.  He was a walking tornado.  I would be cleaning up one mess and he would be making another or putting something in his mouth, or falling and getting hurt.  I couldn't wait until bedtime!  He is a little better this morning and we are going to the park later.  Take some pictures with the flowering crab apple trees and the tulips.  The lilacs are getting ready to bloom too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.  Linda

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

May Day Spring Fling

Last nights event was great.  Despite the dress I wore that showed my pantylines and made me look even huger than I already am!  The evening started out with a cocktail hour and a silent auction.  I knew I had no way of winning anything as most of the people there were the wealthy of the town!  The mayor and even an assemblyman was there!  I was fortified by two glasses of wine by the time I made my speech and it went off without a hitch.  It really seemed to move people and alot of donations were made!  I was very happy.  I don't have any pictures from the event.  Maybe I'll turn up in the newspaper!   Linda

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A bad date

I went on a date today with Ramon and it was not very good.  I felt uncomfortable around him.  I hate to sound prejudice or against any particular group, but to me he seemed gay.  He was very feminine sounding and had a very nicely decorated house including an espresso machine and a bedroom with a huge bed and decorator pillows on it!  He was very fastidious about everything.  He told me he eats Cheetos with chopsticks so he doesn't get orange stuff on his hands!  If I didn't know he was seeking a woman I would swear he was gay.  I have nothing against gays, I'm just not attracted to men that seem that way.  Oh well, he made me realize Dave isn't all that bad!  He takes me the way I am.  With Ramon, I don't think I would ever feel like I was good enough. I know he would freak if he saw my slobby house!  Oh well, I guess I'm not ready to explore single life again.  Besides that my day was ok.  Tomorrow is the fundraiser banquet where I have to give my speech.  Aggghhhhh!  Wish me luck!  Linda

thanks to donna for graphic!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Stand- My new "power" song!

Ok my bad!

I finally got talking with Ramon and he is still very nice.  I hope we can meet sometime soon.  Still don't know what to do about Dave....  I guess honesty is the best policy..  Still I feel obligated somehow.  Linda

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The new Mr. Wonderful is a liar

Well, I managed to drive off another guy and don't know how.  Maybe too eager?  They must sense the stalker in me.  He said he would text me on my phone and he did.  Then said he would call me later and didn't.  So I just IM'd him and asked if he was still at work and he promptly went offline.  So I guess he is just another player.  See entry below if you aren't sure what I'm talking about....

The problem with cats outdoors

Dave and I had dinner last night at his house while watching the Derby.  The horse I picked came in second.  Amazing finish.  That Street Smart came from 19th and moved through like a freight train!  It will be interested to watch the Preakness.  Anyhow when I was getting ready to leave I brought up the discussion of how cats should be kept indoors because of the killing.  I said cats kill thousands of songbirds and animals every year and he said "Yeah!" I was really upset by his reaction, its totally against how I feel about nature in general.  He said he loves cats so he is for the cat.  I love cats too, but love birds and nature too.  This is a snippet from an article I found online:

The Problem

There are more than 90 million pet cats in the U.S., the majority of which roam outside at least part of the time. In addition, millions of stray and feral cats roam our cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Scientists estimate that free-roaming cats kill hundreds of millions of birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians each year. Cat predation is an added stress to wildlife populations already struggling to survive habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, and other human impacts.

If you click on The Problem above, you can go to the website.  I feel very upset about his attitude and disregard for something that I hold sacred.  Not compatible at all.  Also everytime we see a wild animal, he says "Bang-bang".  He is a hunter and while I have no problem with that, I feel that he thinks animals are just out there to shoot.   Now I'm not telling any of you to keep your cats indoors, its a personal choice, just trying to inform people of my stand on the matter. 

Anyhow!  I met a nice guy online who lives near me.  His name is Ramon.  He is Hispanic.  I haven't talked to him yet, but we IM'd a little last night. Here is his picture.  He is a big guy and I think he is handsome.  Very soulful eyes.


We have alot in common.  I'm not going to get my hopes up.  I might not be the right one for him.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday....   

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Despite my sinus misery, I got alot done yesterday.  Started off the day with a quick geocache then went to Walmart.  Got my oil changed, got a pair of jeans that FIT and a skort and top.  The top is a little bit too big, so I may take it back and exchange it.  I also got a new scrub top for work.  Some personal care items, a shovel, rake and seeds.  I got home and cleaned a little in the house and then took a nap.  Got up and raked the yard up.  Dug a small flower bed and planted bulbs for lilies and dahlias.  Then I went and got a sub and visited over at David's for a while.  He is busy replacing a patch on his truck's gastank.  He has been busy fixing up the truck lately.  We walked around the yard and talked and his cat caught a chipmunk.  I was upset and tried to get her to drop it.  When she finally did it ran up a tree.  I hope it makes it.  It seemed pretty shook up.  Dave thinks I should of let her kill it because its "nature".  I said its not because cats are introduced species.  Cats kill millions of songbirds and small animals every year.  Its not natural.  I think cats should be kept indoors.  Buy em a pet store mouse if you want to see nature.  Anyhow.  Thats it for now.  I hope you have a nice weekend!  Thanks to Donna for the neat graphic! 

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Some old pictures!

Here are some old pictures of me and my sisters as children.  I'll post one of my brother when I get one.  Hehe....

Me as an infant, Dad, Mom, Brenda

Dad and his girls (Adele little one)

Me and Brenda

Me in 1st grade

Me in 3rd grade


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I am so confused and don't know what to do.  I finally broke down and called Dave to come get his things and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.  I guess not calling me for 3 days is ordinary, when we have talked everyday.  We concluded by deciding to take a break from each other.  I'm still going to keep my options open however.  Travis and I moved his table and chairs into the shed and now probably have to move it back!  Or else I will just go and buy a cheap yard set to use indoors.  All I use the table for anyhow is to hold junk! 

I really hate being single and I hate the dating part where you meet new people and get to know each other.  So awkward.  I feel that my weight really hold me back from things.  Men don't want a heavier gal like myself.  They all want skinny ones.  Any one that does like heavy gals are heavy themselves and I don't really feel attracted to heavy men.  A little heavy is ok, but not obese.  Its funny, I don't think of myself as "obese" but according to the weight charts, I am.  Funny, when I look at personals online I still feel as if I'm doing something wrong.  I still feel the Ex lurking behind my back.  Speaking of which, his excuse for only spending two hours with Sarah this week is because his "girlfriend" has been in the hospital with pneumonia.  I guess he has his priorities.  Wow, I'm cheerful today huh?  I got the IUD put in today and it hurt like hell.  I bit my arm trying not to scream.  I hope it works.  Its not for pregnancy protection, but for heavy periods.  Well, enough complaining.  Bye for now!

All about Geocaching

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Look at this face!


Here are a few pictures I had from recent.  First is my baby girl.  She took this picture of herself!  See the peanut butter on the corner of her mouth!  LOL!  Next is her diggin in the dirt.  Thats my gal.  I used to do the same thing!  Then is one of my boxes of pansies.  Still no word from David.  Guess he is to chicken to call me and break it off.  I'm not going to call him. 

Still a little blue

Hmmm I managed to pick another rainy graphic today.  Its going to be sunny today however.  Maybe it reflects my mood.  I guess I was a little harsh yesterday in my assessment of the relationship with David.  He is not to blame in any way.  I am over critical of him and not accepting of some of his quirks.  He is sweet, fun and loving but I guess I wasn't ready.  Not what I was looking for whatever that is.  I don't think he was ready either.  Time to move on I guess.  I don't know if he reads this journal or not.  He didn't call me last night when he said he would.  I am not going to chase after him.  If he wants to be friends thats fine. 

Brownie pooped in the tub last night.  I couldn't find the source of the odor until I went to take a shower.  I guess Tarzan was holding her hostage in there and she had to go.  Stinky Brownie.  Not much else in the news dept.  I think after work I will go get a rake and shovel and work on this yard.  It needs it.  Linda