Thursday, June 26, 2008


I think I may have found my Dad's long lost twin brother!  LOL!

Sundae on the farm

I've been trying to caption my pictures, but as usual AOL wants to be stupid.  I think they are pretty self explanatory anyhow.  I took the kids on Sunday to Sundae on the farm.  Yes we had sundaes too!  This farm is the large Kings Ransom farm in Northumberland.  This farm boasts over 1000 cows and produces a massive quantity of milk each year.  If you click on the Bed and breakfast link at the top of their webpage you can find the history of the farm. 

We go to Albany today to hopefully get Sarah's pump up and running insulin.  Of course his Daddyship is coming.  He has nothing to do with her most of the time, but shows up to look like he cares for appointments etc...  Why bother? 

Travis starts work Monday.  He will be working at Wesley, where I work as a groundkeeper.  I hope he likes it.  He is already complaining that it is cutting into his computer/video game time etc. and that he shouldn't have to do chores because he is working!  Ha!  Welcome to adulthood son.  Its all about work now. 

Looks like rain again today.  I still haven't gotten the yard mowed and it looks like a meadow now.  Linda

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Six Flags New England



Yesterday, I took the kids and Travis' friend Ana to Six Flags New England.  It is a 2 1/2 hr ride.  Spent $40 in gas for the round trip!  It was hot, crowded and expensive!  I spent alot of dough.  Spent extra for a Flash pass for two so we can go to the head of the line on the rides.  Sort of the head of the line.  Saved alot of waiting in lines however so it was worth it.  We rode (Ana and I), the Scream.  That is a tower that brings you up over 200 ft and then drops you.  There is a pic in the gallery.  We rode the Mind Eraser.  I almost puked after!  The Batman ride.  Had to close my eyes.  Almost puked.  The Superman ride is the best.  You go up a huge hill over 200 ft and get dropped straight down!  Then you rush right into a tunnel and go around beds and corkscrews at over 70 mph!  All with just a little bar on your lap.  We got alot of airtime.  Then you go down and rush into a dark tunnel with misters in it.  I love that ride!   Travis and Ana went on a few rides together and Sarah too.  Sarah was disappointed that she didn't get to go on alot of rides.  It was very crowded.  Long lines too.  Alot of city folk.  I saw more tattoos, gold and bling then in a jewelry store!  Very urban type crowd.  If anyone decides to go I would recommend getting the flash pass.  Its worth it.  Go on a weekday before school is out for the year too.  Avoid the crowds.  If you want soda go to a place with fountain soda and get the large for 3.99.  Don't get a bottle for 3.50.  You get alot more in the large soda.  Enough for 3.  Or get the cup with free refills with the wristband.  Make sure you get the wristband too!  Its free.  Just don't forget to ask.  Otherwise the re-fills are 99c.  Bring comfortable shoes for walking and sunscreen!  Have fun!  Vote on my photo above!  Be honest, don't just say yes to be nice!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Here he is, my Dad.  Happy Father's Day Dad!

Not much else going on in life.  Work, heat, kids.  Travis is out of school except for a few exams he has to take.  Sarah still has a few days left.  We go to Albany on the 25th to get real insulin in the pump!  We have practiced with saline and will practice some more before we go.  Sarah's grandmother is nervous about it.  I wanted to take a couple days off but I don't think I will be able to. 

My veggies are coming right along.  I see baby squash at the base of flower buds that haven't opened yet.  I know I will have squash for the fair!  I have two small tomatoes but need three of the same size so I'm hoping I get some more soon.  I might be able to pick two close to the fair and refrigerate them until another one catches up.  The fair judges seem to want uniformity in size.  I will probably end up entering green tomatoes but perhaps red.  Have to get ready for work now... 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here I am

Shame on me, I haven't posted in over a week.  I have been getting wrapped up in online dating which really doesn't work all that well.  Also with work and the kids and the dog etc...  Chaos still reigns at my house.  It has been so horribly hot here.  In the mid 90's every day for the last 3 days.  It should break today hopefully with storms. 

Sarah's pump educator is going to be meeting us today at Sarah's grandmothers house to teach us how to use the pump.  It is going to be very hot there as she has no A/C either!  I need to get out of this state of apathy soon.  I kind of drift thru life just getting the basics done and not much else.  The house looks like hell.  I spent the weekend geocaching and canoeing with a guy from Albany area I met.  No he is not a romantic prospect.  Quite the opposite.  I suppose he could be if he wasn't so uptight!  I guess he would be what they call anal-retentive!  LOL!  Not that I didn't have a good time of course.  We had a wonderful paddle across the lake and down a creek.  We saw alot of birds including a great blue heron rookery.  I took pictures but they are trapped in the camera until I get to the store to download them onto disc.  My camera no longer connects with the computer.  I guess it got dropped too many times by the kids. 

I'm afraid Travis is going to develop another bad habit!  He slept in our room last night in Sarah's bed because it was so hot in the house.  I hope he doesn't make it a regular thing.  Not that it bothered me but...

A boy his age that goes to his school was killed a few days ago in a horrible accident less than a mile from our house.  A man was speeding up the mountain and crossed the line and hit him head on.  There was accusations of alcohol usage.  Both died in the crash.  The boy on impact.  Both thrown from their vehicles also. 

Time to get ready for work.  Hope all have a nice week.