Monday, March 31, 2008

It's raining men

Well, ok that is an exaggeration.  It's not raining men, it is sort of sprinkling them.  I decided to meet a different guy.  Matt just wasn't working out.  He didn't have much time for me.  I realize he is busy, but I don't like to be an after-thought just penciled in when convenient. 

The new guy's name is Scott.  He is 39 and lives north of me.  He has two kids.  Works full time, has a house and truck.  Seems like a decent hardworking guy.  He seems to like Sarah.  We met the first time for dessert up at a local truckstop diner.  Then Sarah and I went up to his house yesterday to see a movie.  He really surprised me by leaning over my chair and giving me not one, not two, but 4 quick little kisses!  I got two more through out the day!  Other than that he was was the perfect gentleman.   His house is not perfect either, so when he comes to mine, I won't worry so much.  I'll just make sure the dishes are done and most of the trash is off the floor! 

The birds are outside singing.  I can hear chickadees calling back and forth.  I am going to get the moped registered hopefully this week.  I need to drain the old gas out of the tank and put in fresh.  I can stop over to the hardware store and get a new gas can and oil that I need.  I need to take a look and see where the clip is to take the gas hose off.  Anyone know where I can dispose of old gas?  David may take it to use in something.  So now I just need to wait for it to warm up.  I can probably make it if its cooler with gloves on.  Work isn't that far.  I need to take some trial runs with someone following me first though to make sure the moped is going to make it.  I would hate to have it die on me part way to work.  I also need to make sure I have my cell phone with me.  I am probably going to invest in a reflective vest also.  People don't know how to stay in their lanes here in upstate NY and we have some pretty sharp corners where I can get creamed.  So I need to go get ready for work.  Long week ahead of me.  I'll be in Louisiana soon.  Linda

Friday, March 28, 2008

Moped Mama rides again!

I've been thinking about buying a moped to get back and forth to work to help on gas and mileage on my lease car.  I saw one yesterday in the wantad digest.  I went up and looked at it.  It was pretty old but still runs good.  I paid a couple hundred for it (or more).  I don't think it was worth that much, but they are hard to come by and also will pay for itself in gas soon enough.  I just hope it stays reliable.  This is a picture of one like it.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Falcon cam is up and running!

The Falcon cam in Albany on the Dunn Memorial bridge is running.  The falcon female is on the nest and eggs are expected to hatch in May.  I will put the link over on the left column also below the chick cam.  Linda

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Animal Kingdom

I think I have too many animals in this house.  Three cats and a puppy.  The day started out with Daisy chasing and tackling Tarzan on the floor.  She then started in teasing Tiger who sat and growled at every animal who came near him.  Now its Brownie's turn.  I think she enjoys sparring with Daisy.  She actually sits right above her and growls at Daisy and bats at her when she gets too close.  Instead of retreating she engages in the battle.  Daisy of course being a silly puppy, gets all exciting and rolls and barks and dances about teasing the cat.  Alot of people think I should get rid of the dog or a couple cats.  I am the type of person who thinks once you get an animal you are in for the long haul.  I get attached and feel like I'm giving away a child almost.  Then I would have to deal with the kids and their dramatics.  Actually, you know who I dread the opinion of most?  That awful girl at work who think she knows everything and acts like she does and always spouts nasty comments to me.  I don't know why I care.  She just acts so smug and superior about everything.  Well, time to go to work.  Have a nice day everyone...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feeling lazy...

I can hear a cardinal wit, wit, witting outside this morning.  He is staking out his territory and calling for a mate.  It is a bit early for nest building but he must be getting a jump start on the competition.  We still have alot of snow on the ground.  It should start melting soon.  It will be nice to get down to Louisiana is 16 days to see my family.  The weather will be nice too!  We are planning on going to the Alexandria zoo also.  I would like to see if there are any botanical gardens around also.  I want to see some flowers!  The azaleas will be done when I get down there.  I missed them last time too.  We have azaleas up here too.  Really not too much else going on around here.  Linda

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Happy and Blessed Easter!

He is Risen!  Happy Easter to everyone!  It is not going to be a warm day in Northern NY but it will be warm inside at WORK!  Staffing is taking advantage of it being a holiday weekend and pulling me to work on a unit doing personal care.  Thats ok.  I got to choose where I would be today.  I just hope I'm off next Easter.  If not, I will take it off! 

The kids are pleased with their Easter baskets and are playing the new video games they got.  Sarah did get a little bit of candy.  Funny, the sugar free candy has almost as much carbs as some regular candy. 

Yesterday, Sarah's grandmother lost Sarah's insulin kit at the mall.  No one turned it in.  I bet some teens picked it up and saw what it was and threw it in a trash can.  I had to make up a new one.  I don't have an insulin pen for her, so I have to draw it up by hand.  I will call the Dr. office Monday and see if I can get a new pen.  We are due to go visit on the 7th, but maybe they can mail me a new script by then.  Sarah's grandmother is a nervous wreck about the needles and syringe.  She shows fear in front of Sarah and makes her nervous.  I need to tell her to stop and project confidence.  If she even wants to go in the other room to draw up the needle.  I can't wait until Sarah gets the pump.  Of course that will be a whole new problem for the grandmother to learn.  All she needs to learn is what buttons to push really. 

I hope everyone has a nice Easter...  Linda

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Between

I missed putting in an entry yesterday for Good Friday.  I probably won't have time to do it tomorrow either.  I had a good day yesterday.  I had a DATE!  Yes a real DATE!  I met this guy Matt online.  Yes I know...  but I did talk to him a few times first and met in a public place.  Today we went out for lunch and a movie.  He has a good job and we seem to click.  He held my hand in the movie and gave me a nice little kiss after.  It feels nice to have someone like ME for a change.  He has a very good job, owns a home and has two boys he has custody of.  The only bad thing is he is recently seperated.  He said he has no plans on getting back with his wife however.  So for now, I will take it nice and easy and see where things go. 

I have to work this weekend.  Sarah is very upset and disappointed that I have to work on Easter.  She had to spend last Easter with her father and said she doesn't want to again.  I wish I had a choice, but I need to save up my vacation time for my visit to Mom in a couple weeks.  She is also coming in May so I may take a couple days off then.  Then after that, I need to save time up to maybe take some time off in August. 

I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter weekend....  Don't eat too much chocolate bunny ears!  Linda

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's day.  Here is my entry from last year, where we had 11 inches of snow!  It will be dry today hopefully!  I see in some parts of the country spring has sprung with flowers and dandilions etc...  Not us.  Still a good foot of hard pack snow on the ground! 

By the way I was joking yesterday about the terrorizing of small animals at PaPa Simpson's farm.  The video was taken by my sister in Louisiana.  They are wearing shorts down there! 

I am bringing my crockpot over to Dave's this morning and the ingrediants and he is going to make the corned beef dinner.  Good man he is.  I should of bought some refrigerator tube biscuits too.  I can pick some up on the way home.  Bye for now!  Linda

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two entries in one day!


Here are some pictures of my niece and other children terrorizing small, helpless animals at PaPa Simpson's Farm.  As you can see she is enjoying herself immensely.  She also rode a horse and a pony.  It is nice to see places like this in operation.  I think its important to show children where our food comes from and that agriculture is important.  Here are a couple videos of the terror and pony rides also...


I took the kids to church this morning and really had a nice time.  I talked to Pastor Brown before the service and asked if he could pray for Sarah.  He not only did that he called her up and annointed her with oil with one of the elders of the church!  I wish I knew this was going to happen, I would of brought a camera.  I am thinking of officially joining this church soon.  The people seem kind and caring.  Travis has been going since last year.  I then came home and took a 3 hr nap!  I must of been tired.  OK time to get off butt and make dinner... 

Don't forget to check out the Egg/Chick cam.  Link on left...

brenda, just joking around about the terrorizing part!

Palm Sunday greetings

So our Lord comes, riding on an ass, into the city of Jerusalem, while his followers shouted Hosanna and scattered palm branches in this path.  Little to know that just a few short days later he would die on a cross and resurrected 3 days later. 

Not much going on here.  I had a date on Friday.  Met up with a guy for a drink.  He was nice.  A little older than me.  53 actually.  He was handsome and seemed to be a great catch.  We will see.  I am not getting my hopes up this time.  He is also recently seperated... 

Spring is coming on very slowly.  We have not had any really warm days out of the 40's.  My Dad is back from Florida having racked up over 300 cache finds.  I still haven't broke 200 and he has nearly or over 3000!  I may go out later after church and get a couple. 

Have a nice Sunday and week everyone...  Linda

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As the louse turns...

Sarah asked me to check her hair last night before bed and I did.  I found two live lice and a few nits.  I am ready to yank my hair and hers out!  I will have to do her hair this morning again.  This will be the 4th time!  I think she got these from school again.  The bugs were full grown and only a few nits so I think she just got these.  The only other thing is I may have missed a couple nits and these just got to adult size.  So I am going to do her hair and then send her to school and go to work. 

I have really enjoyed watching this egg-cam.  I got the link from Dad at his Tomato Garden Journal.  I believe the link to that is on the right.  I can't wait to see this chick joined by some brothers and sisters.  New life is wonderful isn't it?  I hope this little fella or gal doesn't end up on someone's plate! 

I took Miss Daisy for a walk in downtown Saratoga yesterday.  She was so confused with all the sights and sounds and traffic!  I need to teach her not to cross back behind me and stop short in front of me.  She is learning to enjoy being outdoors and knows what the leash is for now!  She still won't poop outdoors, but I think once it gets warmer and we stay outside more she will do it.  I don't think I wrote that last week, she pooped twice on carpet in the nursing home and peed in the elevator!  Quite embarrassing! 

The cat is out of the bag.  I was going to surprise my Mom with a visit in April but I went ahead and told her.  She was planning a trip to Texas for a couple days to see the blue bonnets and do some shopping.  I didn't want her to go at the same time I was coming!  Also she is coming up here in May!  She will be spending alot of time with her sister, who isn't feeling too good.  So thats my update.  Hope everyone has a great day!  Watch the chicks hatch!  Linda

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello Monday

Yep, its Monday again.  Whoopee!  I worked this weekend, so there really is no difference to me.  Sarah had her art reception.  I was a little disappointed.  I met her there with her Grandmother and Father (urg).  Her picture was in this little tiny art gallery with outrageously expensive art in it.  It was hung on the wall and very cute!  We stayed maybe 10 minutes and left.  There was no "artist reception".  I would say it was more like an open house.  Sarah went to the mall after and got her ears pierced!  She looks so cute with the little studs in there!  My sister sent me some pics of Abbigail enjoying some snow in Arkansas!  They got a little in Louisiana but more further up north.  Here she is!

I really miss my family down south and hope I can go see them soon!  We have had a few signs of spring here.  Buds on some trees, spring flowers coming up in a flower bed, red-wing blackbirds coming back, and robins on the dead frozen grass!  So anyhow, I'm thinking the gas stations should leave carts out by the pumps for people to leave arms, legs and possible vital organs to pay for the gas now.  Have to work overtime to pay for the gas to go to work! 

hi mom and brenda!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exciting news for Sarah

Yesterday Sarah came home with this note in her papers.  It says:

Congratulations Sarah!

Your impressive self-portrait was selected to be shown in the art gallery on Beekman Street in the Art District of Saratoga Springs!  The galleries that will show your work include Mimosa, ArtWorx, and Feast Galleries.  There will be an opening reception for you and your family on Sunday, March 9th from 1 until 4 PM, at the galleries.  I hope to see you there! 

Once again, congratulations!  Your art work looks wonderful and you should feel proud of your accomplishment!  Mr. Taylor

Isn't that great!  Two of her classmates were also chosen.  I have to work Sunday, but I'm going to see if I can leave early to go to the art reception.  Linda


hi mom and brenda

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March into Spring photo contest

March into Spring Photo Contest

While not taken this spring because we still have over a foot of snow on the ground, it is still a springy picture.  One of the first signs of spring here is the return of our Ruby-throated Hummingbirds!  This was taken last year...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Back from a fun trip

As you can see, we had a great time at the Waterpark.  It was very busy on Sunday and not as bad Monday.  Our room was great and the hotel had everything you need.  Resteraunts, gift shops etc...  The only thing I didn't like was the parking lot was full of snow and we only saw 2 costume characters the whole time.  I was actually surprised on how many people were there.  I thought it would be very quiet.  I also indulged in a 25 minutes massage!  It was great!  Linda

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Two day vacation starts today!

Aol is really being horrible to me today.  Nothing is saving correctly in my files.  Grrrr.  I guess I'm going to have to switch to photobucket or something.  Anyhow!  Today the kids and I are going up to the Great Escape Lodge.  First however, I have to go get Private Duty lady up in the morning and give her a shower.  She gave me this nice little bathing suit.  It fits good except the back is very low cut and the straps feel like they will fall off.  So just as a precaution I'm bringing my old standby bathing suit!  I would hate to come out of the end of a waterslide with my top down to my waist!  LOL!  That will frighten the kiddies!  We got about 6 more inches of snow overnight yesterday.  I am ready to start cussin' over all this snow we are getting!  The snowbank in my driveway is bigger than I am!  I know all we need are a few warm days though and it will melt.  Ok I need to go get ready for our trip.  I will take pictures and a couple movies to share!  Linda