Monday, March 31, 2008

It's raining men

Well, ok that is an exaggeration.  It's not raining men, it is sort of sprinkling them.  I decided to meet a different guy.  Matt just wasn't working out.  He didn't have much time for me.  I realize he is busy, but I don't like to be an after-thought just penciled in when convenient. 

The new guy's name is Scott.  He is 39 and lives north of me.  He has two kids.  Works full time, has a house and truck.  Seems like a decent hardworking guy.  He seems to like Sarah.  We met the first time for dessert up at a local truckstop diner.  Then Sarah and I went up to his house yesterday to see a movie.  He really surprised me by leaning over my chair and giving me not one, not two, but 4 quick little kisses!  I got two more through out the day!  Other than that he was was the perfect gentleman.   His house is not perfect either, so when he comes to mine, I won't worry so much.  I'll just make sure the dishes are done and most of the trash is off the floor! 

The birds are outside singing.  I can hear chickadees calling back and forth.  I am going to get the moped registered hopefully this week.  I need to drain the old gas out of the tank and put in fresh.  I can stop over to the hardware store and get a new gas can and oil that I need.  I need to take a look and see where the clip is to take the gas hose off.  Anyone know where I can dispose of old gas?  David may take it to use in something.  So now I just need to wait for it to warm up.  I can probably make it if its cooler with gloves on.  Work isn't that far.  I need to take some trial runs with someone following me first though to make sure the moped is going to make it.  I would hate to have it die on me part way to work.  I also need to make sure I have my cell phone with me.  I am probably going to invest in a reflective vest also.  People don't know how to stay in their lanes here in upstate NY and we have some pretty sharp corners where I can get creamed.  So I need to go get ready for work.  Long week ahead of me.  I'll be in Louisiana soon.  Linda


nightmaremom said...

boy saw the title and thought you'd have some to share.  LOL   Glad you're having fun with Scott...   enjoy.   Good luck with that moped and be careful!!!

lv2trnscrb said...

wise idea with the reflective vest! I'd wear a helmet too :)

I have no idea where to get rid of old gas; maybe the gas station can help you with that one?

be safe on that moped!


chat2missie said...

If it was raining men where you were, I was coming for a visit! LOL

tendernoggle said...

Linda I am so glad you have found a nice guy ! That moped ought to save you heaps on gas but please wear a helmet and be careful!!!
love ya,

breakaway1968 said...

Sorry Matt didn't work out but at least you seen that and didn't stay and try to make something work that wasn't there.  Hope you find something different in Scott.  Glad he likes Sarah...thats good news!  

wwfbison said...

Scott sounds like a sweetie - hope it works out for you!

sunnybethe said...

Oh my, some romance?  How nice ; )  Bethe

solace223 said...

Well I guess it's not just the birds out there experiencing spring is it.  ;)  Enjoy dating!!!!  Before you know it, there will be some man too comfortable farting in your presence.  ;)