Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Between

I missed putting in an entry yesterday for Good Friday.  I probably won't have time to do it tomorrow either.  I had a good day yesterday.  I had a DATE!  Yes a real DATE!  I met this guy Matt online.  Yes I know...  but I did talk to him a few times first and met in a public place.  Today we went out for lunch and a movie.  He has a good job and we seem to click.  He held my hand in the movie and gave me a nice little kiss after.  It feels nice to have someone like ME for a change.  He has a very good job, owns a home and has two boys he has custody of.  The only bad thing is he is recently seperated.  He said he has no plans on getting back with his wife however.  So for now, I will take it nice and easy and see where things go. 

I have to work this weekend.  Sarah is very upset and disappointed that I have to work on Easter.  She had to spend last Easter with her father and said she doesn't want to again.  I wish I had a choice, but I need to save up my vacation time for my visit to Mom in a couple weeks.  She is also coming in May so I may take a couple days off then.  Then after that, I need to save time up to maybe take some time off in August. 

I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter weekend....  Don't eat too much chocolate bunny ears!  Linda


madcobug said...

Bummer having to work on Easter. Anyway Happy Easter to you and your Family. Take care with the guy who is freshly separated. I did that once a long time ago and he went back to his wife after about 3 months. So be careful. Don't give that heart away. Hugs, Helen

nightmaremom said...

sorry you have to work....  but you're right you need time off for other things and in the long run Sarah will understand.  Happy Easter my friend

emabecmar said...

I'm sorry you have to work on easter. ((((((hugs))))))

lv2trnscrb said...

you too, Linda, have a Happy Easter!!

I don't think its bad to meet someone online for a date as long as you did what you did, meet in a public place, etc. He seems like a nice man;glad you enjoyed your time together with him!


breakaway1968 said...

That is awesome and you played it smart too.  You met in a public place and got to know him a little.  There are SO many who find love online now that's it's beginning to be "normal"!  Good luck!   I hope your daughter had a good day with her dad.

sunnybethe said...

Be sure to ask matt if he is LEGALLY separated.  If he does then you know a divorce is iminent.  I AM really gald you had a good time.
Poor Sarah, you'll just have to do something Easterly when she gets home.  
Have a good Easter ~ hugz, Bethe

chat2missie said...

A new man!  How exciting!  Wish you lots of luck.  Happy Easter.

ally123130585918 said...

"Happy Easter" to you Linda ~ glad you got on well with your date ~ Ally x

fowfies said...

Nice to hear you had a good time on the date and it was relaxed sounding. I hope Sarah still had a good Easter. Kelly