Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As the louse turns...

Sarah asked me to check her hair last night before bed and I did.  I found two live lice and a few nits.  I am ready to yank my hair and hers out!  I will have to do her hair this morning again.  This will be the 4th time!  I think she got these from school again.  The bugs were full grown and only a few nits so I think she just got these.  The only other thing is I may have missed a couple nits and these just got to adult size.  So I am going to do her hair and then send her to school and go to work. 

I have really enjoyed watching this egg-cam.  I got the link from Dad at his Tomato Garden Journal.  I believe the link to that is on the right.  I can't wait to see this chick joined by some brothers and sisters.  New life is wonderful isn't it?  I hope this little fella or gal doesn't end up on someone's plate! 

I took Miss Daisy for a walk in downtown Saratoga yesterday.  She was so confused with all the sights and sounds and traffic!  I need to teach her not to cross back behind me and stop short in front of me.  She is learning to enjoy being outdoors and knows what the leash is for now!  She still won't poop outdoors, but I think once it gets warmer and we stay outside more she will do it.  I don't think I wrote that last week, she pooped twice on carpet in the nursing home and peed in the elevator!  Quite embarrassing! 

The cat is out of the bag.  I was going to surprise my Mom with a visit in April but I went ahead and told her.  She was planning a trip to Texas for a couple days to see the blue bonnets and do some shopping.  I didn't want her to go at the same time I was coming!  Also she is coming up here in May!  She will be spending alot of time with her sister, who isn't feeling too good.  So thats my update.  Hope everyone has a great day!  Watch the chicks hatch!  Linda


madcobug said...

I have heard that lice are very hard to get rid of. That is good of you taking Daisy about on her leash while she is still young. She will soon learn where to go use the bathroom when it gets warmer and you can take her out for a couple of minutes before you go to work each day. Good luck on your trip to see your Mom. I hope her sister soon feels better. Hugs, Helen

lv2trnscrb said...

that web cam looks cute; I'll have to go and check it out

sorry about Sarah and the hair problems, thankfully, we never had to deal with it, I hear it is not a fun process

Maybe if you take Daisy right outside after she eats she might take care of her business outside? I know if we walk Koda after dinner, he does real good about doing "what a corgi needs to do"; just a thought

how exciting you are planning a trip to see your mom; something to look forward to

enjoy the day


sunnybethe said...

Hi Linda,  Good luck with the bug problem.  It's horrible this time of year.
Chick Cam is cute : )

hugs,  Bethe

chat2missie said...

The little chick is so cute!  Good luck with Sarah's hair.  

tendernoggle said...


ladymagnolia1963 said...

Hi Linda,

A perfect way to keep lice from coming back is after you treat her hair use hairspray and that will stop the lice. My Mom use to do it to us girls even if we wore pony tails to school she'd spray our hair every morning before school.

When our children came along and were getting lice from school I did the same thing. They never got lice again. But you have to spray their hair every day when in a school environment. Plus it keeps their hair styled Ü. I hope this helps.


mosie1944 said...

Oh, my daughter went through this.  I don't know what finally worked for her.  I know she tried everything!

xxroxymamaxx said...

That egg-cam is the coolest thing!! Oh my goodness, i love that!!  We are trying to find some Delaware chicks to buy but there doesn't seem to be any where we are.  We may have to order them.  And my girls had lice a couple of times when they were little.  It seems once it gets in the school it takes a good while to get rid of it.  But the school should be adamant about checking and double checking for a while. is a big pain because you have to wash the bed linens, clothes, jackets, spray down the mattress, the couch, any sitting areas, the car!!, boil brushes and wash hair accessories in hot water.  Ahhhh...I remember so well.  My friend used to use ummm...mayonnaise and saran wrap on her girls and that seemed to work too plus it loosens the eggs.  oh my goodness, I just wrote you an entry. lol. sorry.  have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing the egg cam.  Love, Shelly

plieck30 said...

Sorry you are having that ugly problem again. Never though of using hair spry like the one commenter said but I would think it might work. Enjoy your visit with your Mom. Paula

mumma4evr said...

last time one of my kids had lice...the Dr told us to use smothers them...he said lice are becoming resistant to the chemicals we have been using on not use any of hte less fat versions of hte mayo....
and tea tree oil is supposed to help keep them away

wwfbison said...

Sorry to hear Sarah is still having problems with the lice, I bet you are right they are coming from school.  I'll have to visit the egg cam, how cool is that.  Thanks for the link.