Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maybe its the drugs...

Maybe its the drugs but does anyone here see this resemblance too?  When I first layed eyes on Sarah Palin, the Republican VP pick of Mr. McCain all I could think about was Wonder Woman!  I wonder if she is going to spin around and transform into WW and save the day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day from hell

You know that from my previous entry how sick I was.  On Friday at 1:30 AM I awoke with excruating abdominal pain.  I woke up Sarah and barely drove myself to the emergency room.  I almost passed out walking up the stairs and had to lay on them outside.  I sent Sarah in to get someone and lay their panting and sweating and both hands were numb and tingling.  No one came, so I managed to get up and walk into the emergency room clutching my belly and moaning.  Finally someone saw me and got me into a bed.  I couldn't lay down, couldn't stand up etc.. They drew blood, probably to see what kind of drugs I was on!  LOL, then started an IV and gave me morphine.  Didn't touch it, I continued to be in agony and they left me and didn't give me a call bell!  I resorted to yelling and screaming until they came back and gave me Demorol.  Still nothing.  They hit me twice more with more drugs  and antibiotics etc... Finally it started working and they decided at 3 AM to admit me.  I got upstairs by 5 and they gave me more meds because it was still hurting.  I was in such agony, I was sitting on the side of the bed, sweat pouring off me and moaning and panting like I was dying.  All the time in the back of my mind all I could think is people must of thought I sounded like I was either having a baby or having incredible sex!  LOL!  I was sitting on the side of the bed and couldn't move an inch.  Each time I did a bolt of pain would shoot thru me and I would scream.  The poor nurse didn't know what to do.  I told her it felt like a severe muscle spasm.  They called the Dr. and he ordered me some muscle relaxer.  I couldn't even see I was in such pain.  Finally that kicked in and I was able to lay down. 

I was in a daze all day and my roomate was an elderly woman on hospice and her family was in there ALL DAY talking very LOUDLY!  They kept bringing her food and describing different foods to her.  I swear if her daughter said Maypo or Lobster Bisque on more time I was going to fly over the curtain and strangle her ASS!  I drifted in and out for a while but really didn't get to sleep until around 9 PM.  I had the nurses take out my catheter and then my IV because I had to pee every 5 minutes!..  They kept coming in every 4 or 6 hours and hitting me up with more muscle relaxers.  I didn't get to leave the hospital until around 11 AM .  I am hoping deperately that pain does not return.  I am starving and ordered some Italian food and have hogged that down.  Will probably puke it up soon tho. 

I came home to starving animals, garbage strewn all over and pee and poop in the bathroom.  Travis did nothing while I was gone.  I had to feed the animals and clean up poop and pee.  I should of kicked him in the ass and told him to do it!    So I am still very dizzy and out of it.  I am hoping it will go away soon and I can start feeling normal.  I hate being sick and out of sorts like this. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sick as a dog

The last couple of days I have been not feeling very well, the pain is getting a little better but I have been having a feeling of not being able to "catch" my breath and still very swollen.  Now I feel sick to my stomach and dizzy.  I tried driving today and I was so carsick.  I was going by the surgeons office, so I stopped in and told them I wasn't feeling well.  They didn't even have a THERMOMETER in that office to take my temp!  They paged my surgeon and he was going to have them call in an antibiotic for me!  I told the lady, no I cannot drive over to the pharmacy and sit there for an hour and that I was going home.  I told them I would call them if I didn't feel better tomorrow.  I am wondering if I am having complications such as perhaps an infection or bile leak somewhere. 

Sarah has been a monster lately too and being demanding and rude.  She still expects me to wait on her hand and foot and gets mad if I can't do what she wants.  I try to rest and every couple minutes she barges in the room saying she is "bored".  I called her grandmother and she even seemed reluctant to watch her for a while.  She did take her for a couple hours but then said "I'll see you sunday" for her party.  She never said if you need something call.  I was so mad after leaving that Dr.s office that I have NO ONE to rely on and help me.  Now I know that isn't completely true.  My Dad called today and offered to take me to the Dr. tomorrow and to the pharmacy.  I feel like such a loser.  Here I am 42 years old with no friends or family willing or able to help me except for Dad.  I know my Mom would in a heartbeat but she is so far away.  She has felt terrible and worries so much about me.  I LOVE YOU MOM!

Ok enough whining! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surgery went well!

A quick note to let everyone that surgery yesterday went well. I am still in some discomfort but will make it.  Buzzy is happy keeping me company.  Here is a dog similar to Buzzy.

Isn't that cute as all get out?  :)   Love that little doggie!  Travis had a birthday Sunday and is now 17!  Can't believe it!  One more year of school.  I know he is very immature still because his school Army recruiter called yesterday and I was trying to hand Travis the phone and he was yelling, I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to go in the Army!  So I'm sure that guy doesn't want him in the Army either!  Here is my surgery wounds don't scroll down if you get grossed out easy...



The large purple blob is my bellybutton!  You can see one insertion site on the left.  I have two others like that..  Linda


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thanks to all who previously wished me a Happy Birthday!  I'm 42 today!  No, I don't really feel old.  I just feel like me.  Age is just a number.  Here is my gift to myself...

This little doggy needed a home.  I know I just found a home for my other dog.  Daisy is quite happy in her new home and we went and visited the other day and she is doing great.  This dog is older, slower and quiet!  He mostly plays, lays around and chews his ball.  He is a Cairn terrier.  Like Toto.  His name is officially Buster Brown but they called him Buzzy.  I don't really care for that myself.  The cats really aren't all that upset about him because he pretty much ignores them.  I think Buster is a better choice for us.  He is however very obese and is going on a diet!  His last owner fed him pretty much what he wanted, probably table scraps and on Sundays a double cheeseburger from McDonald's!  I think today at work we are ordering out.  Linda

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A crazy, busy week

This past week has pretty much been spent preparing for my gallbladder surgery on Monday the 25th.  I am so tired and worn out I'm actually looking forward to a break!  Financially it won't be easy but Travis said that I can have his last check to help out.  That is nice of him, even though I pretty much told him we need it.  His birthday is Sunday.  He will be 17!  Mine is tomorrow, 42 for me!  And dear Sarah will be Sept. 1st and she will be 9! 

The Washington Co. fair started yesterday.  I look forward to going because of the tractor pulls.  I may go Saturday night to watch them.  I don't know if any of you remember the lady Joy that I take care of.  Her daughter called and asked for help again.  I went over last night and helped get her ready for bed.  I only worked 45 minutes and she paid me $20.  I sure can use the extra cash.  That will give me gas for 2 days..  Sad isn't it?  $20 used to go so far.  Anyhow she has me booked for tonight and tomorrow also.  Friday we are having Travis birthday party out at this Dads.  That will be a late night because it doesn't start until 7.  I want to try to leave by 9 because I have to work the next day.  I am so darn tired of working.  My back has been killing me lately.  Then next Sunday is Sarah's party and I need to start planning and getting supplies for that.  She is having 8 guests.  I may go to the craft store and get some T-shirts and fabric paint so they can make their own commemorative T-shirts for the Fear Factor party.  At the very least it will give them something to do for 1/2 hr!  :)

Ok off to get ready for work.. once again...

One of my geocaches is on Youtube!

Watch as this girl goes out and finds my Geocache Throw Daddy from the Train!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love is the answer

I heard this song yesterday and remembered how much I loved it.  Even as a child I loved it and it wasn't until I was an adult that I really knew what it meant!  I looked over the videos available but settled on this one. 


Monday, August 11, 2008

A little better...

Here we are at Monday again.. I have tomorrow off so Monday isn't too bad for me this week.  I really need to start school shopping.  The weather continues to be rainy and stormy.  I'm not complaining however, its better than scorching heat and humidity. 

Sarah and I have been thinking about a type of party for her and we came up with a Fear Factor party.  The guests perform different tasks like getting handcuffed and then having to retrieve a key out of a bucket of worms and bugs etc..  Making gross shakes out of different ingrediants and then switching them with something that isn't really made out of those things, out of their view of course!  Also the "dirty diaper" where they have to just use their mouths to fish bubble gum out of a diaper filled with yellow food coloring and chocolate pudding.  The first one to blow a bubble wins.  I think it will be fun with a bunch of squeally little girls! 

I'm excited the Washington County Fair will be starting soon.  I love the tractor pulls and hope to get some pictures from this year on here.  My camera is broken pretty good now.  It takes pictures but won't turn off and upload to the computer.  I think its time for a new one. 

Almost time to get ready for work.  I hope everyone has a good day!  Linda

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pain, pain, pain

Gotta love that!  You can tell who the boss is in that cage!  Anyhow I am very uncomfortable this morning and that doesn't bode well for the rest of the day.  It could just be the way I'm sitting in this hard-ass kitchen chair.  I need a regular computer chair.  Maybe I'll see if my work is throwing any out.  They change office equipment like its underwear. 

A fellow journaler asked me about my hernia.  This is the hopefully easy to understand explanation of my type of hernia. 

I have either an inguinal or femoral hernia.  They develop in the groin area.  My last two hernias were on the left side.  My first was an inguinal and my second a femoral.  The pain feels like menstrual cramps to stabbing pains that radiate down my leg.  They are repaired under local and general anesthisia where I am given something by IV which knocks me out.  The incision is around 3-4 inches long and they repair the muscle tear with a mesh.  It is considered a day surgery and they send you home shortly after.  I do not do well after these surgeries.  I vomit and have intense pain which is barely relieved by the medication they give me.  Recovery time is about 6 weeks for someone in my line of work.  Probably less for someone who has a desk job.  Up and moving around after a couple days and can drive.  It hurts.  They told me "mild discomfort", but my ceserians were easier than these!  Probably because I was in the hospital hooked up to the magic button machine!  So I am a little cranky today and no I don't have a PMS.  LOL

There was a big storm that rolled through Saratoga yesterday with so much rain and hail that the streets flooded and part of the dirt track at the racecourse had washed out.  They actually closed the track for the rest of the day.  They did hand out vouchers for patrons to come another day, but I think they probably would of prefered to wait the hour it took for the track to be fixed and watch the races they came to see. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!   Linda

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 08/08/08

Good Morning!  Is everyone going to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight?  I plan on it. 

I haven't had a good week.  I may have yet another hernia.  This time on the right side.  I had one two years ago and one 10 years before that both on the left.  If this one is a hernia, I'm going to have the surgeon patch up the whole area!  I am going to see the same surgeon for the hernia that I'm seeing for the gallbladder.  Maybe they can fix them both at the same time. 

I am tired of hurting and feeling sick all the time.  I have no energy and no desire to do anything. 

We have been having alot of rain and thunderstorms.  Travis rode his bike to work yesterday and ended up getting soaked and pelted with hail on his way home yesterday!  Now he doesn't want to ride to work anymore!  Can't say I blame him!   He only has 3 weeks left to work.  Not much else going on.  Everyone have a lucky day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wild baby bunny

This morning I was treated to the show of Tiger chasing down and tackling a baby cottontail rabbit!

This is not the actual rabbit, but one that looks similar.  In the excitement I forgot to take pictures.  I ran outside and yelled at him and he dropped it.  I went over and saw it was still alive and apparently uninjured except for a patch of missing fur.  I picked it up and brought it inside for Sarah to see.  We considered keeping it for a pet, but after some research online I realized this was not a good choice as it would most likely die in captivity.  We released it in a small field close to the woods and it bounded right away!  I am hoping Tiger will stop bringing down rabbits!  The landlord has said that people have seen fox right in the park here too.  I am worried because Tarzan is gone again and has been since yesterday afternoon.  I hope he comes back. 


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