Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day from hell

You know that from my previous entry how sick I was.  On Friday at 1:30 AM I awoke with excruating abdominal pain.  I woke up Sarah and barely drove myself to the emergency room.  I almost passed out walking up the stairs and had to lay on them outside.  I sent Sarah in to get someone and lay their panting and sweating and both hands were numb and tingling.  No one came, so I managed to get up and walk into the emergency room clutching my belly and moaning.  Finally someone saw me and got me into a bed.  I couldn't lay down, couldn't stand up etc.. They drew blood, probably to see what kind of drugs I was on!  LOL, then started an IV and gave me morphine.  Didn't touch it, I continued to be in agony and they left me and didn't give me a call bell!  I resorted to yelling and screaming until they came back and gave me Demorol.  Still nothing.  They hit me twice more with more drugs  and antibiotics etc... Finally it started working and they decided at 3 AM to admit me.  I got upstairs by 5 and they gave me more meds because it was still hurting.  I was in such agony, I was sitting on the side of the bed, sweat pouring off me and moaning and panting like I was dying.  All the time in the back of my mind all I could think is people must of thought I sounded like I was either having a baby or having incredible sex!  LOL!  I was sitting on the side of the bed and couldn't move an inch.  Each time I did a bolt of pain would shoot thru me and I would scream.  The poor nurse didn't know what to do.  I told her it felt like a severe muscle spasm.  They called the Dr. and he ordered me some muscle relaxer.  I couldn't even see I was in such pain.  Finally that kicked in and I was able to lay down. 

I was in a daze all day and my roomate was an elderly woman on hospice and her family was in there ALL DAY talking very LOUDLY!  They kept bringing her food and describing different foods to her.  I swear if her daughter said Maypo or Lobster Bisque on more time I was going to fly over the curtain and strangle her ASS!  I drifted in and out for a while but really didn't get to sleep until around 9 PM.  I had the nurses take out my catheter and then my IV because I had to pee every 5 minutes!..  They kept coming in every 4 or 6 hours and hitting me up with more muscle relaxers.  I didn't get to leave the hospital until around 11 AM .  I am hoping deperately that pain does not return.  I am starving and ordered some Italian food and have hogged that down.  Will probably puke it up soon tho. 

I came home to starving animals, garbage strewn all over and pee and poop in the bathroom.  Travis did nothing while I was gone.  I had to feed the animals and clean up poop and pee.  I should of kicked him in the ass and told him to do it!    So I am still very dizzy and out of it.  I am hoping it will go away soon and I can start feeling normal.  I hate being sick and out of sorts like this. 


madcobug said...

Poor Linda being in so much pain. I hope it doesn't return again. Travis should be ashamed of himself letting the animals go like that. Yes, you should have made him do it, you were not in any shape to do it yourself. Sending up prayers that you will feel better soon. Hugs, Helen

lv2trnscrb said...

so they never figured out what caused the pain? poor you; sounds dreadful!! I do hope you don't have to go through that again; I'm sorry Travis didn't take better care of the house when you were gone; sending a cyberhug to you and wishing there was something I could do to help you somehow


sunnybethe said...

OMG!  Are you still on anitibiotics?  I hope they did blood cultures!  Get on those kids to help you. Sarah was to brave to help you at the ER.  ((HUGS))   Bethe

nightmaremom said...

OMG!  I do hope you feel better... no offense but I'd kick that son of yours in the ass... if not out.  You are not his maid...  and the least he could do would be to help out...  GRRRRRRRRR
feel better my friend

chat2missie said...

OMG!!  Did the docs say what was wrong??  You should not be feeling the way you do after the surgery you had.  Did they run tests to make sure your bile duct wasn't cut during the operation?  What about a stone stuck in the bile duct?  They found one of those in me after my gallbladder surgery.  Keeping you in my prayers.

bhbner2him said...

This soon after your proceedure this just doesn't sound good to me, Linda.  You need to get in contact with doctor.  And I have to say I'd like to kick Travis right square in the pants for not jumping up to help you out.  I'm very disappointed in him.  -  Barbara

wwfbison said...

How awful, did you ever find out what was wrong?  That is some serious pain when all those meds don't even touch it.  I would have been furious coming home to that kind of mess and I would have done some major ass kicking.  He should have been helping you while you were feeling so poorly, that is such a shame you had to do all that feeling the way you did.  I did get a kick out of the maypo and lobster bisque though.
I hope you are feeling better by now.

solace223 said...

I'm sorry you had such an awful reaction after your surgery.  My mom had something similar but it was all due to an issue with the drugs they used on her during her surgery.  (she had a tubal last winter)  I've never seen her that sick before and I had to go to the pharmacy several times to pick up more meds they were calling in.  I really hope you'll be feeling back to normal soon.  It's awful when you feel like crap and still have animals and kids to take care of, particularly when they're both at that age where the world revolves around their friends and their own demands.  Trust me, some day they'll wish they could go back to this day and take better care of you.  They honestly just don't realize how hard it is to be a parent, nor all the things you do as a mom.  I can't help but be glad though that all those people were in there with your hospice neighbor.  So many times, people get sick or old and everyone just stops visiting.  This person obviously had many people who were not quite ready to let them go.  Although, had I been you, I would've wanted to tell them to shut up as well.  When you feel like shit, you want quiet and sleep.  ;)

fowfies said...

Wow, did you ever find out what was causing such awful pain? I would be livid if I had come home to that mess. Travis should have taken up the slack for you while you were gone. Kelly