Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wild baby bunny

This morning I was treated to the show of Tiger chasing down and tackling a baby cottontail rabbit!

This is not the actual rabbit, but one that looks similar.  In the excitement I forgot to take pictures.  I ran outside and yelled at him and he dropped it.  I went over and saw it was still alive and apparently uninjured except for a patch of missing fur.  I picked it up and brought it inside for Sarah to see.  We considered keeping it for a pet, but after some research online I realized this was not a good choice as it would most likely die in captivity.  We released it in a small field close to the woods and it bounded right away!  I am hoping Tiger will stop bringing down rabbits!  The landlord has said that people have seen fox right in the park here too.  I am worried because Tarzan is gone again and has been since yesterday afternoon.  I hope he comes back. 


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jeanno43 said...

Hope Tarzan gets back safely.  Love the map, going to have a look at the site

tendernoggle said...

I am praying for you Linda...I know all will work out ok for you...You are right about the wild baby bunny...they are hard to raise in captivity.
God bless,

wwfbison said...

I'm glad you save the little bunny....I get so angry when our barn cats get them.  I hope Tarzan comes home soon.  

bhbner2him said...

Oh how precious!  Hope your Tarzan comes home safe and sound.  =  Barbara

fowfies said...

So glad you were there to rescue the kit. Hopefully its mom was close by and he got back with everyone fine. :) Kelly

sunnybethe said...

Is my west central Florida dot ont here?  Hehee...I have one of these and have 28 counties!!  I'm trying to get a dot on Hawai'i.  That's my goal...LOL!  I'm sure Miss Mau'i is going to be pouncing on rabbits soon.. We have a bunch of them in the RV park and no natural enemies to control the bunny love.  My son found a baby bunny when he was 2 yrs old.  He had been playing with ome kids outside and found a bunny "playing with a frog" in a window well.  I called our Vet  (Doc Garrison/Jenkins road where we lived) and he said it had a better chance in the wild.  hugs,  Bethe