Sunday, September 30, 2007

I got to ride a horse!

Today was basically a very lazy day.  I did some housework and took Travis to church.  I was very lethargic and tired.  I layed down for a while and then got up and took Sarah and Dave up to where Dave's Mom keeps her horse.  His name is Mac and he is a Paint horse.  He is brown and white with some black.  We brought him in and brushed him and she saddled him up.  Sarah rode for about 20 minutes and even got to trot!  She did really well.  Becky led Mac around, Sarah didn't actually do it herself.  Then I got a turn!  She wanted to know if she wanted me to lead Mac, but I said no because I had had lessons before.  So Mac and me rode around the arena for a while and I had him trot a bit.  It was nice to see that I remembered how to post to the trot.  The saddle was too small for me however and I don't think Mac was used to carrying such a heavy load!  Becky is very small.  I had a nice time however and Becky was pleased that Mac got a work out.  She said I looked good riding him, like I knew what I was doing.  Of course I am now full of horse lust again and want to have one.  I've never owned a horse before, its always been a dream of mine. 

Work was good last night.  There weren't enough monitors to go around so I had to do my own wagons!  I think I did a good job and really had fun!  Next week we go Thursday thru Sunday!  I have to work the weekend so its going to be hard I think.  I only have 1 1/2 hrs in between jobs so there is no time to rest.  Just go home and eat and change.  I give myself a half hour to get there.  I wouldn't mind trying haunting either some night if they need someone to.  Ok I'm tired and going to bed.  Here is another great snag from Sugar! 

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Hi, how is everyone today?  We had a good opening night at the Haunted Hayrides last night.  I rode two wagons and monitered one.  I was doing alright until near the end and I kind of lost confidence.  I think I'll do alright tonight by myself.  I need to practice the rules.  They said that ad libbing is ok.  To tell the truth, I don't think the hayride is very scary.  Of course I'm looking at it from an employees point of view, but alot of people just weren't screaming. 

Its going to be a wonderful day today.  Lots of sunshine and warmth.  We had a really bad storm come through on Thursday.  Downpours, hail, wind, lighting, thunder, the whole works.  I need to get some yard work done.  I will probably do house work today and yard work tomorrow. 

Sarah's father still hasn't given me a dime in child support in a month and a half.  I have the papers filed in court however and should be serving him soon.  Then he will start owing from the date stamped on the papers.  He probably thinks he doesn't have to pay if he is "layed off" but I think the support magistrate will think differently.  Especially when he hears he has been paying up until August and then just stopped.  What a deadbeat.  Selfish, uncaring deadbeat.  He probably thinks because Sarah spends alot of time at his mother's that he doesn't have to pay. 

Ok I don't need to dwell on that jerk.  I used him in my speech last night.  There is a scary scarecrow guy and I told the riders that he was my last boyfriend!  That got some laughs...  Then they ride past the big dark semi truck that all of sudden blows fire, lights up and blares its horn at them! 

Ok I better go do some cleaning!  Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My job at the Haunted Hayride is....

Ok, my job at the Haunted Hayrides is going to be...  Wagon Monitor!  It actually pays 25 cents an hour more too!  I have a script to memorize too.  I will be in charge of a wagon that brings people thru the haunted woods.  I have a list of rules to tell them and also need to make sure they are having a good time.  Best part about it, I get to sit down!  I will have to bring a cushion with me however because that seat doesn't look all that comfy! 

Now I get to make my Mom say I TOLD YOU SO, because I did something that resulted in breaking a tooth!  I was biting off a plastic tag from a hair clip and that must of cracked the tooth, because yesterday when I was walking into work, I saw a split nail on my thumb so I started biting it off.  Then it felt like something was stuck to my bottom tooth.  I couldn't figure out what it was and finally I got my finger in there and pulled it out and it was part of my tooth!  One of my bottom teeth broke off from the back.  It split right off!  I called the dentist and they got me right in and fixed it in about 10 minutes!  It feels a little different now, but I'm glad my tooth is fixed!  I just hope it doesn't turn brown or something.  The root part was not damaged.  So that was my exciting day.  Tonight is "dress rehearsal" at the Haunted Hayrides, so I get to practice being a moniter I guess.  They will team me up with a regular moniter at first so I get used to it.  Then I get my own wagon.  I hope everyone has a good day!   Linda

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Enjoy the fall photos!

A nice day off!

I love this graphic!  I got it from Sugar.  I'm not sure if her link is on the right but we all know Sister Sugar!  I love the fact that it has a plus size gal as a great role model!  I can identify with her alot more than the skinny boobnormous wenches on most graphics! 

Travis got off to school nicely this morning.  He was in a good mood this morning and was being funny.  I can't believe how big and manly he is becoming. 

The cats have been good.  I've been feeding Tiger next door.  He was coming in and eating but I was worried he might have a kitty disease so I've been feeding him outdoors.  He never seems to gain any weight.  I hope he didn't pass anything on to my cats. 

Today I am going to meet with my counseler at Domestic Violence.  I am going to let her know how things have been going and also to see if I can apply for a public defender through them again.  If I go thru them I don't have to pay.  I can't afford a regular lawyer anyhow.  I will probably get the same clown as before.  At least he knows my case pretty well.  The ex found him pretty amusing and had to insult him to me.  Saying he looked like a slob and he didn't know anything.  Well, his lawyer looks like a man.  So there!  Neeener!   I'd like to see how he is going to afford her this time...  I'm still getting phone calls from the bank that has the loan on his house.  He owes for this month. 

I need to get out to my Dad's and harvest some more tomatoes.  I was thinking of donating them to the soup kitchen.  Also my co-worker, Hope said she will take anything that is old and she can feed it to her pig. 

I also need to get out to Walmart and get some new scrub pants for work.  I guess they have some cute Halloween tops.  I start with Haunted Hayrides tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  Have a nice day everyone!


Monday, September 24, 2007

What is he plotting?

It's been much too quiet over in Enemy Territory.  He visited with Sarah a total of about an hour for his Thursday thru Sunday visit schedule.  Told her he was "sick".  He has still not sent me any child support.  I am betting my bottom dollar he is going to hire that lawyer again and get away with murder.  He will go into court saying he is a wonderful father and I am making everything up.  In fact I am a terrible mother.  I don't dress Sarah properly, or feed her.  I let people abuse her and dump her off at her Grandmother's all the time.  I also probably make disparaging remarks about him to Sarah and don't let him call her.  I'm sure his Mommy has her little notebook filled with everything that I've done since March too. 

I know I shouldn't worry about it, but its hard not too.

Bad news from my Mom too yesterday.  She suffered a blood vessel break in one of her eyes and its so full of blood that she is blind in that eye.  She can barely see out of the other one too.  She has diabetes and this has caused the eye problems.  The Dr. couldn't even see what the problem was because the eye was so clouded.  They are hoping the blood will clear up enough in about 3 weeks to see what can be done.  I hope and pray her eyesight will be restored. 

I start my job with the Haunted Hayrides on Wed.  I hope I like it and can deal with the tiredness for a month.  Not much else going on. 

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Answer to name that beetle quiz

The correct answer is Burys dead animals!  This is a burying beetle!  Here is some more info on it for those interested:

Wikipedia   Thanks for all that played!  Linda

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Everyone is out to annoy me...

Either I'm in a really pissy mood or everyone is getting on my last nerve.  After work, I went and picked up Sarah and my friend David.  David started getting on my nerves almost as soon as he got in the car!  Just saying stupid things and making stupid noises.  He knew  he was annoying me and even said he was being annoying and then continued to do it!  When I stopped talking to him he did it more, then he said it was because I was giving him "the silent treatment".  Finally I yelled at him to shut up.  I couldn't take it anymore.  The senseless blabbing and noises and nerdy laughter.  AAARRRRHHHHHGGGGGG!  Now I am home and the cats have decided it is the perfect time to start grooming all around me.  Travis is making stupid noises in this room and being disruptive because he hasn't had his pills.  That and his new habit of snorting through his nose.  I think I better just pack it up and go to bed before I loose it! 

Come on, have fun and vote!

I only had TWO votes on my beetle quiz!  I know I have more readers than that!  Come on friends, vote so I can post the results soon!  Linda

Friday, September 21, 2007

Strange days

This past week has been very strange.  I did get the court order from the judge to keep Sarah from having to spend the night at her fathers until we can go to court.  He has supposedly gotten "layed off".  Instead of going out looking for another job he has become despondant and stays home and won't answer the door.  This is from his mother.  She did talk to him yesterday and he said he didn't want to talk to anyone.  Well, he is getting served more papers today and probably more next week.  I'm sure now that he isn't working he will not pay any bills and the house will end up getting repossed, ruining my credit in the process.  I take no pleasure in any of this.  I just expect the worse, that the judge will let him continue to share custody and just not keep her overnight.  I don't see where he is being a parent right now anyhow.  He was supposed to visit Sarah last night and never went to pick her up.  He has not shown any parenting responsibility at all this year.  He has not had anything to do with her school, has not purchased any clothes for her.  Has not taken her to the Dr. or paid for her co-payments.  He hasn't paid any child support in 5 weeks either.  I am going to go to Domestic Violence next week and visit my counseler and also see if I can get a public defender through them.  So life is very confusing right now, but I am plodding on and trying to stay cheerful.  I do appreciate all the nice comments and supportive messages I recieve!  Thank you to all!

Name that beetle quiz


I thought I would have a little fun here with these beetle before I tell you what it is.  I found it outside yesterday doing what it does best.  A couple hints:  It can fly and it is about an inch long!  Have fun! 

photo from Wikipedia

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenery from New Hampshire

Pictures from New Hampshire, I will caption later...  Linda


I am having trouble with captions right now, I will add them at a later date!  Linda

1st stop- Hampton Beach, NH

Our first stop took us to Hampton Beach, NH.  It was cloudy but the rain had stopped.  Not alot of people out this day, however there was a relay race going on.  A 200 mile race that ended at Hampton Beach SP.  NASCAR pictures later today!  Linda

Sunday, September 16, 2007

NASCAR weekend

My brother and I have been having a wonderful time this weekend.  We took a nice leisurely drive out through Vermont and New Hampshire.  The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn color.  We went out to the seacoast first and walked around Hampton beach for a while.  Then we had lunch and headed back to Manchester to the hotel.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn.  It is a very nice hotel with comfy beds, lots of pillows, a heated pool and a workout room.  We had dinner the first night at Applebee's.  We set out early to go to the track.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  It was quite a scene.  Once we figured out how to park we started walking up to the track.  A lady in a handicap golfcart came along and I asked her if we could get a ride.  My knees were starting to hurt so it was welcome.  When you get to the track there is a big long row of vendors.  There is a tractor trailer for each driver selling things as well as general NASCAR vendors and lots of food vendors.  Turned out the wrist bands we had were hospitality wrist bands good for the Miller tent.  We got free breakfast and lunch there.  It was a little upsetting though because the other corporate tents were handing out all kinds of goodies like backpacks and coolers etc..  All we got was a plastic ticket holder on a lanyard to hang around our neck and a pass for an infield tour.  No pit passes either.  We got to see Kurt Busch, the driver for the Miller lite car.  The race was fun.  A little monotonous.  No accidents to report.  The winner was the Jack Daniels car with Clint Boyer driving.  We actually left half way through the race to head back to the car.  We once again hitched a ride on a golf cart and headed out.  We beat the traffic jams and made it back to the hotel to watch the last 35 laps on TV.  Then a nap was in order and we went out to eat at Buggaboo Creek steakhouse.  That place is a hoot!  Now we are back at the hotel and will plan our trip back home.  I'm glad I brought my brother, he had a good time.  I'm sorry I didn't take my cousin, but I had to choose.  I feel somehow that the only reason she was being friendly with me was so she could go.  She had barely spoken to me in about 15 years and all of a sudden she was my buddy.  Kind of like what happens when you come into money I guess.  Ok pictures tomorrow hopefully!  Linda

Friday, September 14, 2007

Going away for the weekend..

I haven't heard a peep out of ex-Dave yet.  I don't know if its because the child protective worker hasn't been there yet or what...  I'm supposed to go away to NH this weekend for my NASCAR trip that I won.  I decided to take my brother.  Sarah's grandmother will be watching her.  I hope Dave doesn't come and take her.  Its not his weekend so I don't think he can.  I filed at court for him to have NO overnights and also to try and stop the shared custody from taking place.  I don't think he is fit for that.  If things don't improve soon, I may have to declare bankruptcy.  The company that is holding the lein for the trailer he is living in (still in my name) is raising holy heck because he has not been making payments on time.  He still owes for August.  They are threatening to foreclose.  I cannot afford to pay my own bills because he hasn't given me any child support in 4 weeks.  I filed about that too.  I am going next week over to the the Double M western store and rodeo place to apply for a seasonal position at their Haunted Hayrides.  It will require me working some extra evening hours but I need the money really bad right now.  I hope I can get a job where I can sit a little.  Maybe I can be a witch that hands out treats at the end!  Not much else going on.  See you all on Monday!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still fighting the good fight...

After I brought Sarah over to get on the bus, I went to the court house to pick up the papers I needed.  I happened to think of calling over to Domestic Violence and my counseler told me she was actually on her way to court and she could meet me there.  She helped me fill them out.  I had to go get them notarized and umpteenth million copies made.  Then I just had enough time to go get Sarah and meet with the child protective lady.  She was very nice and very thorough.  I guess she did well with Sarah because Sarah told her what happened.  I asked her what she felt the outcome would be and she said she has to talk to the other parties and her supervisor but she feels it will be indicated.  That means that he is found to have done this against Sarah.  I also am filing an emergency petition in the morning at court that he be not allowed to have Sarah over night anymore and also that I be allowed to retain physical custody until we can get to court to address the issues.  I am still waiting for "him" to call me.  My phone actually is out of order right now and the repair person won't be out until sometime tomorrow.  It was working fine this morning...   so he has both cell phone numbers if he wants to call and start screeching.  So I am very exhausted.  Had to take a day off work and probably a half day tomorrow now.  I do have my NASCAR weekend coming up.  Sarah will be staying at her grandmothers.  I have asked her not to let Sarah spend the night at her fathers.  He has actually said it would probably be better that he not "force" her to spend the night because she has been becoming "increasingly agitated" about sleeping in her room.  I WONDER WHY???  Maybe because Daddy gets drunk and keeps her awake half the night and now she has to worry about him coming in and pissing on her floor...  Ok enough of this.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support and prayers!  Linda

Meeting with CPS today

I pray today that the CPS worker will believe what we have to tell her.  We are meeting at 2 PM over at Center for the Family.  My boss gave me the day off to take care of business.  Besides that, I need to go down to the court house and get papers to fill out and file for a modification and violation.  I spoke with the law guardian yesterday and she told me to put on the paper that it was with her recommendation that I do so.  Also to ask for the judge to review it right away to suspend his overnight visits. 

I dread his fury when he finds out I'm doing all this.  He will say well if you just asked me I would of let her spend the night at her Grandmothers.  In fact he won't.  Saturday evening when the cops were there, he claims (lied) that his Mother was there to take Sarah home with her because he was expecting a woman to come over.  He said he was so angry that I called the police that he kept Sarah there.  Now what kind of father does that?  I'm going to show these text messages to the CPS worker too to show her his way of thinking and his mindset that night.  His mother also admitted to me that Dave had been drinking but wasn't drunk when she was there. 

Sarah said her father had come into her room in his underwear and she covered her head with the pillow but she could hear him urinating on the floor. 

I'm not trying to be revengeful or spiteful, I just want to protect my child.  I know how he is and how he gets.  He has almost set the house on fire twice when I've lived there.  He has punched holes in the walls and urinated in the house.  No child deserves to be in those conditions.  The dogs don't even deserve it.  Please pray for us that justice will prevail and Sarah won't have to endure these overnight visits anymore...  Linda

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Today is a very sad day.  We commemorate the the loss of all the lives on 9/11.  May God bless and hold them close to Him as well as the family. 

Yesterday on advice from my lawyer and after talking to Sarah again, I called Child Protective Services.  I have never called them before on him and I hope it doesn't blow up in my face.  I also put in a call to Sarah's law guardian, so I hope she backs me up.  She has been very supportive of Sarah and knows the history with her father.  I think she was pretty disgusted how the trial ended in March and wishes Sarah didn't have to spend nights with him.  Now this is just what I was hoping to avoid.  Having him do something stupid while he was drunk and watching her.  I fully believe Sarah as he has done things like this before.  He has urinated in laundry in front of her before and in the hallways and all over the bathroom.  Sarah told me he opened her door and stood in the doorway and started peeing.  She covered her head with the pillow and she heard the sound of urinating.  Then she said he went to bed and she called me crying.  I still have the message and will play it for the social worker.  One called me last night and I gave my report.  It will be assigned and then someone should call and make an appt to talk to me and Sarah.    Linda

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures of William, Logan and Jack

Here are some pictures from my visit over to see the kids and the new puppy.  Also some pics of Tarzan and Brownie! 

I called my lawyer and was advised to take certain action.  I will not say what it is at this point.  I may also go private for a while....  Linda

Sunday, September 9, 2007

More drama

I finally got hold of Sarah after 9 AM.  She told me her father had peed on her bed.  I said "what? your Dad peed on your bed?"  She said yes so I asked to speak to him.  He told me that I was being ridiculous and it was the dogs that did it.  Also Sarah called her Grandmother after she tried to call me and she went up and spent the night with her.  Later, I sent him a text message suggesting that Sarah should spend the nights at her Grandmothers.  His reply was FU and if I text or call him again he was going to file harrasement charges and that I had upset Sarah alot last night...  So I guess I'm not allowed to protect my own daughter or be concerned for her welfare.  I had also talked to his mother and she said he had been drinking but "wasn't drunk".  I am thinking about going back to court and telling the judge that this is not working.  I do not need to be afraid for my childs safety and getting treated so badly.  I know he would say it is me treating him badly because I questioned him on his drinking instead of going to Sarah's party and asked him why he has money for alcohol when he claims to be broke all the time.  I'm really at a loss of what to do...  Linda

Drama with Dave and Sarah

I'm feeling very upset this morning.  Last night at 9:00pm I called to talk to Sarah and someone picked up the phone and then hung it up again. I called Dave's mother and she said Sarah wasn't there.  I called back to her fathers and it sounded as if her father had been drinking.  She said she was ok etc.. but sounded very quiet.  I called the police to go up and do a welfare check.  About a half hour later I get a call from his saying "nice try, so I guess we are going back to court".  His mother had gone up there and was there when the police came.  She of course was being dramatic and hysterical.  Oh my poor babies.  Why do you have to act like this etc...  I calmly tried to explain that Dave sounded drunk and I was worried about Sarah.  So I called back later after he had calmed down and apologized.  So when I got up this morning there was a message on my answering machine from Sarah at 1:20 am.  She was crying and calling out "Mommy".  That just about broke my heart.  I wish I had brought that phone into the bedroom with me.  She probably just had a bad dream but it made me feel awful.  She probably tried to wake up her father and couldn't.  I'm sure he finished what ever bottle he had after I called to "apologize".  I fear for her safety so much....  I pray God will watch over her and keep her safe...  Linda

Oh and by the way.  I did talk with Jeffrey.  He didn't seem to indicate anything was wrong and was very supportive of me.  We may meet up tonight for a little geo-caching... 

hi mom

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em

Well that big ole boot of fate has its heel on my forehead and is pushing me back down where I belong.  I knew Jeffrey was too good to be true.  Nothing he did wrong, just that he is out of my class I guess.  I have managed to drive off another one by being too much Linda.  When Linda is interested in someone she comes off as a little desperate probably.  I was probably calling too much instead of letting him call me.  Staying up past my usual bed time to talk to him online.  No it wasn't bordering on stalking but men seem to have that sixth sense and run like hell.  I guess I come across as needy.  So I am going to back off and see what happens.  Let him call me.  I'm not chasing after him. 

Anyhow last night I went out geocaching for a while with my friend Dave.  At least he is always there for me.  We had a good time and laughed alot.  He is going in to get surgery on his foot again.  He keeps getting an open wound on one of them due to his diabetes.  He will be on crutches for a while.  It happened this time last year too. 

Sarah and Travis are enjoying school.  Travis is taking Criminal Justice this year.  I think it will be very hard, but I hope he tries his best and I told him that I will help him also.  I took him last night to get new glasses.  His eyesight has become twice as bad in a year and 1/2 so a stronger presciption was needed.  Also because he has Child HealthPlus thru New York State, he was only allowed to pick from a very small, ugly selection of glasses.  He said he will only wear them when he has too anyhow.  He also got his hair cut and looks really nice.  So thats the news for now....  Linda

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For Daniel

Please pray for my friend Jeannette's grandson Daniel.  He is very ill and may need surgery...  Thank you also to Donna for making this lovely tag...  Linda

Ding-Dong and Chinese Lanterns

Enlarge picture above to left to  see the details!

Hello everyone.  Tonight, Sarah and I went Geocaching.  We went to find one called Ding-Dong hill.  It was pretty unique and fun.  We hiked a couple hundred feet up a dirt logging road to the first micro cache.  Inside was a board with a red button on it and the coordinates to the next part of the cache.  So we have to take the board with us as the directions say.  So when we get close to the next spot we are to press the button.  So I did and sure enough I hear this Ding-Dong coming from the woods!  I follow the sound and find the next part up in a tree with an old doorbell attached to it!  The cache had a rope on it to lower it down.  Now that was a pretty unique cache. 

Hi Mom

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When I was a kid...

I was reading an entry by one of my journal buddies where she described childhood memories.  My children are so spoiled these days.  When I was a kid we had one TV and got 3 channels!  We watched shows like Bonanza, The Big Valley (I had a crush on Nick), Little House on the Prarie.  NO one swore, or had sex.  There were no computers or video games.  We played OUTSIDE!  We had the fields and woods to explore.  We fished, had tea parties where we made "salad" with weeds and flowers.  We helped out Mom too.  We washed dishes by hand, helped out in the vegetable garden and learned how to cook.  We went to school and had homework.  We didn't dream of talking back to our teachers or parents for that matter!  Times sure have changed haven't they?  Everyone have a nice day!


hi mom

Monday, September 3, 2007

The great catch may not want to be caught...

I had another nice evening out with Jeffrey.  We went geocaching and then out to dinner at TGIF's.  I don't think he is looking for a serious relationship at this point.  He stated that as he wrote in his online profile (yes I met him online) he was looking for someone to spend time with.  I guess thats all he is interested in.  Thats fine with me but eventually I do want to find someone and get married.  So I will just relax and enjoy spending time with him....  Linda



hi mom

A proper entry

This weekend was a busy one with Sarah's birthday the crowning moment.  She sure had a good time despite the fact that her father couldn't be bothered to come.  He prefered to stay home and play computer games and drink.  How do I know this?  I went up there after the party and there he was in all his stinky glory.  The house was disgustingly filthy and smelled terrible.  The yard was so overgrown they would need a brush hog to mow it.  I'm SO glad I don't live there anymore!  I'm not his slave anymore.  Despite that Sarah had a wonderful party, pictures in previous entry. 

Saturday evening we were invited to dinner by my new friend Jeffrey!  We ate at The 99.  We both had steak and salmon and Sarah had pizza.  After that we went and did a quick geocache.  I think I have another convert to geocaching.  He is especially interested in benchmarks.  Those are geological survey markers.  That is his line of work pretty much, placing those.  He has placed some overseas.  He is an engineer I believe.  Anyhow, I'm head over heels for this guy.  I hope I don't get disappointed again.

My Mom thinks he is a "good catch" so I better mind my P's and Q's.  She said I better behave!  I have every intention of behaving!  He is a good Christian man with excellent morals.  I feel like I don't quite measure up, but he seems to be quite interested in me also!  We have ALOT in common.  Ok I have to go to work.  Everyone have a great Labor Day!  Linda

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Sunday, September 2, 2007