Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Today is a very sad day.  We commemorate the the loss of all the lives on 9/11.  May God bless and hold them close to Him as well as the family. 

Yesterday on advice from my lawyer and after talking to Sarah again, I called Child Protective Services.  I have never called them before on him and I hope it doesn't blow up in my face.  I also put in a call to Sarah's law guardian, so I hope she backs me up.  She has been very supportive of Sarah and knows the history with her father.  I think she was pretty disgusted how the trial ended in March and wishes Sarah didn't have to spend nights with him.  Now this is just what I was hoping to avoid.  Having him do something stupid while he was drunk and watching her.  I fully believe Sarah as he has done things like this before.  He has urinated in laundry in front of her before and in the hallways and all over the bathroom.  Sarah told me he opened her door and stood in the doorway and started peeing.  She covered her head with the pillow and she heard the sound of urinating.  Then she said he went to bed and she called me crying.  I still have the message and will play it for the social worker.  One called me last night and I gave my report.  It will be assigned and then someone should call and make an appt to talk to me and Sarah.    Linda

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