Sunday, September 16, 2007

NASCAR weekend

My brother and I have been having a wonderful time this weekend.  We took a nice leisurely drive out through Vermont and New Hampshire.  The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn color.  We went out to the seacoast first and walked around Hampton beach for a while.  Then we had lunch and headed back to Manchester to the hotel.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn.  It is a very nice hotel with comfy beds, lots of pillows, a heated pool and a workout room.  We had dinner the first night at Applebee's.  We set out early to go to the track.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  It was quite a scene.  Once we figured out how to park we started walking up to the track.  A lady in a handicap golfcart came along and I asked her if we could get a ride.  My knees were starting to hurt so it was welcome.  When you get to the track there is a big long row of vendors.  There is a tractor trailer for each driver selling things as well as general NASCAR vendors and lots of food vendors.  Turned out the wrist bands we had were hospitality wrist bands good for the Miller tent.  We got free breakfast and lunch there.  It was a little upsetting though because the other corporate tents were handing out all kinds of goodies like backpacks and coolers etc..  All we got was a plastic ticket holder on a lanyard to hang around our neck and a pass for an infield tour.  No pit passes either.  We got to see Kurt Busch, the driver for the Miller lite car.  The race was fun.  A little monotonous.  No accidents to report.  The winner was the Jack Daniels car with Clint Boyer driving.  We actually left half way through the race to head back to the car.  We once again hitched a ride on a golf cart and headed out.  We beat the traffic jams and made it back to the hotel to watch the last 35 laps on TV.  Then a nap was in order and we went out to eat at Buggaboo Creek steakhouse.  That place is a hoot!  Now we are back at the hotel and will plan our trip back home.  I'm glad I brought my brother, he had a good time.  I'm sorry I didn't take my cousin, but I had to choose.  I feel somehow that the only reason she was being friendly with me was so she could go.  She had barely spoken to me in about 15 years and all of a sudden she was my buddy.  Kind of like what happens when you come into money I guess.  Ok pictures tomorrow hopefully!  Linda

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