Friday, March 30, 2007

Pictures from the past

Still fighting this old head cold.  I found a couple photo discs in my car and got some pictures off them.  Here are a few of the better ones.  There is an art show for employees at work for April, I was thinking of entering some of my photos.  Last night, Travis my son and I went out to Pizza Hut with my brother, his wife, my niece, Logan, Ashley (other niece) and a friend of theirs.  We had a nice time.  Logan was in love with me last night and didn't want me to put him down.  They had his hair up in a little ponytail on top of his head!  Lindsay said he isn't going to get a hair cut until he asks for one. 

I am looking outside and see that the Goldfinch are really starting to yellow up.  Thats a sure sign of spring when the males put on their summer plumage!  Enjoy the photos everyone!  Linda


Plymouth Harbor

Garden guardian

Sarah on Vacation

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rambling Thoughts

It promises to be another lovely spring day, while not exactly warm, its better than freezing!  The snow is still slowly receeding and the birds are cheaping their hearts out.  Tonight is MY night.  I may go walking downtown with my Aunt or go to dinner with a friend.  Sarah is going to her Dad's overnight.  I think if I walk downtown, I may spend more time looking in shops! 

My cold is slowly going away too.  My nose still tends to be rather stuffy, but the cold doesn't seem to be going into my lungs as it usually does.  I spent a little bit of time with my man last night.  I hope I didn't give him my cold too!  Just keeping germs to myself at work is a chore.  Always have that hand sanitizer handy!  Work is going better.  One of the girls I work with, the one I have trouble with occasionally is having her own problems.  Of course, they just make her nastier.  Her teen daughter is pregnant and her husband is having health problems.  I just try and sympathize and ignore her nastiness but sometimes its hard! 

Here is a cute little fella, I found him over at Dad's Tomato Garden (link on right) and he told me that I could play with him for a while as long as I took good care of him.  Its nice to visit so many different people and learn about different parts of the country and world. 

Sarah still hasn't seen her remedial math teacher so she hasn't apologized yet.  Probably today.  She is such a good girl most of the time, I don't know what came over her.  Her father said it was probably because of him because he uses the word Loser alot.  His general attitude sucks too.  Everyone is a loser in his book if they don't subscribe to his ways and attitudes.  I read our court agreement and it turns out with made a mistake.  He has her every other week, Friday thru Monday, not Thursday through Monday.  Makes me feel better!  I wrote him an e-mail and pointed it out.  Well, time to get ready for work again..  Enjoy spring everyone!  Linda

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My SWEET Little Girl

Yes indeed even sweet little girls can sprout horns now and then!

My wonderful darling told me the other day that she got sent to THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!  I couldn't even fathom why.  I asked her and she said, she called her math teacher a LOSER!  When asked why, she said "It just happened".  Oh dear, I am raising a juvenile delinquent.  I told her she has to apologize to her teacher.  I talked to her father and he also feels she has been punished enough.  Of course I laughed my butt off behind closed doors!  She also was allowed to go play in the mud yesterday.  Well, she rubbed it all over her arms and my 2005 Impala!  She took a shower and the car will today too!  Little girls aren't all SUGAR AND SPICE!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It feels like spring

Today was a lovely early spring day.  It was warm in the 60's however we are having a cold front coming in soon.  I came down with a cold yesterday and today it really hit me.  I woke up in the middle of the night with blocked sinus' and a sore throat.  Now I just have the stuffy/runny nose and body aches.  I hate colds.  I haven't had one in a long time, so I guess I should count my blessings.

I went and checked on one of my geocaches today because last report it was under water.  I didn't bring my GPS thinking I would be able to find it easily.  I hid it in the summer and now in the very early spring, everything looks very different.  I walked right by it and didn't see it at all.  On the way back, Dave spotted it.  It was good and dry, but seeing as it was quite close to the creek, I moved it back about 20 feet.  The creek is swollen but not coming over the banks yet.  Trout season is starting in a few days and there is still about a foot and 1/2 on the ground along the stream.  It was quite a workout plunging along through that hard, crusty snow.  I was sweaty and exhausted by the time I got back to the car.  I still have quite a bit of snow in the yard also and can't wait for it to melt so I can plan out a garden.  I got some wonderful news the other day.  Re-building Together is going to build me a new shed!  I don't have one at all and it will be great to have one put up for me.  It would be nice if it came with a lawnmower and snowblower in it too!  Not much else for news.  Linda

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pics from my sister

My sister just sent me some pictures from her recent trip to Texas.  Here is Abby at Cypress Bend.

A great picture of a tree and cabin.

Abby playing at a playground!

Now who can resist that smile?  I will post more pics later.  Last night after work I went with my b/f's family up to Whitehall to have dinner for his sister Laura's birthday.  She lives in Vermont and met us halfway.  Laura is my age and we went to school together.  She is coming for Easter too, so I'll get to see her then.  I won't have my baby girl for Easter.  She will be with her Dad.  Maybe I can set up an Easter egg hunt for her for Monday.  The parakeets are having their morning screamfest.  Wow, they get noisy!  I have to check their food and water before I leave.  I have to work today and get tomorrow off.  I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and get my fillings drilled out and refilled.  Oh Joy!  Have a good day everyone! 

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snow, Snow go away!

Isn't this the cutest?  I love bunnies and I love spring flowers.  I saw a purple crocus at work yesterday that looked just like this.  I am missing Sarah alot.  I talked to her yesterday and she didn't sound happy.  She mumbled something and I said what what that?  She said "someone is here".  I asked who and she said "I don't know who she is".  I asked if it was Jody (the presumed g/f) and Sarah said no.  I asked her what was for dinner and she said "Turkey dinner".  So I guess Daddy is wining and dining a new fling, trying to impress her with a daughter and turkey.  So sad....  I get to see her tomorrow, so I'm hanging in there.  Travis is away for the weekend too at his Dad's house.  Had the house all to myself last night.  It felt strange.  I made some Chicken with penne and vodka sauce for dinner last night.  Dave was over and we watched The DaVinci Code.  That was a strange movie.  I can see where people can be wrapped up in believing that it is factual.  Well, gotta go get ready for work. 

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Geocaching Fever and Maple Syrup Time

I have been busy with my Geocaching hobby.  Link on right for those interested.  I placed a cache and found one last night.  The one I found was at a canoe carry access point to the Kaydeross creek. Kaydeross is the old Native American word for "creek that winds all over and goes nowhere".  Haha, no thats just a joke.  Its actually a major tributary to Saratoga Lake and does actually go all over!  I saw a man collecting sap from a maple tree yesterday.  He said they are flowing really good.  I'm sure this years syrup will be great!  The sap is collected from the trees and boiled down into a syrup.  There are several "sugar shacks" around the area.  Sarah's visit at her Dad's is going well.  She was having a problem sleeping by herself, so she climbed into Dad's bed.  I'm sure they will have a fun weekend.  I miss her though.  Gotta go to work.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Linda

Thursday, March 22, 2007



Today may get up in the 50's but its going to rain.  We may get up to 60 by Monday.  I hope some of this snow melts.  Sarah will be going over to her father's tonight for her first unsupervised visit.  This is the week I'm not going to like at all.  She will be gone until Monday!  I told her she can call anytime she wants.  I'm sure she will have fun.  I just worry about the drinking.  I was having a strange dream that I was in some type of cooking class.  The instructor asked me to do something along with someone else.  Cut up chicken I think.  I went and washed my hands, the cutting board etc..  and the instructor was so impressed she wanted me to be an assistant instructor.  Later on in the dream I was trying to prepare this meal but everything kept going wrong.  Its like I was cooking in the middle of a party and people kept getting in the way etc...  Oh well, have a nice day everyone!  Linda


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Results from court

Thank God, everything went well today.  There was no trial.  I retain physical custody, and Ex has plenty of unsupervised visitation.  We have six months to complete Co-parenting classes and get personal therapy.  If then he has participated in good faith we will start shared parenting.  If I feel things aren't going well, I can go back to court and file a dispute.  He can also.  His mother came to court today, presumably to testify against me if there was a trail.  Nice lady, I entrust her with my daughter and she uses it against me.  Well, I know her game now. 

Is everyone enjoying their first day of spring?  It is still cold here, the sun feels warm and we will get some warmer weather by the weekend.  I want this snow to melt so I can start geo-caching again!  I think I will go buy some mudboots so I can go anyhow!  Time to pay some bills.... yea!  Linda


Welcome Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!  Yes, its finally here!  Doesn't look like it up here though with our foot of snow on the ground.  Hopefully it will melt soon.  Its very cold out right now.  Probably around 10 degrees F.  The porch snapped and cracked when I stepped out on it. 

I have been e-mailing Sarah's father and I think we will have an agreement today in court.  I hope so, this has dragged on enough.  I'm actually glad we had the extra time since January because it would of gone to trial then.  I hoping we can avoid it today.  I took the day off work, but I need to go in for the afternoon to attend a training session.  I will go in in my blue jeans, if they don't like it????

I was sitting last night and daydreaming over the Burpee catalog.  I really can't afford to buy from there, I usually buy at the local greenhouses and get already established plants.  I have a concrete "patio" area to decorate this year, so I think I will do alot in barrels and pots.  I am going to miss my old garden.  I asked Sarah to make sure it is watered.  Of course if the ex moves and buys a house with his new woman I will go and dig em all up!  I think I will plant some mammoth sunflowers with some annuals around them.  That should be interesting!  I may get some soil and seeds like marigolds and zinnias and start them indoors.  I have Friday off, so maybe I'll go out to Walmart and get that stuff.  I will just have to work hard to keep the cat out of them! 

I changed Tarzan's litter to the scoopable kind and he was rather amused with it at first.  A good part of it was scooped out onto the floor and alot of time was spent just digging in it.  He finally used it for what it was intended for this morning.  I need to get a covered box or a tray apparently.  I hope everyone enjoys the first day of spring! Everyone go to Dunkin Donuts if you have one near you and get your free Iced Coffee!    Linda

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Court tomorrow

This is how I feel, like the Panda.  This photo made the rounds and people were in an outrage thinking it was real!  LOL.  No one is eating baby panda's, they are endangered.  They do look a little tasty tho, don't they?  Hehe....  Anyhow, the EX is still going gung-ho into the trial tomorrow.  He is saying his lawyer said "Talk-but don't commit".  Great.   I hope we come to an agreement.  He is still viewing it as "Losing".  I explained it isn't about winning or loosing, its what's best for Sarah.  He accuses me of "fighting", but he keeps bringing the battle to me.  I just want to get it over with.  I am not going to lay down for him, like I used to do.  I'm not his doormat anymore.  I think we need a trial period of him having unsupervised visits to let Sarah get used to the idea of spending time alone with him.  To see if he can sucessfully parent her.  I've done it alone for 8 months!  I've been away 8 months!  In that time, I bought a house, kept my kids in school, paid my bills, kept my job, put food on the table, etc... etc... etc...  but I'm still a BAD MOTHER!  In his eyes I am.  I starve my daughter, don't let her get enough sleep, let people abuse her and don't dress her properly.  What else?  Ok enough ranting.  Wish me luck everyone! 

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Front yard wildlife

Here are a couple examples of wildlife in my front yard.  A lovely Gray Squirrel stealing suet and a female Hairy Woodpecker.

The woodpecker head is blurred because she was getting some food.  Have a nice weekend!  Linda


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thought I would be generous and share some more pics with you!  Hehe!  Lots of pictures of Tarzan this time around.  He needs his own journal.  We got about 11" inches of snow overnight.  Travis and I have some work to do later.  The birds are hitting the feeders hard this morning as they did last evening.  I almost touched a red-breasted nuthatch.  He was so determined to get some food and so tame, I slowly reached out my finger and almost touched him.  He looked into my hand to see if I had a goodie for him!  The chickadees are also quite tame and do not fly away when I come up the steps.  They let me approach to about a foot or so.  One day I need to go out with my camera and get some good closeups.  We just had a visit from the female Hairy Woodpecker.  Thats one of our larger woodpeckers.  We have a pair of them.  Also coming in for a bite to eat are Dark-eyed Junco, Tufted Titmouse, red and white breasted nuthatches, Goldfinch, Cardinal, Bluejay, Mourning Dove, Chipping Sparrow, Carolina Wren, Downy Woodpecker and Ugh, Starlings.  In the spring we will have more visitors from the south.  I can't wait for the hummingbirds.  Here is where they are right now.  Map.  Well my b/f has the corned beef in the crock pot over at his house.  His Mom is sad today, she had to put down her old horse, Flasher.  He was about 30 and getting quite frail.  He got down a few weeks ago and had to be manually lifted by a machine.  He would only sleep standing from then on and I guess his poor little legs couldn't take it anymore and he went down.  They had to euthanize him.  Poor old Flasher.  She has another horse.  Mac.  He is a pinto.  I hope to get some pictures of him in the spring.  Travis wants to go to the movies this weekend.  He wants to see 300.  I want to see Wild Hogs.  Ok I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Here we SNOW again!

This can't be right.  We just almost got rid of all our winter snow and now we are getting another 12-18 inches!

This simply is not fair!  We are located on the pink/dark pink line right above 12-18" north of Albany.  Luckily I have the day off, but Sarah has to visit her Dad.  So I don't know whether to leave her at her Grandmother's again overnight or bring her home and hope for the best.  She spent the night last night because I had a late class in Child Custody Stress Prevention.  We learned how to get along for the sake of the child during seperations etc..  The ex did not attend with me, he went to an earlier class.  Of course this did nothing to stop him from bullying and harrassing me earlier this month.  I guess he didn't learn much.  We go to court Tuesday and hopefully he will agree to the proposal.  I need to find where there are co-parenting courses.  Unless the class I'm taking is considered that.  I'm going to be keeping a close eye on him and making sure Sarah is happy and safe.  Not much else for news.  I better go and warm up my shovel, I'm going to need it later!  Linda

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tarzan is recovering

Mr. Tarzan went and did the mancat thing and was neutered yesterday.  He cried like a baby all the way to the vet and was a little naughty in the vets office.  He wouldn't let the vet look in his mouth and scratched her.  Off he went into the back and when I picked him up in the late afternoon and brought him home he was still quite woozy.  He staggered and fell all over just like an ole drunk.  Even sitting still his head weaved back and forth.  He is still a little unsteady this morning, but is eating and drinking and doing his business.  I'm sure that he will be up and his old self soon.

I went shopping yesterday at Wally-world and managed to spend $150!  I bought clothes for both the baby boys.  Logan is not even a year old and is in 18 month size.  Thats what I got him, so I'm going back to exchange it for 24m size.  He is a big boy.  Lindsay said he took his first steps the other day!  Hooray Logan!  His birthday party is scheduled for April 7th which is also my brother's birthday.  Of course I have to work.  I put in to work a half day that Saturday and have Easter off.  I hope my boss will let me take it.  Court is less than a week away.  I hope we can get this settled without having a trail.  I think my Ex's lawyer is advising him to settle.  We have to work out visitation.  I hope Sarah will be alright.  I know he still drinks.  All I can do is put it in God's hands. 

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Some new pictures!

Just when you though it was safe to go online!  Its more pictures from Linda!   Hahahaha!  Me and Logan, Travis and his Dad, Chickadee at feeder.


Sunday, March 11, 2007


I always enjoy a good Aerosmith tune.  I believe his daughter Liv is in this video.  The brunette.  Have a nice Sunday everyone... 

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Check the lid before you shake the creamer

Now there are some words of wisdom!  I took a bath in Coffee-mate this morning.  French vanilla!  Yum....  I had a good day yesterday.  I wasn't feeling to good in the morning.  Spent the night getting up and down using the bathroom.  Darn water pill.  I was feeling a little short of breath and tired easily.  I am going to get my blood pressure checked at work today.  My brother is up from Looooissiana and is sporting a beard.  He brought little buddy with him.

Little Buddy seems to be enjoying the snow and New York.  Meeting new people and cats.  He is a shy dog but is easily won over.  Lindsay came over with him and Logan too.  I took pics but then realized the card wasn't in the camera.  Lindsay is getting big and the baby is very active in her tummy.  I hope this delivery is easier than Logan's was.  He had to be vacuumed out!  Gotta get ready for work. 

Thursday, March 8, 2007

AOL is going to let me add an entry

I tried to put in an entry this morning but wasn't getting the add entry tab from AOL.  I haven't heard anything from the ex.  I got a call from the sheriff saying that he left him a message.  Now he won't even call and talk to his daughter.  Probably going to make a big stink about it in court, how I'm not letting him talk to her.  Thats a lie.  I just don't want him threatening me or my son.  Yesterday when I went to the Dr about my rash, they noted that my blood pressure was high.  I went to my regular Dr today because it was still high at work.  My Dr was shocked and put me on a water pill because I have edema too.  It was 170/112.  For me that's very high.  It is for anyone!  So I imagine I will be up all night peeing.

  I had a hallelujah moment in bed last night thinking, Oh dear Lord I am actually away from him.  I am in my own house and holding my own and I am doing it!  Those of you that have been with me all this time know what I went through.  I have been nagged and encouraged and prayed for and I did it.  I DID IT!  With God's help I did it.  Praise HIM. 

My daughter, Sarah started a journal.  Please visit her.  Her link is on the right. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Second grade concert

Yes indeed, today was the Second grade concert!  It was fun seeing all those cute kids up there singing their little hearts out.  Poor Sarah was all itchy from the tights she had on.  My b/f came with me.  I guess Sarah's father was there but I didn't see him.  My rash is getting worse.  It has spread to my back and chest.  I really don't dare to take anymore time off.  I will try and tough it out tomorrow.  I did go to the employee health Dr and he said its "contact dermatitis".  I never get rashes, so this is very unusual for me.  I left work early when my back broke out because I coulden't stand the itching.  I also have a sinus infection.  I haven't seen my regular Dr about that yet.  I hate being sick, but there are those who are alot worse off then me. 

Too good to be true

After Sarah's father found out he was blocked from sending us IM's, he got mad and called my cellphone four times in 6 minutes.  He left two messages.  You are in violation of a court order, you will be dragged into court and you will be taken out.  Don't be stupid, Moron.  He claims I was preventing him from his court ordered call to Sarah.  Thats not true because he never called my home phone number, my cell phone doesn't work at the house.  He was just mad because I blocked him on the computer.  My lawyer suggested I call the police, I did but they couldn't  do anything except warn him not to harrass me.  I can also file a petition in family court.  He showed up yesterday at Sarah's Dr. appt.  Sarah's weight is normal and we discussed ADD symptoms with the Dr.  She gave him info about it.  I just get so upset with his hateful attitude.  Then he says I start the fights.  I'm not fighting, just defending myself.  Where does he think he has the right to harrass me and call me Moron.  Well, enough of this for today.  I don't feel really great, I have a sinus infection again.  I broke out in a rash yesterday in a few spots on my body.  I hope everyone has a good day...  Linda 

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A peace offering?

Well, after a day of anxiety and frantic phone calls to the lawyer, law guardian, teacher and Dr. I get this when I get home:

She is not getting that......I don't want to fight.....I worry about her...I don't want her on drugs....I don't know what is going on there....I used to make her go to bed......Now I have no idea what is going on ..and she needs me...I wish you would take that class....My lawyer is telling me to accept your long as you stick with it.....I am willing to take the classes....The family I am with now is awesome.....I want Sarah to see this....We are going to curling matches every weekend  ...I want  Sarah to play  and she would love it ...It is an old Irish sport..On ice.... Becka wants to teach her......She is lead on her team...And would be a real big sister to her.....I am sorry I get angry....But Sarah is everything to me..I want her to participate in my new family....She will  love it....We can help her..... no pills please.....Ok Lets try ?..If it don't work then the DR...maybe meds.......I hate that...we will see ok ? But we may not have a choice...Ok ?.. If we go to trial it will hurt us all...The classes told me that...I have been told we need to be friends for Sarah's benifet....I am willing....Are you willing  to let go to do this ? I more fighting ? Ok ? Let me know..
So I'm not sure what to make of this.  I told him I was going to the classes and he should accept my offer.  It gives me physical custody and him unsupervised visits.  I am going to make sure that it is put in there that Sarah can call me at anytime she feels uncomfortable or if her father is drinking.  He has cut me off from using the phone before when drinking and I would expect he would do that to Sarah too.  I just want to puke when he talks about his "new family" and how wonderful and special everything is now after the hell he put me and my son thru. 


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Monday, March 5, 2007

Letting the ex get to me

The ex probably was drinking again and harrassing me over the internet.  My son went online when I went to bed for a few minutes.  He is 15 and likes to look up gaming info etc...  Well, the ex came onto the IM and was asking him questions, like I though you were going to bed etc...  Travis uses my screen name BTW.  Travis said it was him and Dave called him a liar and said he was contacting his lawyer.  Travis came and got me and Dave was getting nasty saying it was me all along, Travis doesn't type that good etc...  Saying Sarah doesn't get enough sleep, blah-blah-blah.  So I went to bed without fighting with him.  He sent me to nasty e-mails relating to Travis and Sarah.  Saying Travis is probably looking at porn and I'm a liar etc...  Saying that Sarah's teacher and Dr. are going to be summoned into court.  Sarah is being badly affected by my parenting and thats why she isn't doing well in school.  Not that she may have ADD.  Now he has me all upset and anxious.  I hope you are happy buddy.  To set the record straight, Sarah gets normally 9-10 hrs of sleep a night.  She is not falling asleep at school as he accuses, that was a one time incident.  Travis does not look at porn on the internet, I moniter what he looks at.  If he does summon the teacher and Dr. it will get him no where except to make me look like a good Mom because I'm the only one that takes Sarah to the Dr. and the only one that has gone to the school meetings and calls the teacher.  He has only gone to one parent/teacher conference and that was probably because his lawyer told him too.  So ok, enough of this rant....  

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Out geocaching today

Spent some time in the fresh air and sunshine and knee deep snow to go Geocaching.  If you want to know what that is, check out the link on right.  Here are some pics I snapped on our trip today.  The deer were at the Saratoga battlefield and the Blockhouse is in Stillwater.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The pics I promised!

The little man and I are having fun despite a short nap.  Here are some photos of our visit. 

Total lunar eclipse tonight!

Tonight is a total lunar eclipse.  It should be visible at moonrise around 5:45 or 6:00 PM.  Everyone get out there and take a peek if its not cloudy!  Meanwhile here is a photo of Saturn to enjoy.  This is my favorite planet.

Logan is coming today and I have to baby-proof.  Everyone have a nice day and hopefully I will have new Logan pics soon!