Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A peace offering?

Well, after a day of anxiety and frantic phone calls to the lawyer, law guardian, teacher and Dr. I get this when I get home:

She is not getting that......I don't want to fight.....I worry about her...I don't want her on drugs....I don't know what is going on there....I used to make her go to bed......Now I have no idea what is going on ..and she needs me...I wish you would take that class....My lawyer is telling me to accept your offer...as long as you stick with it.....I am willing to take the classes....The family I am with now is awesome.....I want Sarah to see this....We are going to curling matches every weekend  ...I want  Sarah to play  and she would love it ...It is an old Irish sport..On ice.... Becka wants to teach her......She is lead on her team...And would be a real big sister to her.....I am sorry I get angry....But Sarah is everything to me..I want her to participate in my new family....She will  love it....We can help her..... no pills please.....Ok Lets try ?..If it don't work then the DR...maybe meds.......I hate that...we will see ok ? But we may not have a choice...Ok ?.. If we go to trial it will hurt us all...The classes told me that...I have been told we need to be friends for Sarah's benifet....I am willing....Are you willing  to let go to do this ? I am..no more fighting ? Ok ? Let me know..
So I'm not sure what to make of this.  I told him I was going to the classes and he should accept my offer.  It gives me physical custody and him unsupervised visits.  I am going to make sure that it is put in there that Sarah can call me at anytime she feels uncomfortable or if her father is drinking.  He has cut me off from using the phone before when drinking and I would expect he would do that to Sarah too.  I just want to puke when he talks about his "new family" and how wonderful and special everything is now after the hell he put me and my son thru. 


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jlocorriere05 said...

Sounds like he's rambling Linda. Just be very careful of him, you know how crafty he is. Jeannette xx  

jckfrstross said...

please be careful he is a wolf in sheeps clothing:( i do not trust him. if he is drinking and i am sure he will if he hasn't already he would make her life hard. good luck


bhbner2him said...

I believe that ADD is much over diagnosed and over treated with drugs.  So, I can see his concern in that.  But I can also see your concern about Sarah going away from you into a place where you know there is an abusive alcoholic.  I pray for discernment and wisdom for you!  (((((Linda))))) -  BArbara

tendernoggle said...

Linda, just stay on your toes...and remember what is best for your little girl.
love ya,

am4039 said...

hmmm I don't think I would trust him that's for sure. I think it's awful how he always talks about how wonderful his new family is.

fowfies said...

How old is Sarah? I have a good friend that went through hell.  She wa sin a marriage for 17 years with verbal ubuse, drugs and drinking.  She met me and my husband and we helped her get out.  She didnt know how much better her life could be, because she had always been in this relationship. Her husband was taking her to court at one point to try and get full custody of her, YEAH RIGHT. he had no job, and all they had to do was LOOK at him.  Some people just look the part, and he did.  SCUM. I had to go to court for character witness for my friend. You know, that court should have not let him through the doors, and he still gets visitiation every other weekend.  He only does it to get to my friend.  The girl is best friends with my daughter. It has changed her. She used to be outgoing and now she is withdrawn acting.  I hate it. I know how you are feeling.  I have been through it with my friend, and seen how bad it can get.  Oh I have just touched the tip of this subject.  There were so many things done that were spiteful. I know if I were you, I would want to move as far away as possible with my daughter. I am so sorry any mother has to go through sharing with an ex.  :( Bless you and your daughter.