Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snow, Snow go away!

Isn't this the cutest?  I love bunnies and I love spring flowers.  I saw a purple crocus at work yesterday that looked just like this.  I am missing Sarah alot.  I talked to her yesterday and she didn't sound happy.  She mumbled something and I said what what that?  She said "someone is here".  I asked who and she said "I don't know who she is".  I asked if it was Jody (the presumed g/f) and Sarah said no.  I asked her what was for dinner and she said "Turkey dinner".  So I guess Daddy is wining and dining a new fling, trying to impress her with a daughter and turkey.  So sad....  I get to see her tomorrow, so I'm hanging in there.  Travis is away for the weekend too at his Dad's house.  Had the house all to myself last night.  It felt strange.  I made some Chicken with penne and vodka sauce for dinner last night.  Dave was over and we watched The DaVinci Code.  That was a strange movie.  I can see where people can be wrapped up in believing that it is factual.  Well, gotta go get ready for work. 

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nightmaremom said...

I'm sure Sarah will fill you in when she gets home... that has to be so hard for all of you....  but keep the strength.

tendernoggle said...

I know you miss little Sarah, and she can't get home soon enough!!!:-)
I wonder if turky dinner meant...frozen dinner??? lol Hey, but I eat the turky dinners alot and actually like them ! lol Especially after working 11 hours!
Take care,
love ya,

am4039 said...

Awww I know it must be so hard to have Sarah away. Happy you ge tto see her tomorrow.

fowfies said...

Maybe its just me, but if he is going to have her for visitation, he should be spending time with HER only.  They need to be spending one on one time together to start with, if he is going to have a good relationship with her. If that is what he really wants.  I guess you have no control over that though.  I know you are glad to have her back home today, and I know it must have been torture over the weekend.  It would have been for me.

bhbner2him said...

I'm sorry you wasted your money on the DaVinci Code.  Things probably seemed unusual over at Dave's to Sarah.  I'm sure she'll be as glad to see you as you are to see her!!  -  Barbara

jlocorriere05 said...

Sarah's father should be spending time with Sarah alone, not bringing in some new girlfriend, that must be so confusing for a young girl. Jeannette xx  

rjet33 said...

I would not want to stay alone in this house by myself at night, too spooky!  Hee.........Colorado always got lots of snow in March and April.  I miss it.

Hugs and prayers,