Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!  Yes, its finally here!  Doesn't look like it up here though with our foot of snow on the ground.  Hopefully it will melt soon.  Its very cold out right now.  Probably around 10 degrees F.  The porch snapped and cracked when I stepped out on it. 

I have been e-mailing Sarah's father and I think we will have an agreement today in court.  I hope so, this has dragged on enough.  I'm actually glad we had the extra time since January because it would of gone to trial then.  I hoping we can avoid it today.  I took the day off work, but I need to go in for the afternoon to attend a training session.  I will go in in my blue jeans, if they don't like it????

I was sitting last night and daydreaming over the Burpee catalog.  I really can't afford to buy from there, I usually buy at the local greenhouses and get already established plants.  I have a concrete "patio" area to decorate this year, so I think I will do alot in barrels and pots.  I am going to miss my old garden.  I asked Sarah to make sure it is watered.  Of course if the ex moves and buys a house with his new woman I will go and dig em all up!  I think I will plant some mammoth sunflowers with some annuals around them.  That should be interesting!  I may get some soil and seeds like marigolds and zinnias and start them indoors.  I have Friday off, so maybe I'll go out to Walmart and get that stuff.  I will just have to work hard to keep the cat out of them! 

I changed Tarzan's litter to the scoopable kind and he was rather amused with it at first.  A good part of it was scooped out onto the floor and alot of time was spent just digging in it.  He finally used it for what it was intended for this morning.  I need to get a covered box or a tray apparently.  I hope everyone enjoys the first day of spring! Everyone go to Dunkin Donuts if you have one near you and get your free Iced Coffee!    Linda

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madcobug said...

I hope your court hearing goes well today. The weather is beautiful here this week. I just pulled up the weather channel and it's showing 86º here for Sat and 85º for Sunday. You need some of this sunshine to brighten your spirits. Hugs, Helen

fowfies said...

I always end up buying tomato plants already growing.  I have a black thumb, and I am big enough to admit it, if I touch it, it is as good as dead! I do seem to be able to grow tomatoes. Ian will do the rest of the garden. Your flower selection sounds like it will be beautiful to see!  I hope the court day goes smooth and there are no disputes.

tendernoggle said...

I ahve got to get my garden spot in order oo! Got to have those fresh tomatoes!
love ya,
Hope court has gone well