Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm feeling low and anxious today.  Things just aren't going well with my B/F.  I think today I will talk to him about it.  He just keeps withdrawing further and further.  I just keep finding more and more to dislike about him.  It just isn't working.  We have been together 8 months and he hasn't told me once that he loves me.  He is very repressed with his feelings.  We make better friends than lovers I guess.  As my Dad said, there are other fish in the sea.  Too bad the majority of them stink. 

Sarah's father seems to have disappeared over the weekend.  He never went to her play and he hasn't been online.  Maybe he is in jail.  Ha, ha.   I couldn't get that lucky.  Its raining like heck today.  Heavy rain.  It is supposed to clear up later today.  I need to get to Walmart and get some yard tools to clean up around here.  Get my garden going soon too.  Hope you all have a nice day...  Linda

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Finally here are some new pictures!  The cats and Sarah at her play! 


Tarzan loves Easter


Sarah is in the upper row, middle, with a boys head on her hat!

Sarah Seahorse

After the shower today we went out and did a little caching and then back home.  Dave has been having trouble with his truck and was out there for an hour trying to get it running.  I don't think he was very happy. 

Happy Sunday morning

We had a very tiring day yesterday.  Started off with a group geocache trip to do one of the hardest caches in the area.  The Nightmare on Ralph Rd.  It could of been indeed if not for 15 pairs of eyes looking everywhere for the clues.  There was alot of walking involved and we lost the trail a couple times and had to bushwack.  By the time we were done I was very tired.  I went home and rested and then took Sarah to her play.  Her father must of had more important things to do because he didn't come to either night.  I guess he is to busy wooing potential dates.  This is the guy who wants "shared custody". 

Today we are going to a Jack and Jill wedding shower.  I hope its fun.  We are going with Dave's family and I like them all alot.  After that we are going geocaching again.  There is a handful of them right in the area.  10 in fact, but I don't know if we can get them all today.  I have some pictures to share, but I am too lazy to go out to the car and put batteries in the camera and upload them right now!  Maybe later today. 

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Arbor Day

Plant a tree today!  I finally got my pansies put in the deck planters and they look nice!  I have alot of yard work to do too, I just need some tools.  I want to borrow a rake and shovel from David.  I'll need to get my own eventually.  I told the Ex I was coming to get my lawn mower this weekend too.  He sure has been busy entertaining women.  He says he is trying to find the right one and he won't settle.  Says he doesn't want to get stuck with a nut again.  Also says the one he is dating now "knows what real abuse is".  He always has to get his digs in.  There are words for people like him.  Tonight is Sarah's play.  I need to get some batteries for my camera so I can take some pics!  They like to sell stuff too to the parents, like T-shirts and DVD's and picture CD's.  Gotta suck you for every penny.  Nevermind we already paid $85 for the kids to be in the play!  Those people have quite the gig going on there!  Tomorrow I have the day to myself I think until 5:30 and Sarah needs to be at the school again for the other half of the play.  They are doing it two nights.  Sunday, David and I may go to a Jack and Jill wedding shower.  I may have to bring Sarah with me.  Not much else, time to get ready for work again!  I am tired and need some time off. 

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Foggy morning

Its a little foggy this morning.  Bad news today.  Three State Troopers shot, one killed downstate.  Then the suspect killed himself and set a barn on fire.  We lost another State Trooper not too long ago, Joseph Longobardo.  His wife is a teacher at my daughter's school.  She was left with a baby too. 

I have to get busy and put my pansies in their pots soon.  Sarah has been after school late practicing for her play.  Those little Seahorses are so cute and clueless.  The lady trying to teach them is giving it her all and the kids just stand there, half doing it, half just looking blank.  The play is Friday and Saturday.  I hope it goes well.  The point is that the kids enjoy it and the parents just love seeing their kids onstage no matter what they are doing! 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My inner self

No thats not what I look like, but thats what I look like inside!  I wish I could be riding a Harley like that girl.  Wooohoooo! 

I didn't finish my entry yesterday, some weatherization inspectors from EOC came in to see how well the house holds heat etc...  It is pretty good.  I was very busy yesterday after they left.  I had to bring Sarah to school and then headed to town to my counselers.  On the way I stopped at the hardware store and got a retractable clothesline!  Traditional clothes lines aren't allowed here, only those tacky, ugly umbrella type things.  So I got one that retracts.  I hope the landlord doesn't have a fit.  After the counseler, I stopped at Ocean State job lot and got a rose bush, planters for the deck, soil (which I later found at the dollar store, grrrr), fencing.  I then had to go to the dentist.  It wasn't as bad as I anticipated.  The part that hurt the most was just holding open my mouth because I have TMJ in my jaw.  I went to the nursery after that and got a 4 packs of pansies and a nice hanging basket of geraniums.  Expensive, but if I care for them properly, they will last all season.  I came home and tried to rest for a couple hours, but no luck.  Up and off to get Sarah, went to Dave's for dinner.  His eye is still hurting alot.  The Dr. said it had an abrasion on it.  OUCH!  Me and Sarah did a quick geocache and then went out to visit Lindsay and the boys.  The baby is the sweetest thing.  So tiny.  He isn't nursing well, just wants a bottle.  I had that same problem with Travis.  I hope he catches on because mother's milk is the best.  I had no problems with Sarah, she was a champ!  Cracked my nipple the first day!  After that we came home and went to bed!  Whew, a really busy day!  I have to get those pansies in later today and get a start cleaning up the yard.  Hope you all have a nice day. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hooray, its Allergy Season!

Here we go, sneezing, itching and gallons of snot!  Gotta love it!  I'm not sure exactly what I'm allergic too, I never had allergy tests done.  I probably should.  My b/f is going to the Dr. today because while doing yard work yesterday, he got poked right in the eye by pine needles and his eye hurts alot.  Pine needles are very sharp.  Probably went right into the eye itself.  He may come over later and help me put things in the shed.  I need to get an air conditioner unit, a lawnmower

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank You Rebuilding Together!

God is continuing to bless us!  Our new shed was put up today by a great bunch of volunteers from Rebuilding Together!  It is big and wood!  Not a flimsy metal one, but a nice solid wooden one!  Its got room for alot of things!  I will get a picture as soon as I can!  They also cleaned up the debris (branches, leaves etc...) from the back and side yards.  I wish I was home to thank them properly.  I will have to send a letter of thanks.  I worked 11 hours today and I am getting pretty tired! 

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Blue Angel Down

I was very sad to hear about a Blue Angel pilot crashing yesterday in South Carolina.  I love airshows and I love the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.  I have never seen the Blue Angels perform.  I hope they can keep to their schedule, they come near to me, to NJ this season.  Here is a great music video with the Angels, it kind of fits the mood.  Link.  I don't have much more news.  William is still in the special nursery.  It makes me feel sad thinking of that little baby boy laying all alone in an incubator with no one to hold him.  Lindsay gets to visit him but can't hold him.  He has to stay on the oxygen.  Hopefully today he will get to come out.  I was going to go up last night, but was asked to work over.  I am working over tonight too.  There is a resident who took himself downtown on Friday for a couple beers!  I guess when they noticed him missing and a staff member called and said they saw him downtown, they went and found him.  When the nurse from the facility went in the bar after him and brought him out, the resident took a swing at him and fell down!  He also has threatened to harm his roommate, so now he has a staff with him all the time!  Poor old guy, I like him.  His partner of 20 + years was also at our nursing home and she died a couple months ago. 

Brownie the cat is doing well.  She loves to sit up in the window and watch the birds.  Her and Tarzan have made a truce of sorts but they don't play and cuddle as I had hoped.  They do bat at each other occasionally in a sort of playful manner.  My body has started cooperating with me better.  I got my meds and my period, so all is well in Linda Land for now.  I am working with my boyfriend to try to tolerate his immaturity better because he really is a nice guy and I don't want to loose out on that. 

The weather has been wonderful and I feel much better mood-wise.  Its been in the 70's this weekend.  Tomorrow may reach 80!  The only day I'm off is Tuesday and I have two appts, one the dentist.  Arghhhhh!  I have been putting it off, but I know it needs to get taken care of.  Everyone have a beautiful Sunday...

Friday, April 20, 2007

My feelings exactly!

Welcome William Patrick

My new Grand-nephew was born today at 2:14 PM.  He is 8 lbs 13 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.  He is having some problems breathing, he inhaled some fluids at birth and had a BM before birth.  I hope he will be ok.  They are running tests on him. 

This last pic is of me in front of a tank at my latest geocache site. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still feeling pretty low

Warning:  Woman talk.  I am still having PMS symptoms with no relief and no period.  Ok here is the part that squeamish people or Men might not to read.  When the "blessed" event does arrive, I'm to call my Dr. and go in and possibly get an IUD put in.  I may also talk to her about getting a more radical procedure done to end my periods all together.  Not a hysterectomy, but something called abalation.  They laser or use very hot water to "cook" the lining of the uterus.  I have something that is similar to endometriosis called andenomyosis.  Now my spelling isn't that great.  It causes me to have very heavy periods with large clots and as a result I have anemia.  The IUD may stop the periods or may not.  My primary care Dr. recommended it.  My sister in law has had the abalation.  She says she doesn't get a period at all.  I can't take the birth control pills because of the high blood pressure.  Now I do have my tubes tied so I can't get pregnant.  I would love to just get the whole damn thing taken out.  I haven't gotten the results yet from my blood work.  I will call David and see what he has to say.  Linda

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guess he is tired of me too

I haven't talked to my "boyfriend" since yesterday morning.  He didn't call me last night, or at all today.  I am not going to call him.  I'm tired of chasing after him.  I'm getting to the stage where alot of things about him irritate me and I haven't been shy of letting him know.  Guess he can't handle it.  I guess in his mind its ok to laugh at me like a lunatic, pinch and jiggle my tits, meow like a cat constantly in a high pitched screetch, and fart in my house without excusing himself.  I don't need it.  Shouldn't of rushed into things with him anyhow. 

I feel like crap

Yup there I am in the dumper.  Was feeling alright when I got up, but all morning I was feeling out of sorts and by 11:00 AM was having hot flashes and feeling sick.  I went home from work and went to bed.  Brownie and Tarzan joined me.  One at the top and one and the bottom.  Brownie is still very suspicious of Tarzan.  I have PMS and also have been off my Lexapro a week.  I got lazy about refilling the prescription.  I got it today but it hasn't kicked in yet.  When I'm off the pill I get 5 days of PMS where you feel like you are gonnna get it any time and it doesn't come.  Cramping, bloating, nausea, pain.  Its fun to be a woman! 

Yes, but is it worth it?   Lindsay is going to be induced tomorrow.  She lost her mucous plug today.  Tomorrow is her birthday too.  Maybe she will have a birthday baby, maybe not!  Well, off with my grumpy self....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flooding rains

There has been alot of flooding in the area and streams and rivers are overflowing.  Luckily not right where I live.  A girl died when she fell out of a canoe that her and her brother were riding down a fast moving stream. 

When I heard about the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday I was very saddened.  Why such senseless killing?  It seems that these unstable people do this with the intention of re-creating Colombine.  The media hypes it up so and goes into depth with everything its makes every aspiring mass murderer thinking "Hey, maybe I'll go to this school and shoot everyone too, then I can be famous".  My prayers are with those at Virginia Tech and their families. 

Speaking of bizarre behavior, yesterday I was at the grocery store and some man was wandering about without a cart or basket.  I saw him in aisle 6 and he was just standing there staring vaguely about.  I was thinking that this person is a nut and went by.  I turned back and he was gone but there was a big, yellow puddle on the floor right where he had been standing.  HMMMMMM.  I went to customer service and reported it.  When I was checking out, he was up standing by the Coinstar machine clutching a slip with the same strange look on his face.  I saw a cashier and told her that that was the man who peed in the store.  She got the manager and they were confering as I left.  This particular store (Price Chopper) has the reputation of being called Ghetto Chopper.  Now I know why.  Not all their stores are like that.  Most are very nice. 

I spoke to Sarah's law guardian yesterday and she recommended that I file a violation and modification in court.  To keep him from drinking at all with Sarah there.  That way if there is any doubt at all, I have something to back me up.  Right now the order just says not drinking to "excess".  Now my idea of excess is probably alot different than his.  He also drove with her when he had been drinking and thats against the order also.  I have no proof except for Sarah's word.  I need to protect my daughter and not worry about him being angry.  Here are some pictures I got from there.

I know the pictures are very poor, but it was dark and my cell phone camera sucks!  Well, enough rambling: 

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Still storming!

Isn't this a cute graphic?  Thanks Donna!  The weathermen are in ecstatic rapture about the weather.  They keep saying things like Heavy rain, Low fronts, not going anywhere soon etc...  Sick men and women they all are! 

The news lately has been talking alot about the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the racial barrier in Major League Baseball.  Hard to believe that it was only that long ago.  60 years is not a long time.  You can see that racism is still alive and well in the US with people like the KKK and Don Imus.  I think another place where racism continues to thrive is in the hip-hop world.  I don't think that Black Americans should be hearing the N word or ho, or other nasty words from other Black Americans.  Why continue to keep such words and hate alive?  Its not going to help racism disappear.  I am not a racism expert at all but I think no one should use those type of words.  We need more heroes out there like Jackie Robinson who can be good role models for our youth.  Not those filthy rappers who glorify gang violence, treating women like prostitutes and generally be very bad American citizens. If I am being ignorant, can someone please enlighten me without using vulgar language?   Ok enough of my opinion. 

I am going to the Dr. this morning for a check up on my blood pressure and to get a fasting blood draw.  Last time I had to do the fasting blood draw I was in a pickle by the time I got there.  So I am cheating and having some weak coffee.  I have to have it!

I heard from my sister that her daughter Abbigail fell with her hands in her pockets right onto her face!  Her tooth went through her upper lip and here is the result!  Two stiches by the way!

Logan has been sick too with a really bad ear infection.  He had to be at the emergency room Saturday night.  Poor little sick kids. 

Now I know why The Ex drinks Jim Beam.  He lives in a fantasy world like this:


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bad visit for Sarah

Sarah was supposed to go with her Dad last night so I asked him if he wanted to pick her up.  He said he would and then never showed up.  I called and IM'd him and finally he said he couldn't because "the car wouldn't start".  I brought Sarah over and the first thing I noticed was an ungodly stench.  He claimed the water line to the refrigerator icemaker broke and soaked the rug.  I noticed he seemed like he had been drinking a little but he denied it.  I spent about 1/2 hr there gathering up some of my things.  I went in the bedroom and peeked in his drawers and they were PACKED with whiskey bottles!  Two of them.  I didn't check the 3rd.  I checked mine and they had bottles too!  There must of been over 50.  I don't understand the purpose of keeping empty whiskey bottles.  Why not throw them out?  It was like that when I lived with him.  There were piles of them all over.  The kitchen was full of filthy dishes, some with mold in them.  I didn't even want to leave Sarah there.  Against my better judgement, I did.  I tried calling later but there was no answer.  She called at 10 PM and said he had taken her to a carnival at the mall.  He sounded sober so I went to bed.  She called me at 7 AM and said that a chair was tipped over and there was a whiskey bottle on the floor and her Dad was still asleep.  I went over to get her and he was still in bed.  There was an enormous bottle on the floor, like a gallon of it of Jim Beam and a kitchen chair was knocked over.  I took a few pictures with my cell phone camera.  It was dark in there tho.  I wanted to call the sheriff but couldn't find the number in my cell phone.  I went in and woke him up and he said he wasn't drinking and the bottle was from "before".  I said it wasn't there yesterday and he said he had a "little".  According to the order he isn't supposed to drink at all during visitation to access.  I called the law guardian and left a message with her.  See what she thinks I should do.  Linda

Thanks to Donna for the graphic, link on right!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Egg Event 2007

We left early this morning to go down south of Albany to the Pipscanee Nature Preserve.  We were the first ones there except for the event organizers.  After a few more people came we went out to find our eggs.  Everyone got to pick a slip with their eggs coordinates on it.  We didn't win the big prize but we did get some nice things.  I got a set of 4 dessert plates with lighthouses on them.  We met some new people and had alot of fun.  Tomorrow morning is the geocachers breakfast.  We have to leave early for that too.  I told Lindsay I would take Logan for a while tomorrow.  I have to fight through the urge to nap, or take one when he does.  If he does.  He is now walking and gets into everything!  Maybe we will go to the mall because the weather is going to be terrible.  We have a major storm coming in over night.  We could get rain and snow.  Expecting accumulations too.  Did I mention that I HATE this weather?  I'll have to get to the store and get another sack of birdseed.  I went through 25 LB in just the last month.  Those birds eat all day long.  Is anyone having problems with their FTP files?  Mine is saying it can't set "guest privledges and other nonsense like that.  See you tomorrow!  Linda


Friday, April 13, 2007

Hooray its Friday!

The snow is starting to melt.  Temps must be above freezing.  I hear a steady drip, drip, drip off the roof.  I want it to be real nice for tomorrow for the Easter Egg Event.  This will be my first Geocaching Event!  I may end up having to drive down myself.  My Dad and his wife are going but he said just to say he was there so he can log it.  He isn't going to look for eggs.  I told him there is a special egg out there that can get you prizes.  He seemed to perk up a little hearing that.  So we will see.  I'm sure once he sees his buddies out there doing it, he will too! 

We are expecting more snow for Sunday night into Monday.  In fact all week the temps aren't going to be over 54F.  How depressing!  My sister said its hot down in Louisiana.  I don't care for real hot either.  I know, I'm fickle.  I guess I better wind this up before AOL or the computer shuts me down!  Linda

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tarzan turned wild!

Well I caught a pesky mouse last night and gave it to Tarzan to investigate.  Bad idea!  He turned promptly into Tarzan, king of the jungle, with his prey.  He ran off with it into his tent and growled and hissed whenever I got near him!  I had to use trickery to get it away.  I tried it with Brownie and she acted the same way!  It was a little easier to get it from her though.  I was very surprised at Tarzan's behaviour.  I guess it brought out the wild animal in him!  Maybe now he will catch them on his own!

Last night, Sarah and I stopped at an old local cemetary with dates back to the early 1800's.  It was very interesting.  Some of the names were the same as local roads.  Alot of them are named after prominent citizens of the time.  The cemetary is ringed with old maple trees.  I will have to go up there and get some photographs.  There is even a Wheeler family plot.  Thats my family name.  We walked down the hill after to the Arnold farm and saw some new calfs, the sows and some sheep and goats.  One of the calfs looked brand new.  The afterbirth was still coming out of the mama and his cord was still hanging.  I should take pics of them too!  I hope they don't freeze in the snow. 

Sarah is going to go play at a friends house today.  Her name is Ava.  Its funny, when I was a little girl we would go PLAY  at someones house.  Now its called A PLAYDATE.  As I look out the window the snow is coming down heavily.  I am very upset and disappointed by this weather but I know I shouldn't be as I can't control it.   We are expecting 3-6 inches.  We already have the 3 and its early!  Ok off to work again.  Thanks to Donna of D's Designs for my pretty graphic.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A disaster at night

Travis woke me up very loudly at about 4 AM telling me that the birds were loose.  We have two parakeets.  I came out to find the cage on the floor and parakeets flying about.  I told him to put Tarzan in the bathroom and asked where Brownie was (the likely culprit).  She was hiding on top of the washer.  It took me several minutes to try and get the bird cage back together.  I managed to do it despite being groggy.  Then to catch birds!  He had one trapped under a shirt.  I couldn't get a grip on it and it flew off.  When it flew back toward me, I snatched it out of midair!  It promptly bit my hand but I persevered and got it back in its cage.  The second one flew into a wall and stunned itself briefly.  I tried picking that one up too and he bit me in the palm.  Owwwww!  I grabbed a shirt and wrapped him in that and off to the cage.  When I could finally settle down enough to sleep, I dreamed I was living with the ex again back in public housing.  I was so mad I was being very nasty to him.  Glad I woke up from that!  Oh, I forgot to mention that when I went over on Easter to pick up Sarah, he was totally ignoring me as was his nasty, disgusting brother.  I said hello to his brother, but he either didn't hear me or pretended he didn't.  Wouldn't even look at me, either of them.  I shook Dave's chair and when he looked I said HI!  He said hi and turned back around.  Guess he had to put on a show for his brother.  On my way back across the yard, I saw my hummingbird feeder on a pole, so I grabbed it.  I still have alot of belongings over there I need to start getting.  Most of it will probably end up getting thrown out or given away. 

We are expecting MORE snow tomorrow.  I am so sick of this weather.  When is spring going to get here for real?  I heard that alot of people, including farmers down south have been affected by this weather.  My son was asking me if it was caused by global warming.  I honestly couldn't tell him.  I know we can expect cold weather in April, but not for weeks on end! 

Maybe that will inspire spring to come! 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A very busy day!

We went geocaching today for a while.  It was so cold.  I guess I was being insensitive and kept walking ahead of Dave and a couple times Sarah didn't want to get out of the truck, so because the caches were close to it, I left her in it with Dave.  I guess he was feeling left out.  I apologized.  I guess I was being overzealous.  He really wants to learn about it and I tend to take over.  After I came home with Sarah, I layed down for an hour and then had to take Travis to his counseler up in Glens Falls.  Its about a 40 minute drive.  I don't like having to go so far, but he is the only one that has taken me seriously so far about Travis.  I have to finish up the week at work and have the weekend off.  On Saturday, we are planning on attending a geocaching Event south of us.  My Dad and Nancy are going, so we might ride with them.  Then on Sunday there is a geocacher's breakfast to attend.  I haven't been able to go to any of those yet, so it should be fun to meet some fellow cachers.  Not much else going on for the week.  Linda

Monday, April 9, 2007

Will the fighting ever end?

Tarzan and Brownie are still not getting along.  Its been 3 days and the hissing is still going on.  Tarzan chases her if she comes out from hiding and she quickly retreats with hisses and growls.  He caught her trying to use the litter box last night.  All I heard was alot of banging and crashing and then running.  Today I came home to find a poop under the couch.  There has been slight progress.  She was on the back of the chair with Travis and Tarzan walking about in the living room and she didn't run.  Also on opposite chairs in the kitchen.  I hope a truce will be called soon.  Brownie is very lovable and I would like her to be able to enjoy living here. 

We did a bit of geocaching today.  Found 3 out of 5.  Good excercise despite not finding a couple.  We might go do some more tomorrow.  The weather has been so miserable and cold.  It is supposed to warm up later this week, but rain also.  Its very discouraging and depressing.  I want spring to get here so we can really get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Any cat tips would be helpful!   Linda

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What a wonderful Easter!

Today was such a wonderful day!  So much better than Easter's of the past spent isolated at home.  I started off the day relaxing and reading Easter greetings online from all of you.  Then I went to church with David, yes he went too!  He claims the only reason he went is to make sure I went.  Then we went up to the barn where his mother keeps her horse.  We visited some horses.  I saw a beautiful horse called a Fresian , he was so big and beautiful.  Looked just like this one. 

He was very friendly and was nuzzling and nibbling at me.  I would love to have a horse like him. 

Then we went to David's and set up an Easter egg hunt for Sarah and David's cousin who is special needs.  They had fun finding the eggs.  Dinner was wonderful and dessert was a divine carrot cake!  I had a great day and am so happy.  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter too!  Linda


He is risen!

Praise the Lord, he is risen!  What a glorious day. 

He rose and walked from the tomb.