Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I would sincerely like to wish each and every one of you a Very Happy New Year!  This past year has brought so many changes to us.  New house, new pets, diabetes...  I keep getting stronger however and I know I can do this...  It is hard however..  I'm glad I have my family and online friends to lean on.  Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Snowstorm New Year's Eve 2007

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Diabetes update

Christmas brought a gift we weren't expecting or asking for this year.  Diabetes.  My 8 yr old daughter has it.  She was acting different for a few days and was starting to have "accidents" the last couple months.  On Wednsday she ended up wetting herself while playing and then that night she soaked the bed, herself and me!  She had also been complaining of thirst alot.  I knew something wasn't right and knew the warning signs of diabetes.  I called the Dr office and they were going to see her Friday.  I took home a couple chem-strips from work to dip her urine.  Sure enough, the glucose turned from blue to brown!  That is the highest level on the test.  I did mine as a control and it was normal.  I called the Dr. and she told me to take her to the hospital.  When we got there the nurse skipped right over the urine test and took it by finger stick.  The meter said HI.  I asked him what the actual count was and he said off the charts.  So they drew blood.  They started an IV.  She was given humalin insulin and had a reaction to it.  They stopped that and she was shipped off to Albany med to the pediatric ward because they can't handle ped diabetics at our hospital.  So we took an ambulance ride at 11:00 PM to Albany.  She was put right in and they stopped the IV and gave her a shot of Humilog.  Two pediatricians came in and checked her over and then we got to "sleep".  Sarah went right out, but I was very uncomfortable all night and got about 2 hrs until 5 am when the brought in another kid.  This one was 3 years old and had a mysterious infection.  Every time a nurse or Dr. went in she started wailing.  Oh boy this went on all day Friday too.  So we met with the diabetes nurses and diatician and learned about diabetes and how to give the insulin and check her sugar etc...  There is a 24 hr hotline for me to call if I need it.  We were sent home with a truck load of supplies and got 9 prescriptions to fill!  I took home a sack of stuff from the drugstore!  So her regiment is sugar check before each meal, bedtime and at 2 am.  Insulin after each meal and snack.  A long acting insulin before bed.  It seems like I'm constantly checking her sugar or giving her insulin!  Her grandmother is learning too but is very nervous about it and is not jumping right in.  Her Dad learned but hasn't called to see how she is.  Maybe he called his Mom, I don't know.  He will probably see her even less now.  Jerk.  I had to spend a whole day with him and his breath was horrible as usual and he kept sighing deeply and expelling more and more stink in to the room.  Bleck.  The ride home was worse because I was right next to him.  Barf!  I am still not getting any child support from him, he didn't attend a class he was supposed to and lost his unemployment.  I guess he is going to the class this week and it should start again.  Meantime I got a letter from child support wanting me to fill out a form so they could file enforcement against him.  So thats the update.  Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement! 

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bad news at the home front

A quick note here to let everyone know that Sarah is currently at the Albany Med ped ICU with Type 1 diabetes.  She is starting insulin today (had her first dose this morning).  This will be a difficult process for all of us, but one that I am confident (sort of ) about and hope and pray that we do well.  Please pray for her to stay strong and learn to cope with this life-long disease. We should be home later today... Linda

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Did I leave all you hanging on long enough?

A few people commented about what the coincedence was that happened to me on Christmas day...  well sit down and I'll tell you the story.

Last week, I was talking to my Dad and he mentioned that he met this "cute little girl" at Benson's pet shop.  He got to talking to her and found out she liked Geocaching too.  They chatted for a while.  He thought it was neat to find another cacher that way.

Now on to Christmas day.  After coming out of the woods and finding myself on the wrong road, I called my Dad and he said I could try to hitch a ride or back track through the woods.  I was confused by the trails as it was and my leg was hurting so I took my chances on the road.  He put in a call to a nearby cacher and he wasn't home.  I tried calling my cousin's house that lived nearby, no answer.  So I walked.  I got up to this trailer park and saw a person pulling out, so I stopped her.  Asked her if she could give me a ride to my car.  She said ok and I got in.  We got to chit-chatting and I told her I was geocaching.  She said "Oh yea, I know about that".  She told me she met someone who caches, is he my uncle/brother?  I said what was his name?  She didn't remember, I asked her if it was Richard E.  She wasn't sure but she met him at Benson's Pet shop where she worked!  Sure enough this was the same girl my Dad had met at the pet shop a week earlier!  How is that for a coincedence?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sad Christmas

Yup that was me yesterday, dug myself right into it.  Let me start by saying the kids had a great day and got lots of nice gifts!  Sarah loved her Eyeclops and Littlest Pet shop toys and her video camera.  Travis LOVES his X-box 360 and played most of the day. 

I called my friend/boyfriend Dave around 8 and he informed me that everyone was coming around 12.  I said good I can be over then.  He then told me to "hold off" until about 1:30 so they could unwrap gifts first.  I said a little sarcastically "sure I know I'm not family".  I hung up and got pretty upset.  I felt like I was "not good enough" or not important enough to join with them in unwrapping gifts.  I stewed and cried and then called him up and yelled at him that he really hurt my feelings etc...  I was really mad by then.  After all I had been with him on again off again for over a year and attended all the other family functions, I felt rejected.  I told him I would come over at the "appointed" time.  So I got Sarah ready to go to her Grandma's and I decided to go geocaching.  I should never have gone to the first two I went to.  I had to break snow through a field for about 1/4 mile.  It was very strenuous.  Then after I found that cache, I went on to try and find the next.  I ended up going under the road bridge and was exhausted.  I climbed up the snowbank which was very steep and got onto the road and walked back to my car.  I will go back in the spring for the second one.  I drove up the highway to the Wal-mart thinking they would be open.  They weren't.  So I went north to another geocache.  Where I parked said it was .54 miles away.  So I hiked in.  The trails were well packed down and I found it after about an hour.  My right leg was really hurting from the groin to the knee with each step.  I must of strained something.  After I found the cache, instead of backtracking, because I had taken some shortcuts through the woods, I followed the nearest trail out to the road.  Turns out I was on a road about 1/2 mile or more from my car as the bird flies.  On foot on the road about 3-4.  I was exhausted and though I would hitch a ride.  Who picked me up is another story for another day!  It turned out to be a very strange coincedence!  So I went back home got the gifts ready to bring to Dave's.  I was warmly greeted but still felt like I didn't belong anymore.  I talked to Dave privately and he said it was his Mother's idea because we were "off and on again".  I guess I can see their point, but now it will be off again and permanately.  I tried to cuddle up to Dave but nothing was reciprocated, more like tolerated I think.  I think alot of it was my fault too, because of my situation I think I used Dave because he was convenient and his family was nice to me.  I don't see any future there.  He is too attached to living with his parents and has views and opinions I don't like.  I think next year, I will make Christmas here with the kids and let it be that.  I am tired of having to wait to be invited to someone's house and feeling like a moocher. 

I'm sorry this turned into another negative entry.  I just had to get it off my chest. 

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Welcome to our world!

This is a beautiful video.  It is by actors but they certainly bring the message of hope. 

I had to go out shopping again yesterday because I forgot to buy toys for my little Grand-nephews and for David's son Michael.  I also saw a remote control dragonfly at Walmart that was really cool.  I picked that up for someone special.  I came home and baked my mini sweet bread loafs.  Later on I made up 4 gift baskets.  Realized in the middle of the night that 3 of those baskets won't be handed out until Christmas day and the bread might spoil by then.  NO one wants moldy bread on Christmas or rotten fruit. 

We are going to church this morning and then out to my Dad's after.  I only got them one thing each and made them a basket.  My Dad always says I go "overboard".  The kids each got them something from the dollar store.  Sarah got Nancy a glass squirrel and my Dad a pack of bungee cords.  Travis got Nancy some nice body spray and my Dad a small LED flashlight for a keychain.  I will probably put an entry up later on... Have a nice day everyone. 

Friday, December 21, 2007

Important Mom lesson!

My Mom and Step-dad used to cut up in grocery stores... If you want to embarrass your kids all you have to do is....




Thats right all you Hot Mama's get up and DANCE

4 days till Christmas

I went out after work last night and did my goody basket shopping.  I got mixes for 2 different types of quickbread.  Tea, hot chocolate, honey, fancy olives and fruit.  The olives really don't seem to fit do they?  I might leave them out and give them to by friend Dave who likes them. 

I came home to a wonderful surprise!  My neighbor came over and shoveled out my driveway and walk!  He came over as I pulled up and I gave him a big hug.  He told me he broke my shovel and he bought me a new one!  I told him he didn't have to do that!  I got a pan of my homemade fudge and brought it over for him and his wife.  I was so pleased.  I told him he could use my snowblower on the next storm.  I will leave him the key.  I need to get ingrediants for more fudge now!  It was worth it though!  Linda

Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 More days!


Click here for music! Josh Groban is a favorite of mine.  With a God given voice that he uses to praise HIM! 

Oh boy, 5 more days until Christmas!  Who is ready?  Not me!  I need to get to the dollar store and get some baskets and then to the grocery store to get some goodies for my goody baskets.  Then wrap, wrap, wrap.  The kids are done, except  for more wrapping.  I still feel like I didn't get enough, but my Mom's check will help out with that!  I am going over to my Dad's on Christmas Eve.  I still have to get stuff for their gifts.  I am not spending alot of money and I was asked not to anyhow.  They know I'm having a tough time.  I am actually thinking about selling my snowblower.  I will not sell it for less than $500 though.  Its like new, only been used 3 times and I paid $800 for it.  I can get by with shoveling and paying the guy who plows to do my driveway.  Travis needs to learn to help out too.  Last night I had to have him help me move the trashcan out to the road.  It was full and heavy and we had to drag it through the snow.  He ended up helping me move it a couple feet and then gave up.  I ended up having to muscle it through and up over a snowbank.  He was whining about having snow in his shoes!  OMG!  This is a 16 year old kid who should be acting all manly and stuff.  I raised a wimp!  I should of gotten off my butt when it snowed and snowblowed a path out to the road in the first place.  My arm was hurting so much though.  I got my brace and the Dr. said I only have to wear it at night.  That is good because I am not allowed to wear it to work.  Infection control or some such nonsense.  I had trouble getting comfortable with it on.  I like to sleep with my hand under my head but the brace prevented that.  My sciatica was acting up too and was very painful.  I finally got to sleep though.  Tiger got in bed with me and Sarah and was sleeping on her pillow with his head jammed against her cheek.  Purring like crazy.  Too darn cute for words!  He is a wonderful cat.  Still sneezing though.  I will have to take him back to the vet probably.  I got pulled yesterday to do care on the dreaded 3H floor.  Luckily I had older people to do care on which I prefer by far.  Still hard, back breaking work.  Then I got sent to 4V the Alheimer's unit.  I like it up there.  They had a 5th grade class come in and do caroling and exchange cards and they bought gifts for the unit.  Mixer and baking stuff.  The kids seemed to have a good time and the residents did too. 

I broke my tooth again yesterday.  I have to wait until January to get it fixed unless it starts to hurt.  Its ok right now just jagged.  I just hope the rest of it doesn't break off. 

Kids last day of school today before Christmas break!  Oh they are SO lucky!  I want a Christmas break!  Everyone have a great day! 


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Struggling along

I've been crunching the numbers trying to get my bills paid.  The ex's unemployment stopped.  I think he hasn't been fulfilling his requirements of looking for work.  He claims it will start back up soon.  Anyhow I haven't gotten 2 weeks of child support and it hurts.  I am out of money.  Have to rely on the old credit card I guess.  I might ask work for another paycheck advance.  They take it out $75 at a time out of my checks.  I can make it up by working overtime a couple hours a week.  I need a more reliable system for paying my bills.  I think I am going to get a big piece of light construction paper and a ruler and write all my bills down on it and 12 boxes to check off each time I pay a bill.  I do most of my bills online so it will be convenient to hang it right next to the computer. 

I went to the Dr. today and my blood pressure is good.  I have only lost 4 lbs total, but I will not give up.  My next goal is to get below #190.  I also had her check out my right arm.  She diagnosed me with carpal tunnel in my arm.  It has been bothering me alot lately.  I also have strain in my elbow and shoulder for trying to compensate for the hand.  My hand is cold and numb alot.  I have to go and get a wrist support tonight.  I am supposed to take David (good one) out shopping so we are going to Wal-mart anyhow. 

My dear sweet Mommy sent me a package with two cute shirts in it!  I love them.  Also a scrub top that will fit me good after I loose a few more pounds.  She is also mailing me a CHECK!  Woohooo.  I can get more presents for the kids.  She said to get myself something too.  I wish Santa would bring me a wonderful, caring, rich husband too while he is at it!  But in the meantime I will struggle on! 

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday snow storm!

If this was my day off, I would be ecstatic.  But noooooo.  I always have to go or come home from work during a bad storm.  Right now there are about 5 inches piled up out there and its still coming down.  I will be lucky if I get to come home tonight!  I will be lucky if I can go to work!  I will have to put on Travis' boots and shovel a path out to the car and brush it off before I can go anywhere.  Then hope someone else has been out of the park first so I can follow their tire tracks to the road.  Then I have to hope the plow hasn't come by and put a two foot pile of snow at the exit.  When I get to Sarah's grandmother's (if I don't go off the road) I then have to park on the side of the road and make Sarah climb over the snowbank to get to her grandmother's house because her plow person won't have come yet.  Then I have to try to get to work.  Travis will be home all day and probably won't lift a finger to help.  He should at least shovel a spot out for my car but he won't.  Or do such a half ass job it's like he didn't do anything!  He prefers to roll around in the snow like a 5 year old!  I will take the camera with me and try to get some shots today anyhow. 

We had the 4 Springs weekend potluck Christmas lunch yesterday.  I made wings.  They were so good, falling off the bones!  We had a guy there from an agency working.  His name is Michael and he is an Albany guy probably.  He is a huge black man and is almost as wide and he is tall.  A younger guy, hard to tell his age.  He is the nicest guy and so gentle and competent with the residents.  He was not shy about eating yesterday either.  He can tuck that food away!  Well, I better go and give myself a good head start this morning.  I'm sure there will be a lot of call ins at work from people who "can't make it".  I will give it a darn good try to make it and I have a charged up cell phone just in case!  Thanks to Donna for this beautiful tag...

hi mom and brenda!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Went to the mall

I went to the mall last night with my friend Barbara.  First we ate at Ruby Tuesday's.  Both had petite sirloin steak with baked potato and broccoli.  Oh man it was good!  Then we walked around the mall a bit and did some shopping.  I got some light up reindeer antlers to wear at work.  Then I got an owl tealight holder for my stepmother at Yankee candle.  She collects owls.  I got a pack of balsam scented tealights to go with it.  Funny when I was there I had a hard time smelling sometimes because my nose would go from stuffy to clear in a matter of minutes.  My allergies were acting up all night anyhow.  I went to Payless and got Travis some winter boots.  I hope he takes good care of them!  The mall was nice, lots of people.  Santa was not in his usual spot, there was someone pretending to be Mrs. Claus there.  To make it worse the Santa area has been taken over by a professional photo company and you are no longer allowed to take your own pictures of the kids with Santa.  Why does everything have to be so materialistic?  They should have a manger scene set up too with live actors and kids can put on robes and be part of the scene and get thier pics taken for FREE! 

Brownie the love hog is at it again.  I cannot go online without her getting in my face.  She is sitting on my lap right now gazing into my eyes with as much feline love as she can muster.  I have decided not to get another cat.  Financial reasons.  Its not that I don't love cats of course!  I haven't recieved a child support check in two weeks so I don't know whats going on with that.  I have to call Monday and find out. 

I used the snowblower yesterday.  It does the job on a small amount of snow.  Can't wait to see if it will handle the monster we have coming tonight!  I will try to keep updated on the storm.  I hope we don't loose power. 


Ok now I'm just being sadistic here!  We are teetering on the edge of the dark purple there!  Linda

hi mom and brenda!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Bird Feeder Action

Here is a short video I shot this morning of activity at my bird feeders.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Good Morning everyone!  WE got about 4-5 inches of snow last night here in upstate NY.  I get to try out my snowblower today if I can find the extension cord under the snow!  I did not want to try and do it last night in the dark.  We are expecting another storm over the weekend which will be even worse!  I am not happy about this kind of weather so early.  Next comes the bitter cold.  I need to get up under the house today and make sure the heat tape is on.  Its by the side, but I still need to pull out a piece of the skirting to look.  I should bring a marker so I can mark the spot so I don't have to search for it all the time.  I am dreading getting power outages.  I was thinking about getting an aquarium, but if I do and we loose power all the fish will die.  They should make battery operated heaters for those fish tanks! 

The party at work was ok.  I didn't win anything (again).  A couple of my co-workers did however.  One of them even won $100 in the flu shot cash drawing!  Good for her!  I need to go over to the Domestic Violence office today and pick up the kids Empty Stocking gifts.  The sponsors for that are usually very generous.  I hope Travis gets a gift certificate again so I can buy him a couple more things.  They always end up with plenty.  I definately need to get another cat litter box when I'm out today.  These cats poop like you wouldn't believe.  To top it off, some supervisor at work needs to find a home for her cat because she is getting married and her husband doesn't like cats.  I love cats and am so tempted.


This would put and end to my cat population if I did.  4 cats is enough, heck 3 is enough, but I love cats!  This one is supposed to be very loving and affectionate.  I would love to get a puppy, but I really can't leave it home alone all day.  Dave is in no shape to be taking care of it with that wound vac on his foot.  It is a disgusting thing.  I have to take him shopping today and the though of being around that thing makes me shudder!  He was imitating it the other night (slurping) and I had to tell him to stop or I wasn't coming back!  I can't stand that kind of noise.  The machine is quiet but he called attention to it so now I fixate on it.  I have sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where I fixate on noises that bother me.  If I can't get away from them I just sit there and wait for it again.  I get very anxious about it.  I love dogs, but the way they clean themselves is one of my problems.  Cat's too.  They can groom but not right in front of me.  OK now I sound like a crazy person. 

Sarah is playing her hunting game on the Playstation.  Wait till she sees what I got for her for the new X-Box 360!  She also likes to make movies on my camera, wait till she sees what Santa is bringing!  I always feel like I don't get enough however.  She gets tons of gifts at her Grandmother's but is only allowed to use them there.  Same for clothes.  I still need to go out and get the kids stocking stuffers.  I have alot to do before the holidays!  I want to go out and get a cookie press and make some spritz cookies and some cookie cutters too.  Also I need to get some wings so I can make chicken wings for our X-mas party on 4S tomorrow.  I hope I don't get sent to another unit!  Well I hope everyone has a nice and warm day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another cold, wintry day...

Good Morning Everyone!  I just realized that my entry about NYC was very negative.  There were a few things positive.  People were generally polite, policemen were helpful, the streets were clean with sanitation workers busy.  We got to use a bathroom at a resteraunt we did not eat at!  I found a geocache in Central Park!  I didn't loose anyone and we did get our bus back.  The buildings and lights were wonderful. 

I watched the Today show (parts of it) at work and saw that the streets were not crowded during the weekdays!  Already I am thinking about going back!  Just not on a weekend, especially a holiday weekend!  My calves are still sore from all stairs!  Good workout.  Did anyone else see that article on AOL about the family in Manhatten that wants $1M so they can move into a fancy apartment?  They only make $600-700 k a year.  Oh waahhhh, they should try living on MY income!  I just got my first propane fill up.  100 gal and it is costing me over $300 dollars.  Guess that will go on the old credit card too.  Sheesh.  I can't wait to get my income tax return, I get to claim both kids this year.  In the past, the EX always claimed Sarah.   He is about to loose the trailer and I can't afford to pay on it.  He says the propane company wants a huge deposit before they will deliver any propane.  He is still on unemployment and instead of going out and finding a job, he is sitting on his duff and waiting for his old company to hire him back on.  He told me his "friend" is going to move in soon and help him out. 

My niece is out of jail too.  Her bail was lowered and her Mom go her out.  She had court last night, so I'm not sure what is going to happen.  She has some pretty serious charges against her.  I'm hoping she will just be sent to rehab or something. 

Tomorrow is our annual holiday party at my work.  They put out a buffet and there are names drawn for gifts and also cash prizes for getting your flu shot.  I have never won a cash prize and only won a gift once.  A gift certificate to Home Depot.  The residents are having their holiday party also and they always love that.  There is a DJ and Santa comes and gets his picture taken with residents.  I picked two residents to buy gifts for this year.  I usually get practical stuff like nice toiletries.  One of the residents I picked this year has Alzheimers, but another is fully aware, so I will make sure she gets something nice!  Not that I won't get anything nice for the other resident of course.  Strange as it may seem, one of the gifts will be underwear for both.  There is a lack of underwear at the facility.  Usually these mesh type underwear are distributed to the floor designed for incontinent people to wear with their pads.  They disappear quicker than a bundle of money.  It seems no one has underwear!  Those that are lucky enough to have their own get them labled and put in the drawers.  There have been more budget cuts at work including some staff hours cut back.  I hope they don't close our department and put us onto units.  Its looking that way. 

Travis is angling to miss the bus again.  He is late getting out the door again.  Grrrr.  Now I have to go get ready for work.   Bye! 

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New York City

We survived our trip to NYC and I can say that I am not in any big hurry to get back soon.  If I do go again, it will not be by bus!  We got there alright.  Went straight down to the WTC site first.  There is really nothing there to see.  There is a fence around the whole area, some rubble still but mostly just dirt construction equipment roads all over.  I believe they are still finding human remains so no construction is taking place.  Is was very sad and sombering to view however.  The effects on the surrounding neighborhood is no longer visible although I'm sure never forgotten.  We then boarded the subway to go back uptown to the museum but ended up on the wrong train and got off at Rockefeller Center.  It was so crowded that I could not get any pictures at all!  We needed to find the correct subway station so we walked north toward Central Park.  We overshot it and had to walk south again on a different street.  Maps were fairly useless and sense of direction is difficult due to the large buildings surrounding you.  The crowds were unbelievable and lines to do anything including the museum were really long.  We ended up basically doing nothing!  The worst part came when it was time to leave.  We could not find our bus!  We though we were supposed to be on the same street except the opposite side for pick up.  There were alot of other buses but not ours.  I started to panic and nearly began to cry.  Finally I called my Dad and step-mom and they called the bus place.  They got a recording but around the same time Travis spotted our buses on the other side of the street!  We were 15 minutes late but they waited for us thank GOD!  I cannot begin to imagine what we would of done if we missed our bus!  There was a 2 hr long traffic jam in NJ on the way back because of an accident.  We did not get home and settled until midnight!  I woke up this morning a little sick to my stomach.  I think it was from the stress of it all or a little stomach bug.  We had gotten some glittery T-shirts at a souvenir shop and Sarah wore hers and all the glitter things are falling off.  Cheap!  Paid $10 for it too!  What a rip off!  Mine is similar and I'm afraid to wear it now!  Maybe I can hang it up on the wall instead. 

Tiger is doing alot better and is in fact outdoors right now doing some exploring.  I hope he comes back.  Thanks to everyone for their concern.  Linda

hi mom

hi brenda

Friday, December 7, 2007

Poor little Tiger

I was in tears last night about my poor kitty.  The new cat Tiger is still sick and hurting alot.  I can't pick him up and move him without him crying in pain.  He now is holding up a front foot when walking.  All he does is sleep.  Eats very little.  I am going to see if I can get him in to the vet today.  I really wrestled with it.  You see I can take him back to the shelter today (last day) and they will probably euthanize him, or I can take him to the vet and shuck out tons of money to find out he is either really sick and will have to be euthanized, or has a problem thats easily fixed.  Either way its going to cost a ton at the vet.  If anyone wants to send me some donations, I will gladly accept!  Above are some pictures of my feline family.  Tomorrow is our trip to NYC so I won't put up pictures until Sunday of that!  I'm so excited! 

hi mom

hi brenda

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What I wanted for Christmas!

Weekend Assignment #194: Think back to when you were eight years old. What did you really really really want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Other seasonal celebration? We're taking the thing you wanted so much that you would just die if you didn't get it. If you can't remember what that was when you eight specifically, then pick an age close to it. But if you can remember what thing was when you were eight: Share it!

Extra Credit: Did you get it?

Oh a horse!  I lived and breathed horses and wanted one so bad!  I got toy ones but never a real one....  Still don't have one either! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Update on Tiger

I had two messages on my answering machine when I got home.  They were informing me that they made a mistake and Tiger is indeed a boy and neutered so they owed me some money back.  The second message said that because they made the mistake they were voiding my check and wanted to make sure that was ok.  Maybe I can get Tiger for free!  Wooohoooo!  I will use that money to take him to the vet!  Linda


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For my Mom, Mum, Mummy, Mommy

I don't like the show the Family Guy for kids, but for adults it's pretty funny sometimes.  This is a video of Baby Stewie annoying his Mother.  I think any Mom can relate to this!  TeeHee!

Ok I am impulsive.  Yes I am.  I admit it.  I went to the shelter and got Tiger back!  I also found out "He" is a "She"!  I can't believe I didn't notice before.  I understood that Tiger was was a neutered male.  Well, she is HIV/HLV negative, got her shots and when she is spayed or found to have been, I get a $50 rebate!  I know alot of you will say, why did she bring her to the shelter to begin with?  I was asking myself the same question and wondering if I did the right thing by getting her back.  There were tons of cute kittens, but I took her.  I think we needed each other! 

Two bad news things to report.  I found out the trailer the ex is in is going into default and will be repossesed if he doesn't pay what is owed.  I called and left a message and left a note up there telling him I would help so he doesn't loose it but he didn't respond.  I know he was home because I heard him yell at the dogs right by the front door.  He just didn't open it.  I know this will ruin my credit, but credit can be salvaged.  It takes a while but it can be done... 

On another bad note, my niece with the two little boys in in jail.  I guess she got in a DWI accident and then assaulted a police officer and a fireman at the scene.  Her bail is set at $10,000 or $1,000 and $10,000 in collateral.  I don't have it, no one does.  The boys are at their grandmother's for the time being.  I offered to help out over the weekend.  Her mother had to take a leave of absence from her job to take care of the kids.  I don't know what is going to happen.  Crazy...  I hope my niece gets help.  Thats all for now folks....

Oh Christmas Tree...

The big storm was a big dud.  We got about 2-3 inches of wet snow and freezing rain .  Dave had come over and shown me how to use the snowblower just in case.  Didn't get to use it. 

The kids and I set up the tree last night.  It is pretty.  I put two pictures up above.  One with flash and one without.  Tarzan is facinated by the tree like last year, Brownie could care less.  She is too busy looking out the window at birds.  We got this tree for free last year through the EOC.  Target gives away their display trees to a local agency every year, so last year we got one.  It came fully decorated too.  Instead of taking the ornaments off and boxing them up, they wrapped the tree in plastic wrap and drove it over here in the back of a truck!  Needless to say it lost a few ornaments in the process and more while getting the tree off the truck and in the house.  The ornaments were these big, gaudy red and gold balls anyhow that really weren't my style.  I didn't put any of those on this year, used my ornaments that I have collected over the years.  I need to get a few more.  I like one of a kind ornaments.  My Dad and Nancy gave me two new ones last year.  A crystal rose and a crystal alligator!  I like ornaments like birds (realistic), nature like ones.  I remember growing up, my Mom gave us things to make ornaments with.  We used things from nature such as milkweed pods, nut shells, pinecones etc...  She also has some that we made from blown out eggs.  She painted things on them.  They were very pretty, but fragile. 

I was very upset at work yesterday and even thought about getting out of the rehab department.  One of the other girls was giving me attitude yesterday.  We all had to go to a unit to work, one of them was 3-H the "young adult" unit.  I hate going there for a few reasons.  One reason is I always get stuck doing care on "D".  She is a 50 yr old woman with MS.  She has to movement at all and is very demanding and cries if things don't go exactly as she wants them.  She also has a difficult time speaking and if you don't understand her she starts to cry and become even more difficult if not impossible tounderstand.  It is over STUPID things too, yesterday I ended up finishing her care and she got crying because I used the small hair pick instead of the big one.  She also likes to be washed with her arms up over her head and will cry if they are not in the exact position she wants.  She will start crying at the drop of a hat, it will turn out she wants her arm moved over an inch.  Now don't get me wrong,  I like "D", she is funny, caring and smart, she is just spoiled and likes to manipulate people.  The other one is another 50 something year old, "L".  She also has MS but can speak clearly and has some function in her arms.  She is also spoiled however and likes things done a certain way.  If you ask her too many questions or she has to tell you too many things, she may get very angry and start screaming, cursing and crying!   Anyhow, one of us had to go to this unit yesterday.  I said that I had to work on a unit yesterday, so I thought I would get first choice and I said I am not going to 3H.  Well, that made this one girl mad.  It isnt' the nasty one its another one.  SHE doesn't like 3H either and feels that she shouldn't have to go.  So she got in a huff and was in more of one when she found out I didn't actually have to give care over the weekend, I was the "unit assistant".  I ended up going there anyway at 11:00.  I am sick of the drama and the hostility in this department.  My boss does nothing, she leaves it to us to sort it out.  By the end of the day we were all speaking to one another again so it was ok, but I hate the tension.  So I came home with Sarah and her and Travis were going at it all night.  Not fighting just playing really loud and making howling and screaming noises.  Travis does this when not medicated and Sarah imitates it.  Then Sarah's friend came over and they were watching Family Guy.  I have told Sarah over and over that I don't like her watching that show and she wants to watch it.  I heard a couple bad words on it, but what put me over the top what when the baby in the show, Stewie, called his mother a "bitch".  That was it for me.  I told them to turn it off and a big argument started.  I ended up loosing it and taking away the computer and video games.  Sarah and I went to bed.  I cannot force Travis to do anything, he is big and defiant.  Sarah is following in his footsteps.  They seem to have no respect for me and my rules.  Ok I have to get Sarah ready for school now...

hi mom and brenda

Sunday, December 2, 2007


That nasty, evil weatherman is predicting up to 10+ inches of snow for our area tonight and into tomorrow!  ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! 

We are in the light purple area indicating 6-12" of snow!  What the heck happened?  We had such a mild winter last year and now this!  That's IT I'm moving to Louisiana!

Not a good day yesterday...

Around 9:30 AM yesterday I started feeling sick at work, like I was going to pass out.  I got really hot and kept feeling like I couldn't catch my breath.  I kept working, still not feeling great.  If I sat down it helped.  Around 10:30 I went up to 4S to have the nurse take my blood pressure.  I took my temp and it was 101.3 !  My vital signs were fine except my pulse was a little fast.  She called the charge nurse and they sent me home..  Now I will have to make up that day.  If you are sick on a weekend, they have you make it up.  Maybe they will over look it because I did go to work and was sent home.  I'm not doing it next Saturday though because I am taking the kids to New York City!  My friend Barbara is coming with me. 

I spent the day sleeping and laying on the couch watching TV mostly.  I was supposed to go to a benefit fundraiser dinner for a local family, but still felt too wiped out to do that.  This family lost their home due to soaring financial burdens.  The dad has been in the hospital for a long time.  I sent them some clothes and food.  I feel bad I couldn't make it too the dinner.  I am trying to make it by myself.  My child support payments should keep me afloat until next payday I hope. 

Sarah's Dad actually called her Grandmother so he could visit her!  She went up to his house and they had a late Thanksgiving dinner.  I guess the "friend" was there.  Thats ok with me.  Sarah said the house had a lot of fruit flies and was pretty dirty still.  The guy isn't working, he should get off his ass and clean at least.  He could get a job if he wanted too, he probably wants one that paid as well as his last one, so he will sit and collect unemployment in the mean time.  Not that I'm one to talk, my house is a wreck.  I am very lazy when it comes to housework.  There are no fruit flies in the house however! 

We are expecting a snow storm tonight.  I still have no idea how to work the snowblower.  I will have to have Dave come over and show me how.  Or maybe he can come over tomorrow and snowblow for me.  I am working tomorrow too and won't have time to do it.  Usually its dark by the time I get home.  Seems the storms always come when I have to work.  I bet there will be alot of call ins too.  Usually are during a big storm.  OK time to go.  Here is a nice couple pictures from Sugar!

hi mom!  hi brenda!  xxxxoooo

Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1st

Isnt' that beautiful?  I got it from Emmi and Sweet and Simple Pleasures.  She has alot of beautiful tags and snags.  I can't believe it is December 1st already.  Where does the time go?  I still have more shopping and preparing to do.  I think I have enough for the kids, I just need to get stocking stuffers.  Its the grown-ups I need to still shop for!  My Dad always gets pistachios for Christmas.  I guess my brother started buying them, and now I do.  I also got some things for Dave's family.  I need to pick up Dave a couple more things.  I got him nuts so far.  LOL!  I ordered a nice fleece blanket off E-bay with a deer family on it.  I think that will look nice on his bed.  I have a couple more things coming from E-bay also.  A Halo 3 game for Travis and also a book.  I just got paid Wednesday and its gone already.  That was just on bills.  I am putting Christmas on a credit card and will pay it off when I get my income tax return in February.  I wanted to go visit my Mom this year too.  I remembered also that I wanted to get a moped or something to take to work.  The price of gas is outrageous.  If I can get a two seater moped for spring and summer it would help out.  I guess it wouldn't be very practical though living out in the country.  Gas is up to $3.29 a gallon here.  I saw some for $3.33.  Outrageous!  I may pick up some overtime at work so I can pay for gas to go to work! 

I've been thinking alot about Tiger.  Still very guilty over sending him to the shelter.  I was thinking if he makes it up for adoption to go and adopt him!  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  At least I will know he is FIV/FLV negative!  He will have had shots etc...  He is a sweet cat and loves us.  I'm silly I know.  I don't know how Lisa at Life on a Bison Farm does it!  She has a house for her cats that she rescues!  I need to go and get ready for work.  Everyone have a great day!

Thanks Donna for the tag!

hi mom and brenda