Thursday, December 27, 2007

Did I leave all you hanging on long enough?

A few people commented about what the coincedence was that happened to me on Christmas day...  well sit down and I'll tell you the story.

Last week, I was talking to my Dad and he mentioned that he met this "cute little girl" at Benson's pet shop.  He got to talking to her and found out she liked Geocaching too.  They chatted for a while.  He thought it was neat to find another cacher that way.

Now on to Christmas day.  After coming out of the woods and finding myself on the wrong road, I called my Dad and he said I could try to hitch a ride or back track through the woods.  I was confused by the trails as it was and my leg was hurting so I took my chances on the road.  He put in a call to a nearby cacher and he wasn't home.  I tried calling my cousin's house that lived nearby, no answer.  So I walked.  I got up to this trailer park and saw a person pulling out, so I stopped her.  Asked her if she could give me a ride to my car.  She said ok and I got in.  We got to chit-chatting and I told her I was geocaching.  She said "Oh yea, I know about that".  She told me she met someone who caches, is he my uncle/brother?  I said what was his name?  She didn't remember, I asked her if it was Richard E.  She wasn't sure but she met him at Benson's Pet shop where she worked!  Sure enough this was the same girl my Dad had met at the pet shop a week earlier!  How is that for a coincedence?


bhbner2him said...

Really is a small world!!  ;o)  -  Barbara

nightmaremom said...

small small world

madcobug said...

Now that was something. You would bother have ever know that you met the same person if the Geocaching had not have been mentioned. Helen

wwfbison said...

Very strange indeed.

chat2missie said...

It's a small world!

glensfork4 said...

Well that was a coincedence....and a fortunate one at that. Sorry about your Christmas....I am glad the kids enjoyed their gifts.


fowfies said...

Small world isnt it! Glad you made it back okay.