Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sad Christmas

Yup that was me yesterday, dug myself right into it.  Let me start by saying the kids had a great day and got lots of nice gifts!  Sarah loved her Eyeclops and Littlest Pet shop toys and her video camera.  Travis LOVES his X-box 360 and played most of the day. 

I called my friend/boyfriend Dave around 8 and he informed me that everyone was coming around 12.  I said good I can be over then.  He then told me to "hold off" until about 1:30 so they could unwrap gifts first.  I said a little sarcastically "sure I know I'm not family".  I hung up and got pretty upset.  I felt like I was "not good enough" or not important enough to join with them in unwrapping gifts.  I stewed and cried and then called him up and yelled at him that he really hurt my feelings etc...  I was really mad by then.  After all I had been with him on again off again for over a year and attended all the other family functions, I felt rejected.  I told him I would come over at the "appointed" time.  So I got Sarah ready to go to her Grandma's and I decided to go geocaching.  I should never have gone to the first two I went to.  I had to break snow through a field for about 1/4 mile.  It was very strenuous.  Then after I found that cache, I went on to try and find the next.  I ended up going under the road bridge and was exhausted.  I climbed up the snowbank which was very steep and got onto the road and walked back to my car.  I will go back in the spring for the second one.  I drove up the highway to the Wal-mart thinking they would be open.  They weren't.  So I went north to another geocache.  Where I parked said it was .54 miles away.  So I hiked in.  The trails were well packed down and I found it after about an hour.  My right leg was really hurting from the groin to the knee with each step.  I must of strained something.  After I found the cache, instead of backtracking, because I had taken some shortcuts through the woods, I followed the nearest trail out to the road.  Turns out I was on a road about 1/2 mile or more from my car as the bird flies.  On foot on the road about 3-4.  I was exhausted and though I would hitch a ride.  Who picked me up is another story for another day!  It turned out to be a very strange coincedence!  So I went back home got the gifts ready to bring to Dave's.  I was warmly greeted but still felt like I didn't belong anymore.  I talked to Dave privately and he said it was his Mother's idea because we were "off and on again".  I guess I can see their point, but now it will be off again and permanately.  I tried to cuddle up to Dave but nothing was reciprocated, more like tolerated I think.  I think alot of it was my fault too, because of my situation I think I used Dave because he was convenient and his family was nice to me.  I don't see any future there.  He is too attached to living with his parents and has views and opinions I don't like.  I think next year, I will make Christmas here with the kids and let it be that.  I am tired of having to wait to be invited to someone's house and feeling like a moocher. 

I'm sorry this turned into another negative entry.  I just had to get it off my chest. 


madcobug said...

I am so sorry that you day turned out to be a bad one. I hope next year will be better for you. If they didn't want you to be there at gift opening time they shouldn't have invited you to start with. I know after that you didn't feel up to even taking any gifts. I hope someone who will be good to you comes along soon. Hugs, Helen

bhbner2him said...

((((Linda))))  Sorry Christmas was a rough one.  You got me curious about that lift to your car.   -  Barbara

edwardssoapy said...

So sorry to hear your Christmas was a bad one.  Maybe next year will be better.

All the best,
Leigh :o)"

chat2missie said...

I'm sorry you felt the way you did, but as an outsider, looking into the situation, it doesn't sound like it's going anywhere.

wwfbison said...

Sorry to hear your feelings were hurt with Dave's family.  I wish you would have had a better Christmas.

nightmaremom said...

awww Linda... so sorry.....   May 2008 bring wonderful things your way

breakaway1968 said...

Aww that is terrible!  AND rude really.  I mean does it really matter if your on again/off again.   Your HIS FRIEND so why not invite you over too?  That makes me feel so bad for you!   We invite our kids  friend's over all the time for family things...even trips...not a big deal!  Grr now I'm mad at them and I don't even know them lol.  

nay0114 said...

I think you should have been able to go IF you two were seeing each other whether it's on/off or not. Sorry you had such a bad day. Kinda sounds like he wants out of the relationship by what he did. I think you're right to stay home and do your own Christmas with your children. I do that and enjoy it a lot better.
Take care, Chrissie

tendernoggle said...

How strange...what is so special about unwrapping gifts that you could not join in on the fun? Doesn't make much sence and I can see why you are hurt.
Hope tomorrow is better.
love ya,
let  us know about the ride back to your car@@!!

cayasm said...

It's a bit unfortunate to not be included, but I think your right next year just do your own thing.


tampa0503 said...

tha's OK, hun!  You had a rotten day.  YOu can do better...Someone who has a mind of his own and no his mothers.  

Good idea, Christmas a home next year!  Luv ya's  Bethe

emabecmar said...

how rude to be told not to come until a certain time. if it were me i wouldn't of gone at all. Hope you have a nice weekend. (((((hugs)))))

abaleman666 said...

i have been a holiday moocher for years and i understand exactly why you were upset.  theres a difference between being invited and being included due to feelings of 'obligation'

your gps hunt sounds fun and like it's great exercise.  i hope all works out for oyur little girl and they can get her back on track so she can control her sugar with diet alone.