Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 More days!


Click here for music! Josh Groban is a favorite of mine.  With a God given voice that he uses to praise HIM! 

Oh boy, 5 more days until Christmas!  Who is ready?  Not me!  I need to get to the dollar store and get some baskets and then to the grocery store to get some goodies for my goody baskets.  Then wrap, wrap, wrap.  The kids are done, except  for more wrapping.  I still feel like I didn't get enough, but my Mom's check will help out with that!  I am going over to my Dad's on Christmas Eve.  I still have to get stuff for their gifts.  I am not spending alot of money and I was asked not to anyhow.  They know I'm having a tough time.  I am actually thinking about selling my snowblower.  I will not sell it for less than $500 though.  Its like new, only been used 3 times and I paid $800 for it.  I can get by with shoveling and paying the guy who plows to do my driveway.  Travis needs to learn to help out too.  Last night I had to have him help me move the trashcan out to the road.  It was full and heavy and we had to drag it through the snow.  He ended up helping me move it a couple feet and then gave up.  I ended up having to muscle it through and up over a snowbank.  He was whining about having snow in his shoes!  OMG!  This is a 16 year old kid who should be acting all manly and stuff.  I raised a wimp!  I should of gotten off my butt when it snowed and snowblowed a path out to the road in the first place.  My arm was hurting so much though.  I got my brace and the Dr. said I only have to wear it at night.  That is good because I am not allowed to wear it to work.  Infection control or some such nonsense.  I had trouble getting comfortable with it on.  I like to sleep with my hand under my head but the brace prevented that.  My sciatica was acting up too and was very painful.  I finally got to sleep though.  Tiger got in bed with me and Sarah and was sleeping on her pillow with his head jammed against her cheek.  Purring like crazy.  Too darn cute for words!  He is a wonderful cat.  Still sneezing though.  I will have to take him back to the vet probably.  I got pulled yesterday to do care on the dreaded 3H floor.  Luckily I had older people to do care on which I prefer by far.  Still hard, back breaking work.  Then I got sent to 4V the Alheimer's unit.  I like it up there.  They had a 5th grade class come in and do caroling and exchange cards and they bought gifts for the unit.  Mixer and baking stuff.  The kids seemed to have a good time and the residents did too. 

I broke my tooth again yesterday.  I have to wait until January to get it fixed unless it starts to hurt.  Its ok right now just jagged.  I just hope the rest of it doesn't break off. 

Kids last day of school today before Christmas break!  Oh they are SO lucky!  I want a Christmas break!  Everyone have a great day! 



madcobug said...

Your pictures were great. I agree with you. Travis is old enough and looks strong enough to help you out a lot. You need help with all that snow and heavy stuff. He should be using that snow blower for you. Sarah looks so cute. The woodpecker looked cute trying to find insects in the bark of that tree. Those little things sure like my suet cake. Hope your arm soon gets better, and that your day goes well at work. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

My son is 17 and I have to fight with him sometimes too.  Although he does do alot around here.  I always make a chore list for him and then I don't hear any arguments from him.  He works better if its written down for him in black and white rather then me tell him.  Don't ask my why lol.  So each day I have a chore list ready for him of about 5 things to do.  Plus his regular job is shoveling/mowing outdoors.  On the nights he has wrestling meets until 10pm he doesn't have to do them that day but he has that plus the next.  THAT he doesn't like lol.  But his license are on the line here...if he complains NO license (he gets them jan 8th)!  lol  It's so much easier with hubby here tho enforcing this because I think I would cave!!!!!!  Does your son have his license?  If so use that!!! It really does work :)

chat2missie said...

Don't remind of the days left!! LOL  I'm not ready.

glensfork4 said...

I fight with my son (and daughter - not as much) all the time about what needs to be done whether you like it or not....that is called life.