Saturday, December 15, 2007

Went to the mall

I went to the mall last night with my friend Barbara.  First we ate at Ruby Tuesday's.  Both had petite sirloin steak with baked potato and broccoli.  Oh man it was good!  Then we walked around the mall a bit and did some shopping.  I got some light up reindeer antlers to wear at work.  Then I got an owl tealight holder for my stepmother at Yankee candle.  She collects owls.  I got a pack of balsam scented tealights to go with it.  Funny when I was there I had a hard time smelling sometimes because my nose would go from stuffy to clear in a matter of minutes.  My allergies were acting up all night anyhow.  I went to Payless and got Travis some winter boots.  I hope he takes good care of them!  The mall was nice, lots of people.  Santa was not in his usual spot, there was someone pretending to be Mrs. Claus there.  To make it worse the Santa area has been taken over by a professional photo company and you are no longer allowed to take your own pictures of the kids with Santa.  Why does everything have to be so materialistic?  They should have a manger scene set up too with live actors and kids can put on robes and be part of the scene and get thier pics taken for FREE! 

Brownie the love hog is at it again.  I cannot go online without her getting in my face.  She is sitting on my lap right now gazing into my eyes with as much feline love as she can muster.  I have decided not to get another cat.  Financial reasons.  Its not that I don't love cats of course!  I haven't recieved a child support check in two weeks so I don't know whats going on with that.  I have to call Monday and find out. 

I used the snowblower yesterday.  It does the job on a small amount of snow.  Can't wait to see if it will handle the monster we have coming tonight!  I will try to keep updated on the storm.  I hope we don't loose power. 


Ok now I'm just being sadistic here!  We are teetering on the edge of the dark purple there!  Linda

hi mom and brenda!



cayasm said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your shopping trip and dinner, such a shame about the photos, christmas becomes more materialistic each year.
Hope the snow is not too bad and you don't lose power other than that enjoy the weekend.


chat2missie said...

We're on the low end of the snow fall thank goodness!  Enjoy your weekend.

madcobug said...

Glad that you enjoyed the visit to the mall. I hope you all don't get all that predicted snow. Helen

bhbner2him said...

Glad you had a good outing!  I just don't think I could live up there with all that snow!  -  Barbara

meldermama said...

enjoyed reading about your trip to the mall.  I guess people are afraid to even say merry christmas now let alone have a manger scene.  Most towns have them at church though.
Our weather here in Louisiana was wild today some tornadic activity and we were under warnings this morning the worst went north Merry Christmas to all of you  Love Momxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

breakaway1968 said...

WOW now that's a lot of snow!  WHEW!!  Hope you all stay safe over there!  By the way...I think it was a very smart decision about the cat.  They can be so expensive!  

tampa0503 said...

When I sneeze and carry on in Yankee Candle, the worker Bee's have me smell the coffee beans they have there.  It's amazing....