Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Good Morning everyone!  WE got about 4-5 inches of snow last night here in upstate NY.  I get to try out my snowblower today if I can find the extension cord under the snow!  I did not want to try and do it last night in the dark.  We are expecting another storm over the weekend which will be even worse!  I am not happy about this kind of weather so early.  Next comes the bitter cold.  I need to get up under the house today and make sure the heat tape is on.  Its by the side, but I still need to pull out a piece of the skirting to look.  I should bring a marker so I can mark the spot so I don't have to search for it all the time.  I am dreading getting power outages.  I was thinking about getting an aquarium, but if I do and we loose power all the fish will die.  They should make battery operated heaters for those fish tanks! 

The party at work was ok.  I didn't win anything (again).  A couple of my co-workers did however.  One of them even won $100 in the flu shot cash drawing!  Good for her!  I need to go over to the Domestic Violence office today and pick up the kids Empty Stocking gifts.  The sponsors for that are usually very generous.  I hope Travis gets a gift certificate again so I can buy him a couple more things.  They always end up with plenty.  I definately need to get another cat litter box when I'm out today.  These cats poop like you wouldn't believe.  To top it off, some supervisor at work needs to find a home for her cat because she is getting married and her husband doesn't like cats.  I love cats and am so tempted.


This would put and end to my cat population if I did.  4 cats is enough, heck 3 is enough, but I love cats!  This one is supposed to be very loving and affectionate.  I would love to get a puppy, but I really can't leave it home alone all day.  Dave is in no shape to be taking care of it with that wound vac on his foot.  It is a disgusting thing.  I have to take him shopping today and the though of being around that thing makes me shudder!  He was imitating it the other night (slurping) and I had to tell him to stop or I wasn't coming back!  I can't stand that kind of noise.  The machine is quiet but he called attention to it so now I fixate on it.  I have sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where I fixate on noises that bother me.  If I can't get away from them I just sit there and wait for it again.  I get very anxious about it.  I love dogs, but the way they clean themselves is one of my problems.  Cat's too.  They can groom but not right in front of me.  OK now I sound like a crazy person. 

Sarah is playing her hunting game on the Playstation.  Wait till she sees what I got for her for the new X-Box 360!  She also likes to make movies on my camera, wait till she sees what Santa is bringing!  I always feel like I don't get enough however.  She gets tons of gifts at her Grandmother's but is only allowed to use them there.  Same for clothes.  I still need to go out and get the kids stocking stuffers.  I have alot to do before the holidays!  I want to go out and get a cookie press and make some spritz cookies and some cookie cutters too.  Also I need to get some wings so I can make chicken wings for our X-mas party on 4S tomorrow.  I hope I don't get sent to another unit!  Well I hope everyone has a nice and warm day!


breakaway1968 said...

So how did you like the snowblowing?  I sure don't miss shoveling when we lived in the city!  Now all we have to do is plow our driveway and that's it.  AND I don't know how to use the plow so I can't do it ;)  

Ok, I voted no for the cat only because of my experience last night at the vets office...A BIG reminder of WHY we only had ONE before lol  The cost to fix up our little stray Jack was over 80 bucks JUST for a quick visit and a few meds!  It's nuts now what they charge!  If you have the animals then you responsible for the care of those animals and that's gets to be in the hundreds sometimes (our dog has to have a 1200 surgery coming up here soon too :0 ...I think even tho I would love to keep our kitten that we may have to let him go because of that fact.  However...if the money isn't a problem then I say go for it!   love cats too!

breakaway1968 said...

OH I forgot to ask is Tiger doing??  

chat2missie said...

Luckily, we only got a little ice storm from that storm yesterday.  Snow for Saturday however.  More for you than us though!  I think you should get the other cat.

fowfies said...

LOL your not crazy, I cant stand all the chewing and licking noises either.