Sunday, December 9, 2007

New York City

We survived our trip to NYC and I can say that I am not in any big hurry to get back soon.  If I do go again, it will not be by bus!  We got there alright.  Went straight down to the WTC site first.  There is really nothing there to see.  There is a fence around the whole area, some rubble still but mostly just dirt construction equipment roads all over.  I believe they are still finding human remains so no construction is taking place.  Is was very sad and sombering to view however.  The effects on the surrounding neighborhood is no longer visible although I'm sure never forgotten.  We then boarded the subway to go back uptown to the museum but ended up on the wrong train and got off at Rockefeller Center.  It was so crowded that I could not get any pictures at all!  We needed to find the correct subway station so we walked north toward Central Park.  We overshot it and had to walk south again on a different street.  Maps were fairly useless and sense of direction is difficult due to the large buildings surrounding you.  The crowds were unbelievable and lines to do anything including the museum were really long.  We ended up basically doing nothing!  The worst part came when it was time to leave.  We could not find our bus!  We though we were supposed to be on the same street except the opposite side for pick up.  There were alot of other buses but not ours.  I started to panic and nearly began to cry.  Finally I called my Dad and step-mom and they called the bus place.  They got a recording but around the same time Travis spotted our buses on the other side of the street!  We were 15 minutes late but they waited for us thank GOD!  I cannot begin to imagine what we would of done if we missed our bus!  There was a 2 hr long traffic jam in NJ on the way back because of an accident.  We did not get home and settled until midnight!  I woke up this morning a little sick to my stomach.  I think it was from the stress of it all or a little stomach bug.  We had gotten some glittery T-shirts at a souvenir shop and Sarah wore hers and all the glitter things are falling off.  Cheap!  Paid $10 for it too!  What a rip off!  Mine is similar and I'm afraid to wear it now!  Maybe I can hang it up on the wall instead. 

Tiger is doing alot better and is in fact outdoors right now doing some exploring.  I hope he comes back.  Thanks to everyone for their concern.  Linda

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fowfies said...

The cathedral is beautiful..inside and out. What is that castle? Oh the penny thing is cool...didnt know they had anything like that, thats kinda neat. All the pictures are great, I have never seen New York City. Once when I was a kid my family and I went to New York, but it was Rochester, to visit an aunt and uncle. Looks like you had a really great time!  How is Tiger today?

breakaway1968 said...

My MIL just got back from New York an seen ground zero and said the same thing...very sad to see.  They were expecting something a little more attractive looking after all this time.  They also seen Rockefeller Center.  Brought home some Tshirts and yes, they are made very cheap (very thin)...the first time I washed my 3 yr olds shirt if ripped!  They said they had a good time tho walking all over seeing different things...They were with a tour group...maybe you guys were there the same time!

nightmaremom said...

sorry the experience wasn't better...  another trip not so rushed may be good :)

emabecmar said...

sorry your trip wasn't a great one. but glad you found your bus to come home. have a nice sunday. (((hugs))))

bhbner2him said...

Well, I suppose you at least saw some of New York.  :o/  -  Barbara

tampa0503 said...

OMG...How awful.  I've been to Rockefeller Plaza and seen the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall and not run into those kinds of crowds.  Must have it it real lucky!!

Glad you are home safe!


tendernoggle said...