Saturday, May 31, 2008

New adjectives

I see AOL has decided to gift us with a huge list of adjectives to describe our current mood.  Too bad they still assume that I am listening to music.  I am actually in fact but not by choice.  Its the music from Sonic the Hedgehog game. 

We finally got a nice few rain storms come through today and give everything a nice soaking.  I went out hiking most of the day yesterday.  In the morning with my Dad and in the afternoon with a new friend from Albany. 

I'm sitting here right now with two different color Crocs on because I can't find the match to either one.  I'm sure they are somewhere under the couch in Daisy's lair.  LOL  She is funny sometimes and a pain in the ass others.  I can say ass now because they do on TV!  ;)  Hey AOL give us some emoticons too that would be cool! 

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost my friend

I did something stupid a few days ago and asked my friend Dave if he wanted to start dating again.  He said ok.  Then I didn't hear from him for over a week.  I called him last night and he was mad.  He said he went on and saw my profile there and that I had been online recently.  He took that as I sign that I wasn't really interested in him etc... so instead of asking me about it he cut me off.  I was so flustered and didn't know what to say I told him I didn't want to argue about it and hung up.  So I guess that is over.  He wasn't the right guy for me anyhow.  He was the one who makes stupid noises and laughs at people if any of you remember.  It just hurts because we were friends.  I guess I shouldn't of asked him to start dating again.  It seems I'm jynxed in the love dept.  I try internet dating and as soon as someone sees my picture they run the other way.  I'm I that hideous?  What do you think people?

I guess guys are expecting blonde with big boobs and no body fat these days. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I'm tired.  Tired of everything.  Tired of the mess my house is in.  Tired of working.  Tired of whining, ungrateful kids, tired of dogs who won't listen and kids that scream at said dog. 

Happy Memorial Day btw.  Lets pause at some point today to remember the courageous Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

I brought the brats to the Great Money Pit yesterday.  Oh I mean the Great Escape.  First I paid $30 for our season parking pass.  Then I had to fork over $5.00 for a little dab of Ben and Jerry's icecream on a cone for Sarah.  Her sugar was low.  I paid another $10.00 for a refillable soda sports bottle.  Free refills all day.  Paid $10.00 for a measly little chicken strip meal for me and the kids to split.  I spend $60 there just on food and parking.  I had already bought the season passes.  Sure you can bring a picnic lunch but you have to leave it in your car and walk back out into the parking lot to eat it there.  It is usually 100 degrees out there too and no shade.  What kid is going to want to do that?  Corporate greed!  A long time ago they allowed coolers etc... not anymore. 

I have to work today.  I'm not thrilled about it.  Staffing is probably going to pull us to do care so they won't have to pay agency staff. 

Tomorrow Sarah's insulin pump comes in the mail.  I have to be home to accept delivery on it.  I am taking a half day off to make sure I'm here.  She is getting a Animas pump in pink!  Later on a rep will come out and show us how to use it.  I will arrange to have him teach us at Sarah's grandmother's house.  The school nurse wants to come too.  She will start out using saline and then switch to insulin.  It will save alot of trouble with shots etc..

Not much else going on really.  Hope everyone has a good holiday today. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still cold

Spring is lasting a long time around here due to the extended cold period we have had.  It has barely made it to 60 for days now.  I'm ready for a little warmth!  I think this weekend is supposed to warm up.  I have no plans for the weekend yet.  I would like to try and do some geocaching.  I want to try out that new GPS of mine.  I have wrens nesting in a wren house out back and they are the cutest darn things.  They chirp and burble all day long.  The baby robins at work left the nest and have been living in the courtyard at Wesley being duly tended by Mom robin. 

I talked to the Saratoga Co. Employment and Training place about Travis' application and they said he is probably eligible for the program and a counseler will be in touch with us.  I hope he trys hard.  There may be a position at my own job that he can take.  He will be able to ride into work with me!  That would make things convenient!  They hire kids to do cleaning, mow, yard work etc...  I think if he applies himself he will do well. 

I got a graduation announcement and invitation for my niece Nikki for June 27th.  She is a year older than Travis.  She works for the Great Escape summers usually.  She is a nice girl and is a good artist too.  I am going to see if I can take a half day off and go to her party.  Next year will be Travis' turn!  Hard to believe that kid is going to be graduating high school!  I hope he doesn't give up and quit. 

I guess I'm out of words...  Have a good day everyone! 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My journal is not working

Would anyone know why my journal isn't loading properly?  Ever since I put in my last entry it won't load.  When I go in to edit it everything is there that I put into my last entry.  People have mentioned it to me that it isn't working...  Ok update, I just had to delete that last entry and now its working just fine.  I will put the photos here instead!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Went to the nursery

I went to the nursery this morning and splurged and got one of the Super Bush tomato plants.    It is so big and beautiful.  Looks like I might be getting some maters for the fair this year!  I will have to take real good care of this plant.  Also got some flowers for the hanging baskets and some squash and zucchini. 

Gardening time

Yes indeed, it is gardening time here in upstate NY!  I put some green peas in this year in two spots.  First I planted some in one of my deck boxes.  The idea here being that they will grow and climb down the trellis!  I am calling them my upside down peas.  I have to tie the trellis to the porch however so the dog doesn't knock it down.  I also planted some the regular way behind my shed area.  I am going to call the landlord and see if the area behind my house will be suitable.  It does seem to recieve a bit of sun.  There is also a patch in front that is next to the driveway.  I think tomatoes will do real good there!  ;)

So anyhow.  I kept the answering machine because it works.  Works good enough for the guy at Greentree to call and say "You need to give me a call" in his deep, menacing voice.  I delete it...  I am not paying another dime on my Ex's house.  He can get a job in Saratoga and ride a damn bike instead of sit home on his butt and collect unemployment. 

I had to come home yesterday from work because my coughing was still bad and I started getting the bathroom emergency if you know what I mean.  ( runs )  I am still hacking up greenies today so I called in for today too.  I don't want to get the residents sick.  It may be allergy related but maybe not.  My co-worker is also sick and called in yesterday and today.  I am going to rest and maybe run a few errands.  I need to go to the post office and maybe go to the nursery and see if their tomatoes are in yet.  They might not have them out for another week or so.  They do however have some huge Super Bush plants in pots with stems that are 2" thick!  They are gorgeous plants but very expensive.  They have flowers on them already and those are big too!  They come with the tomato cage also.  Maybe I'll get one just to try it out.  I also want to get some wave petunias to put in my hanging baskets from last year. 

I did buy season passes for me and the kids for the Great Escape this year with my tax rebate check money.  They both love to go and we can also go to the one in Mass and NJ.  I haven't been to NJ yet but I want to go.  There is an animal safari place there too. 

Daisy has been enjoying her hedgehog toy.  You dog lovers know the type I'm talking about don't you?

Daisy gets many hours of ecstasy playing with her hedgie.  She even knows it by name.  Enough news for now... 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strange item bought at Walmart

No, the stupid head cold I have I did not buy at Walmart.  I may have gotten it there tho for all I know last week.  I bought a GE phone/answering machine combo.  It was relatively inexpensive and now I know why.  The first thing I noticed after setting it up was that it had 9 messages on it already!  I listened to them and could barely hear most of them.  I think someone bought it and returned it also.  The intructions were in Spanish.  NO English which is the language I speak.  I went online and looked up the product information and the manual online was also in Spanish.  I finally figured out what I wanted to so I will give it a try.  I am a cheap person at heart and always buy the cheapest product usually.  The reason for that is because expensive items and cheap items are all one and the same to kids, cats and dogs! 

I heard back from the dog trainer and they recommend private behavior consultations due to Daisy's fear aggression.  I do not think Daisy would bite someone or another dog however she would be disruptive in a class setting due to her phobias.  So I need to personally talk to the trainer and see what can be set up.  I also plan on buying her a short leash and harness so I can work with her in social situations.  She pulls hard for a little dog.  She digs right in with her legs and pulls. 

I also purchased a Wahl home haircutting system and cut Travis' hair.  I don't have pictures but it came out pretty good.  I just messed up slightly around the ears but don't tell him that!  We will keep it between us.... 

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Mother's Day.  You may have lost your Mom or don't have children, but everyone out there can relate to Mother's Day in some way.  I hope everyone has a great day.  I am bringing my Mom to the airport this morning.  :(  She had a nice visit however and is ready to go home!  I can't blame her.  We went to Manchester, VT the other day and she had a great time.  The scenery was lovely.  We stopped by Hildene, the home of Robert Todd Lincoln, one of Abraham Lincoln's children.  He had the house built when he was an adult.  It had fallen into disrepair, but a group bought it and restored it.  It is beautiful and the grounds are so nice.  I want to go back in mid-june because the gardens are full of peonies which will be blooming then. 

I had brought my Mom over to my house yesterday so she could see Daisy.  Daisy was very rude to her, barking and wouldn't go near her.  Then I put Daisy in the car because we were going to take her to the park.  When my Mom got in Daisy barked and lunged at her!  She looked like she was going to bite but didn't.  I was mad and put Daisy back in the house.  My Mom is afraid of her now.  She needs some training.  I don't think I know how to do it. 

Not much else for news.  Have a good day everyone..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ok now everyone say Awwwwwww!

Not to many of us out there that can withstand this kind of cuteness!  Those two near the middle look like they are sizing each other up.  This is the chick cam, link on left! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little fuzzies

Go down to Falcon Cam on the left and click on it.  If you see a black box that says no video, just click it and a larger view will pop up and hopefully you will see our baby falcons in Albany!

The weather has finally warmed up and has been sunny the last couple days.  I may get some plants to put in this weekend.  I have to get new soil for my planter boxes.  I saw some hummingbirds yesterday at my friend Dave's house.  I will have to get the feeder out and clean it up, or just go buy a new one.  I gave Dave a little lecture because they were using red concentrate liquid that you add water too.  I told him they don't need to use red dye and it may even be harmful to the birds.  I'll dig up some info on line and send it to him.  My visit with my Mom has been good.  We went out and did a little shopping yesterday and took her out to see her great grandson's. 

I had a conference yesterday with Sarah's teacher and we developed a new plan on how to keep her ( and Me ) organized so she can get her homework done.  Grandma will keep out of the bookbag and let me take it home and sort it out.  Usually she just hands me all the papers and I have to idea what is homework etc...  Too many hands in the mix make it confusing.  I think Grandma is afraid I'll loose or forget Sarah's backpack.  Yes it may happen but I still need to bring it home. 

Still trying to get Travis to a job interview that he will like.  He has his mind set on working at the track.  We have missed all the job fairs so far.  Maybe there will be one this weekend.  I don't want him sitting around all summer.  He will graduate next year and needs some real world experience.  Not much else going on here...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another dreary, rainy day...

Now that we had a taste of spring, its been raining for several days.  We DID need the rain, but not this cold, dreary, drizzly crap.  I spent half the day with my Mom yesterday.  We went out to breakfast and then went shopping.  She got me a new scrub top.  I got some craft stuff for Sarah.  I came home after lunch and took a short nap.  Then got up and got Sarah and we went to Woods Hollow nature preserve to see if there were any tadpole eggs yet.  No none of those but something killed several small minnows.  I saw baby sunfish and perch and a bullhead, all dead.  Daisy ate two of them.  Yech.  I am wondering if they applied a type of algaecide in the water and it killed the little fish.  Daisy doesn't seem any worse for wear.  We will go back in a month and see if the tads are there.  A couple years ago we went and the edge of the pond was swarming with them.  I want to bring a few home and put them in an old aquarium so we can see them develop.  There was this foamy blue stuff floating on the edge of the water too, which makes me think something was put in the pond.  Anyone know anything about this?  Anyhow I had one stinky wet dog to ride home with last night.  She was so tired at bedtime from her romp that she was actually snoring! 

I have decided not to date that guy in Glens Falls.  He has a very negative energy around him and has a bad attitude about alot of things.  I don't need that in my life.  He never calls me either and I'm not chasing after him.  I am getting too old for that.  Besides I saw that he is looking online at still.  So am I...  LOL.  Ok time to go to work.  What a drag....   Linda