Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I'm tired.  Tired of everything.  Tired of the mess my house is in.  Tired of working.  Tired of whining, ungrateful kids, tired of dogs who won't listen and kids that scream at said dog. 

Happy Memorial Day btw.  Lets pause at some point today to remember the courageous Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

I brought the brats to the Great Money Pit yesterday.  Oh I mean the Great Escape.  First I paid $30 for our season parking pass.  Then I had to fork over $5.00 for a little dab of Ben and Jerry's icecream on a cone for Sarah.  Her sugar was low.  I paid another $10.00 for a refillable soda sports bottle.  Free refills all day.  Paid $10.00 for a measly little chicken strip meal for me and the kids to split.  I spend $60 there just on food and parking.  I had already bought the season passes.  Sure you can bring a picnic lunch but you have to leave it in your car and walk back out into the parking lot to eat it there.  It is usually 100 degrees out there too and no shade.  What kid is going to want to do that?  Corporate greed!  A long time ago they allowed coolers etc... not anymore. 

I have to work today.  I'm not thrilled about it.  Staffing is probably going to pull us to do care so they won't have to pay agency staff. 

Tomorrow Sarah's insulin pump comes in the mail.  I have to be home to accept delivery on it.  I am taking a half day off to make sure I'm here.  She is getting a Animas pump in pink!  Later on a rep will come out and show us how to use it.  I will arrange to have him teach us at Sarah's grandmother's house.  The school nurse wants to come too.  She will start out using saline and then switch to insulin.  It will save alot of trouble with shots etc..

Not much else going on really.  Hope everyone has a good holiday today. 


bhbner2him said...

I have those days when I just feel sick of how things seem to stay the same....the irritating things anyway.  LOL  I can't believe how the amusement parks hold people hostage for just simple food and drink!!  It's rediculous!  Exciting stuff about Sarah's new pump.  I hope it makes things easier on all involved, but especially her.  -  Barbara

fowfies said...

I know, it costs an arm and a leg to do anything these days. I bet a lot of those places arent going to be getting as much business with gas prices being what they are. People cant afford to do much now that food prices and gas are going up and up. That is good news about Sarah getting her pump, and in pink even! That is really great. Try and have a good day. I know some days just suck. Hugs, Kelly

chat2missie said...

I've heard great things about the insulin pumps.  Wishing you luck!

tendernoggle said...

hope little sarah likes the pump better than the shots.I think I would!!! Those theme parks are one big rip off when it comes to food and drinks.the 10.00 refill was a bargain though....I use to hate paying for the over priced food too when my kids were small. They ought to be ashamed to charge so much for the food when it costs an arm and a leg for parking and getting in the darn place.
love ya,

sunnybethe said...

Hi LIn, I am just catchin gup on journals.  the Great Escape wasn't nearly that expensive when we used to go.  I guess with Six Flags taking over it's gotten bad.
I'll give you a tip as to what I do when I go to the theme parks in this area.  First I freeze a Juice box for 2 for each person.  Then I take a gallon Zip Lock bag for each person, add the frozen juice box, a sandwich or 2 or pickup a Sub, chips, cookies, whatever you want.  Pack it all in a knapsack.  And have a kid carry it or each carry thier own lunch in thier own knapsack.  They eat whats in the sack...when it's gone, it's gone. The parks's don't check what is in the Knapsack and the food is contained and light enough for you to enjoy the rides.  And if they do say something...they them you have a diabetic dtr who needs food and needs it stat.  hugs,