Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tarzan turned wild!

Well I caught a pesky mouse last night and gave it to Tarzan to investigate.  Bad idea!  He turned promptly into Tarzan, king of the jungle, with his prey.  He ran off with it into his tent and growled and hissed whenever I got near him!  I had to use trickery to get it away.  I tried it with Brownie and she acted the same way!  It was a little easier to get it from her though.  I was very surprised at Tarzan's behaviour.  I guess it brought out the wild animal in him!  Maybe now he will catch them on his own!

Last night, Sarah and I stopped at an old local cemetary with dates back to the early 1800's.  It was very interesting.  Some of the names were the same as local roads.  Alot of them are named after prominent citizens of the time.  The cemetary is ringed with old maple trees.  I will have to go up there and get some photographs.  There is even a Wheeler family plot.  Thats my family name.  We walked down the hill after to the Arnold farm and saw some new calfs, the sows and some sheep and goats.  One of the calfs looked brand new.  The afterbirth was still coming out of the mama and his cord was still hanging.  I should take pics of them too!  I hope they don't freeze in the snow. 

Sarah is going to go play at a friends house today.  Her name is Ava.  Its funny, when I was a little girl we would go PLAY  at someones house.  Now its called A PLAYDATE.  As I look out the window the snow is coming down heavily.  I am very upset and disappointed by this weather but I know I shouldn't be as I can't control it.   We are expecting 3-6 inches.  We already have the 3 and its early!  Ok off to work again.  Thanks to Donna of D's Designs for my pretty graphic.


madcobug said...

I hope the baby calf makes it. LOL on Tarzan and Brownie and the mouse. I hope it will quit snowing up your way and the weather will soon warm up and give all of you some beautiful weather. Bad weather is expected here this weekend. Storms and probably some tornatic weather. Hugs, Helen

elainey2465 said...

Aol is really playing up today or it might just be my computer - its driving me mad just like Tarzan LOL Laine xx

fowfies said...

Dont feel bad, the weather affects me too.  Maybe some of us are just more in tune with nature and it affects us, the good and the bad.  Snow, in April.  Who'd a thunk it. I guess these days it is called a playdate becaue people are so busy you have to make a date to play! The cemetary sounds neat.  We have found some like that. Mice, they don't stand a chance around here...they better not be causght unaware around a chicken, they will snatch them up and eat them up....mmmmm! Protein rich! LOL!

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


jlocorriere05 said...

Linda, it's the cat's who should be catching the mice and bringing them to you not the other way around! Lol! I hope the now stops for you soon and that calf will survive the cold. Jeannette xx  

tendernoggle said...

That much snow would shut our little town down here in Geaorgia down for a week!!! lol
love ya,

rjet33 said...

Cats will be cats, lol.  I have three because I live in the country and all kinds of critters try to invade my house.  They chase and eat anything that moves.