Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flooding rains

There has been alot of flooding in the area and streams and rivers are overflowing.  Luckily not right where I live.  A girl died when she fell out of a canoe that her and her brother were riding down a fast moving stream. 

When I heard about the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday I was very saddened.  Why such senseless killing?  It seems that these unstable people do this with the intention of re-creating Colombine.  The media hypes it up so and goes into depth with everything its makes every aspiring mass murderer thinking "Hey, maybe I'll go to this school and shoot everyone too, then I can be famous".  My prayers are with those at Virginia Tech and their families. 

Speaking of bizarre behavior, yesterday I was at the grocery store and some man was wandering about without a cart or basket.  I saw him in aisle 6 and he was just standing there staring vaguely about.  I was thinking that this person is a nut and went by.  I turned back and he was gone but there was a big, yellow puddle on the floor right where he had been standing.  HMMMMMM.  I went to customer service and reported it.  When I was checking out, he was up standing by the Coinstar machine clutching a slip with the same strange look on his face.  I saw a cashier and told her that that was the man who peed in the store.  She got the manager and they were confering as I left.  This particular store (Price Chopper) has the reputation of being called Ghetto Chopper.  Now I know why.  Not all their stores are like that.  Most are very nice. 

I spoke to Sarah's law guardian yesterday and she recommended that I file a violation and modification in court.  To keep him from drinking at all with Sarah there.  That way if there is any doubt at all, I have something to back me up.  Right now the order just says not drinking to "excess".  Now my idea of excess is probably alot different than his.  He also drove with her when he had been drinking and thats against the order also.  I have no proof except for Sarah's word.  I need to protect my daughter and not worry about him being angry.  Here are some pictures I got from there.

I know the pictures are very poor, but it was dark and my cell phone camera sucks!  Well, enough rambling: 

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madcobug said...

Sounds like that man in the grocery store has dementia of some sort, if so he is to be pittied. Then again he may have been drugged up.  No, Sarah doesn't need to be around all that drinking and certainly not riding around with a driver in that condition. I feel like you are doing the right thing to check into it and try to put a stop to it. Helen

rjet33 said...

Sounds like the man in the store has a mental illness.  These pics can help you a lot.  Hope you use them!  

Hugs and prayers,


jckfrstross said...

i hope you file against him:) he should not drink when she is with him idiot!