Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still feeling pretty low

Warning:  Woman talk.  I am still having PMS symptoms with no relief and no period.  Ok here is the part that squeamish people or Men might not to read.  When the "blessed" event does arrive, I'm to call my Dr. and go in and possibly get an IUD put in.  I may also talk to her about getting a more radical procedure done to end my periods all together.  Not a hysterectomy, but something called abalation.  They laser or use very hot water to "cook" the lining of the uterus.  I have something that is similar to endometriosis called andenomyosis.  Now my spelling isn't that great.  It causes me to have very heavy periods with large clots and as a result I have anemia.  The IUD may stop the periods or may not.  My primary care Dr. recommended it.  My sister in law has had the abalation.  She says she doesn't get a period at all.  I can't take the birth control pills because of the high blood pressure.  Now I do have my tubes tied so I can't get pregnant.  I would love to just get the whole damn thing taken out.  I haven't gotten the results yet from my blood work.  I will call David and see what he has to say.  Linda


madcobug said...

I have never heard of those two procedures. Of course I have had all mine removed many years ago so all these terms are new to me.  I was 42-43 when I had mine done. I wish you good luck whatever you decide to do. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Helen

rjet33 said...

Hey!  You have a medical transcriptionist friend here who is impressed with your spelling for someone who says theirs is not that great.  You only have one too many letters.  It is a-d-e-n-o-m-y-o-s-i-s, see how close you were!  I am so proud.  I think I would go with the ablation procedure if it were me.  Hope you get it all sorted out.



jckfrstross said...

good luck:)


bhbner2him said...

??  You are calling the boyfriend you are almost tired of to ask his opinion?  Whatever you decide, I hope it helps you and doesn't just give you a new set of problems.  Most women I know who have had a total hysterectomy inherit new issues to deal with.  -  Barbara

nana0014 said...

Thanks for educating me. I've never heard of that procedure. Doesn't sound to good, but hey I guess if it helps. I think every woman just wants the stuff taken out after you're done having your family. Hope something gets resolved for you.
Take care, Chrissie