Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April showers?

No our showers will be snow showers.  We may get an inch or two overnight.  I will try not to let it get me down.  I know spring is coming soon.  Travis is being baptised on Friday.  Not sure if I mentioned that.  I will take some pictures.  I ordered a cake for him too. Like this but it will say God Bless You Travis and have a cross on it.


Our local Price Chopper store makes nice cakes.  I would like to learn how to make them.  That would be a fun job.  I worked at Price Chopper right before I got pregnant with Travis, in the bakery too.  One night, they decided to put me on donuts.  What a nightmare!  My donuts looked awful and I couldn't get caught up.  Luckily someone came in early and helped me.  Last time they asked me to do that! 

When I get to work today, I need to fix 3 of my photos that are in the art exhibit.  I matted them incorrectly and they don't look very nice.  I want to see if I can sell them and no one will buy them looking like that.  I have a friend that wanted one, I'm going to give it to her.  Actually two of them if they don't sell.  I can always order re-prints.  I need to get out to Walmart and get the kids new socks and some spring clothes.  I have some for Sarah but it persists in being cold out.  I saw on that the hummers have made it up to Pennsylvania already!  I will get a feeder soon and a pole.  I don't know if I will get any, but I'll try.  I need to get a couple feeder poles and move the regular feeders too.  Away from the house.  I want to hand a couple bird houses too.  I now have a pair of Carolina wrens. 

My little man Logan is having a birthday!  Friday is his actual birthday, but we are having the party on Saturday.  I don't know what to get him.  His Mom says he has alot of toys.  I do have some clothes for him and the new baby.  Maybe a small stuffed animal and a gift card.  Then she can buy what she needs.  I will get him a little easter gift too.  I love that little boy, just can't handle him overnight. Well, I can but he wears me out.  I'll take the baby when he comes tho!  Gonna love him up!  I don't think I could handle both, I don't know how Lindsay is going to do it!  Funny how the thought of a baby makes me wish I could have one again.  I know David would like a baby but I've had my tubes tied and I am getting too old.  Wow, my thoughts do ramble don't they?  Well, I can pretend I have a baby when William is born.  I'm gonna ask Donna of D's Designs if she can make me a couple graphics for the occasions coming up.  Teehee!  Ok time to go!  Here's hoping for spring!


jlocorriere05 said...

Snow?! Ugh! Can't stand the stuff! Happy birthday Logan, I can't believe it's a whole year since his birth and the tragic accident of his dad. I hope this year's happier for Lindsay and her new partner. I hope you get a few hummers, I'd like to see pics of them! Jeannette xx  

tendernoggle said...

We are going down to freezing this weekend, but no snow...thank goodness! ( I"ll take my snow in the winter time! lol )
To Travis>>> Well Done...and God Bless you!
love ya,