Monday, September 3, 2007

A proper entry

This weekend was a busy one with Sarah's birthday the crowning moment.  She sure had a good time despite the fact that her father couldn't be bothered to come.  He prefered to stay home and play computer games and drink.  How do I know this?  I went up there after the party and there he was in all his stinky glory.  The house was disgustingly filthy and smelled terrible.  The yard was so overgrown they would need a brush hog to mow it.  I'm SO glad I don't live there anymore!  I'm not his slave anymore.  Despite that Sarah had a wonderful party, pictures in previous entry. 

Saturday evening we were invited to dinner by my new friend Jeffrey!  We ate at The 99.  We both had steak and salmon and Sarah had pizza.  After that we went and did a quick geocache.  I think I have another convert to geocaching.  He is especially interested in benchmarks.  Those are geological survey markers.  That is his line of work pretty much, placing those.  He has placed some overseas.  He is an engineer I believe.  Anyhow, I'm head over heels for this guy.  I hope I don't get disappointed again.

My Mom thinks he is a "good catch" so I better mind my P's and Q's.  She said I better behave!  I have every intention of behaving!  He is a good Christian man with excellent morals.  I feel like I don't quite measure up, but he seems to be quite interested in me also!  We have ALOT in common.  Ok I have to go to work.  Everyone have a great Labor Day!  Linda

Hi mom


nightmaremom said...

glad Sarah's party went well.  He looks like a great catch Linda... but so are you!

ggjack7 said...

Hope things work out well for you Linda. gg/Jackie

jckfrstross said...

too bad sarahs dad is such a jerk:( hope it works out with the new one:)


seraphoflove9001 said...

I hope it works out. :o)

wwfbison said...

Sorry for Sarah ~ having her dad behave like a jerk - but you are a terrific Mom and she is so lucky to have you.  I hope it works out with Jeffrey!!

tendernoggle said...

I know Sarah had a great time...and it is all because of YOU! I do wish her daddy would straighten up and act like a real daddy to her though.
love ya,
I think Jeffrey would be lucky to get YOU!

bhbner2him said...

So glad Sarah's birthday was happy....despite her dad's absence.  And I'm hoping your new friend does not disappoint.  -  Barbara