Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still fighting the good fight...

After I brought Sarah over to get on the bus, I went to the court house to pick up the papers I needed.  I happened to think of calling over to Domestic Violence and my counseler told me she was actually on her way to court and she could meet me there.  She helped me fill them out.  I had to go get them notarized and umpteenth million copies made.  Then I just had enough time to go get Sarah and meet with the child protective lady.  She was very nice and very thorough.  I guess she did well with Sarah because Sarah told her what happened.  I asked her what she felt the outcome would be and she said she has to talk to the other parties and her supervisor but she feels it will be indicated.  That means that he is found to have done this against Sarah.  I also am filing an emergency petition in the morning at court that he be not allowed to have Sarah over night anymore and also that I be allowed to retain physical custody until we can get to court to address the issues.  I am still waiting for "him" to call me.  My phone actually is out of order right now and the repair person won't be out until sometime tomorrow.  It was working fine this morning...   so he has both cell phone numbers if he wants to call and start screeching.  So I am very exhausted.  Had to take a day off work and probably a half day tomorrow now.  I do have my NASCAR weekend coming up.  Sarah will be staying at her grandmothers.  I have asked her not to let Sarah spend the night at her fathers.  He has actually said it would probably be better that he not "force" her to spend the night because she has been becoming "increasingly agitated" about sleeping in her room.  I WONDER WHY???  Maybe because Daddy gets drunk and keeps her awake half the night and now she has to worry about him coming in and pissing on her floor...  Ok enough of this.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support and prayers!  Linda

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