Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A nice day off!

I love this graphic!  I got it from Sugar.  I'm not sure if her link is on the right but we all know Sister Sugar!  I love the fact that it has a plus size gal as a great role model!  I can identify with her alot more than the skinny boobnormous wenches on most graphics! 

Travis got off to school nicely this morning.  He was in a good mood this morning and was being funny.  I can't believe how big and manly he is becoming. 

The cats have been good.  I've been feeding Tiger next door.  He was coming in and eating but I was worried he might have a kitty disease so I've been feeding him outdoors.  He never seems to gain any weight.  I hope he didn't pass anything on to my cats. 

Today I am going to meet with my counseler at Domestic Violence.  I am going to let her know how things have been going and also to see if I can apply for a public defender through them again.  If I go thru them I don't have to pay.  I can't afford a regular lawyer anyhow.  I will probably get the same clown as before.  At least he knows my case pretty well.  The ex found him pretty amusing and had to insult him to me.  Saying he looked like a slob and he didn't know anything.  Well, his lawyer looks like a man.  So there!  Neeener!   I'd like to see how he is going to afford her this time...  I'm still getting phone calls from the bank that has the loan on his house.  He owes for this month. 

I need to get out to my Dad's and harvest some more tomatoes.  I was thinking of donating them to the soup kitchen.  Also my co-worker, Hope said she will take anything that is old and she can feed it to her pig. 

I also need to get out to Walmart and get some new scrub pants for work.  I guess they have some cute Halloween tops.  I start with Haunted Hayrides tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  Have a nice day everyone!


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