Saturday, September 22, 2007

Everyone is out to annoy me...

Either I'm in a really pissy mood or everyone is getting on my last nerve.  After work, I went and picked up Sarah and my friend David.  David started getting on my nerves almost as soon as he got in the car!  Just saying stupid things and making stupid noises.  He knew  he was annoying me and even said he was being annoying and then continued to do it!  When I stopped talking to him he did it more, then he said it was because I was giving him "the silent treatment".  Finally I yelled at him to shut up.  I couldn't take it anymore.  The senseless blabbing and noises and nerdy laughter.  AAARRRRHHHHHGGGGGG!  Now I am home and the cats have decided it is the perfect time to start grooming all around me.  Travis is making stupid noises in this room and being disruptive because he hasn't had his pills.  That and his new habit of snorting through his nose.  I think I better just pack it up and go to bed before I loose it! 

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