Monday, September 24, 2007

What is he plotting?

It's been much too quiet over in Enemy Territory.  He visited with Sarah a total of about an hour for his Thursday thru Sunday visit schedule.  Told her he was "sick".  He has still not sent me any child support.  I am betting my bottom dollar he is going to hire that lawyer again and get away with murder.  He will go into court saying he is a wonderful father and I am making everything up.  In fact I am a terrible mother.  I don't dress Sarah properly, or feed her.  I let people abuse her and dump her off at her Grandmother's all the time.  I also probably make disparaging remarks about him to Sarah and don't let him call her.  I'm sure his Mommy has her little notebook filled with everything that I've done since March too. 

I know I shouldn't worry about it, but its hard not too.

Bad news from my Mom too yesterday.  She suffered a blood vessel break in one of her eyes and its so full of blood that she is blind in that eye.  She can barely see out of the other one too.  She has diabetes and this has caused the eye problems.  The Dr. couldn't even see what the problem was because the eye was so clouded.  They are hoping the blood will clear up enough in about 3 weeks to see what can be done.  I hope and pray her eyesight will be restored. 

I start my job with the Haunted Hayrides on Wed.  I hope I like it and can deal with the tiredness for a month.  Not much else going on. 

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