Friday, September 21, 2007

Strange days

This past week has been very strange.  I did get the court order from the judge to keep Sarah from having to spend the night at her fathers until we can go to court.  He has supposedly gotten "layed off".  Instead of going out looking for another job he has become despondant and stays home and won't answer the door.  This is from his mother.  She did talk to him yesterday and he said he didn't want to talk to anyone.  Well, he is getting served more papers today and probably more next week.  I'm sure now that he isn't working he will not pay any bills and the house will end up getting repossed, ruining my credit in the process.  I take no pleasure in any of this.  I just expect the worse, that the judge will let him continue to share custody and just not keep her overnight.  I don't see where he is being a parent right now anyhow.  He was supposed to visit Sarah last night and never went to pick her up.  He has not shown any parenting responsibility at all this year.  He has not had anything to do with her school, has not purchased any clothes for her.  Has not taken her to the Dr. or paid for her co-payments.  He hasn't paid any child support in 5 weeks either.  I am going to go to Domestic Violence next week and visit my counseler and also see if I can get a public defender through them.  So life is very confusing right now, but I am plodding on and trying to stay cheerful.  I do appreciate all the nice comments and supportive messages I recieve!  Thank you to all!

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