Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meeting with CPS today

I pray today that the CPS worker will believe what we have to tell her.  We are meeting at 2 PM over at Center for the Family.  My boss gave me the day off to take care of business.  Besides that, I need to go down to the court house and get papers to fill out and file for a modification and violation.  I spoke with the law guardian yesterday and she told me to put on the paper that it was with her recommendation that I do so.  Also to ask for the judge to review it right away to suspend his overnight visits. 

I dread his fury when he finds out I'm doing all this.  He will say well if you just asked me I would of let her spend the night at her Grandmothers.  In fact he won't.  Saturday evening when the cops were there, he claims (lied) that his Mother was there to take Sarah home with her because he was expecting a woman to come over.  He said he was so angry that I called the police that he kept Sarah there.  Now what kind of father does that?  I'm going to show these text messages to the CPS worker too to show her his way of thinking and his mindset that night.  His mother also admitted to me that Dave had been drinking but wasn't drunk when she was there. 

Sarah said her father had come into her room in his underwear and she covered her head with the pillow but she could hear him urinating on the floor. 

I'm not trying to be revengeful or spiteful, I just want to protect my child.  I know how he is and how he gets.  He has almost set the house on fire twice when I've lived there.  He has punched holes in the walls and urinated in the house.  No child deserves to be in those conditions.  The dogs don't even deserve it.  Please pray for us that justice will prevail and Sarah won't have to endure these overnight visits anymore...  Linda

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