Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello Monday

Yep, its Monday again.  Whoopee!  I worked this weekend, so there really is no difference to me.  Sarah had her art reception.  I was a little disappointed.  I met her there with her Grandmother and Father (urg).  Her picture was in this little tiny art gallery with outrageously expensive art in it.  It was hung on the wall and very cute!  We stayed maybe 10 minutes and left.  There was no "artist reception".  I would say it was more like an open house.  Sarah went to the mall after and got her ears pierced!  She looks so cute with the little studs in there!  My sister sent me some pics of Abbigail enjoying some snow in Arkansas!  They got a little in Louisiana but more further up north.  Here she is!

I really miss my family down south and hope I can go see them soon!  We have had a few signs of spring here.  Buds on some trees, spring flowers coming up in a flower bed, red-wing blackbirds coming back, and robins on the dead frozen grass!  So anyhow, I'm thinking the gas stations should leave carts out by the pumps for people to leave arms, legs and possible vital organs to pay for the gas now.  Have to work overtime to pay for the gas to go to work! 

hi mom and brenda!


fowfies said...

Snow...still around I see. We had some snow Saturday...I hope thats the end of it and Spring is on the way now. She looks so cute with the snowman. :) Gas is going up and up. The talking heads predict four dollars a gallon for regular over the summer. Not good news. kelly

bhbner2him said...

And as gas goes so does our fuel bills for heating and cooling!  I fear July and August this year.  

It was still a nice honor for Sarah.  Just a shame they didn't make a little more of a to-do over it.  -  Barbara

lv2trnscrb said...

Hi Linda, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to blog before, "of minipaws and menopause" and then "a corgi in Southern California"; I know I followed your previous journal and I know you abruptly left journaling and then a few months later due to some family problems I left journaling abruptly. I recently started a new journal after being gone for 15 months, and have recently re-connected with previous journals I used to follow and stumbled across a comment you left in someone's journal, I clicked on your screen name, found your journal and realized I knew who you were so I started following your journal about a week or so ago again; I put you on alerts

WTG for Sarah getting her ears pierced and for having her art piece in that art gallery; it would have been nice if they had made more of a "fuss" about it; simple thing like cookies and drink as an "artist's reception" would have given the budding artists lots of encouragement I think

gas is $3.59 here in So. Calif; yep, it is getting to be expensive


chat2missie said...

I love the little snowman!  Kids don't care how much snow they get, they can always find a way to have fun!  Enjoy your day.

breakaway1968 said...

Oh yes isn't gas just outrageous.  The other day we had the gas station giving out free bottles of soda per fill up to drag customers there instead of someplace else.  My thought...they should be giving out small diamonds!!!  NOT SODA! lol  

ally123130585918 said...

Lovely picture of Abbigail with her snowman ~ you are right about paying an arm and a leg for Gas the prices really are getting out of hand ~ Ally x

mumma4evr said...

gas prices are crazy all over the place!!!

sunnybethe said...

Ohh geezz, it's too bad the gallery couldn't do something for the kids.  I bet Sarah is adorable with errings!

hugs, Bethe