Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Windy day

After our nice warm day yesterday, it is now windy and cold.  We had a few claps of thunder last night as the front came through. 

Only 9 more days until Louisiana!  My brother is excited about me coming down,  he has things planned for us to do.  I have alot to do before I go however.  Sarah has a concert tonight.  Friday is a field trip to a maple sugar shack.  Work the weekend.  Monday off to go to Albany, Tuesday regular day off and I'm going to a luncheon for women's empowerment.  Then Wednesday work and pack and leave Thursday!  I need to make sure I have plenty of supplies for Sarah also before we go.  Her sugars have been excellent the last couple days.  When we go to Albany on Monday we are going to discuss the insulin pump with the Dr. , they will give us brochures so we can pick one.  I am leaning toward Cozmos or Medtronic.  There really isn't alot to choose from.  One of them has cool colors and "skins" for kids.  Those probably cost extra.  Sarah can always decorate it with stickers etc...

I had the moped out last night and it is still stalling out.  I found out there is a leak in the gas line.  That will have to be replaced.  Its just a rubber tube.  My friend Scott is coming over Friday to pick it up and take it up to his place to work on it.  He knows about motorcycles and things like that.  He said it should be easy to fix.  I just realized that I really only have to work one day next week!  My vacation will be long, about two weeks!  I have to board Daisy and find someone to check on the cats.  I can ask Dave's son if he wants the job, I can pay him some cash.  Well, time to get ready for work...  Ugh.  Linda


breakaway1968 said...

MIA here for two weeks also?  We will miss you!  But hope you have tons of fun and hope you get your moped fixed up so you can drive it.  

chat2missie said...

The wind last night was horrible as that front was coming thru.  Sunny today but as you, it's cold!

wwfbison said...

It sounded like the house was blowing down last night here too - and it was warm, not so today!!!  The gas line should be an easy fix, I've watched Doug do them on some snowmobiles and cycles and it was a cinch.  Hope this solves the problem for you.

tendernoggle said...

Getting closer and closer to your trip!!! Hope yall warm up some!!!
love ya,

sunnybethe said...

I have a Medtronic Pacemaker~I highy recommend the brand : )  
hugs,  Bethe

lv2trnscrb said...

wow, 9 days!! that's not too long to wait especially with all the things you have planned; that field trip to the maple sugar shack sounds like fun!! I bet Sarah will do great with the insulin pump; it might make things easier for everyone; great to hear though that her sugars are doing good!


ally123130585918 said...

wont be long now till you go to Louisiana ~ look forward to knowing what your brother has planned for you ~ the field trip ro the Maple sugar shack sounds good ~ I hope Sarah gets on OK with the insulin pump ~ good to know her sugars have been good for the last few days ~ Hope your friend can sort your moped out for you ~ Ally x

solace223 said...

We'll be on vacation at the same time!  Well, the first three or four days at least.  ;)  I'll be in Ohio though.  Not quite as warm.  Enjoy your time with the family.