Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Went shopping!

I went on a mini-shopping spree and got some goodies for Sarah and I.  I went to Target and got here a couple cute spring t-shirts and scooters (skorts).   The good Dave went shopping with me and when he saw the picture of the girls in scooters he said "Who would dress their little girl in that?  They look like hookers!".  I laughed and showed him how there were shorts underneath.  I guess he has never seen them before.  They are pretty much a staple in Sarah's wardrobe in the summer.  With these they can look cute and play too without showing their Tinkerbell underwear.  LOL!  Then I went to Petsmart and thier was a beautiful cat there that wanted to come home with me.  She may have to wait until this weekend.  I fell in love with that cat.  She is $100 though but comes with all her shots etc....   She is sponsered by Upstate SPCA.  I could take my chances again and go to the animal shelter where they are only $35.  I had my heart set on a siamese or something similar but when I saw that cat at Petsmart and the way she reached up and wanted to be taken out of the cage, my heart melted.  Ok on to shopping:  then I went to the hobby store and got feathers, sequins etc... for the gals and I to make Mardi Gras masks.  Today is mask day at work.  My sister mailed me one but I want to jazz it up.  The girls don't have one so I snagged some plain masks at work and we are going to jazz them up.  I have peacock feathers to add to mine.  I have six but if I share mine won't be as unique.  I should share tho to be fair.  Then on to the sporting goods store where I bought 2 pair of sneakers.  New Balance for my feet at work and North Face hike/sneakers for hiking and Geocaching!  Whew, then off to the grocery store and then to my counselers.  I had a good talk with the counseler.  I feel comfortable opening up and discussing with her.  We came to the conclusion that the reason I still interact with the EX is because I am seeking approval.  I was abused as a child and always was trying to seek approval from my abuser.  That probably carried over into adulthood.  I need to break away from that and not even talk about him.  Especially with my current B/F because it bothers him.  He came over after I got back from the counseler and we hada nice VISIT.  Hehe. 

I hear a cardinal outside singing and dawn is just breaking. 

We are expecting a storm tomorrow night into Friday.  These things always come when I have to work.  Geez...   Linda



jlocorriere05 said...

Cardinal rule is not to discuss your ex with your current boyfriend. It would make him uncomfortable, he wants to know you've moved on! Go and get that little kitty, I can never turn down a kitten! Our pet shops seem to have stopped selling them, I hate to see them in cages! Jeannette xx  

tendernoggle said...

Awwwwwwww poor little kitty in the cage......:-(  You know you want to give him a home! Not that I'm trying to coax you into
Glad you got to talk to your counseler...Good just to have someone to talk it out with, huh?
Take care now,
love ya,

elainey2465 said...

OOOOH glad you had a visit!!! ;0) hugs Laine xxx

am4039 said...

sounds like you had a busy day. Fun too shopping. It's good that you can talk to your counselor and open up. I'm sure it's helping you a lot dealing with everything.