Thursday, October 18, 2007

No lawyer for court

Good Morning everyone.  I spoke yesterday with the public defenders office.  Apparently they don't cover modification petitions.  So they told me I have to represent myself.  Considering that I can't afford a lawyer thats what I will do.  I feel I have enough proof to present my case. 

I really haven't been doing to much.  I brought pizza from Pizza Hut last night over to my friend Dave's house and we had a dinner with his family.  His Mom "retired" from Wesley, where I work and is going to work at another facility.  She got a $500 check from Wesley for "retiring".  She has worked there nearly 30 years, so I think giving her something is appropriate!  I've only got 5 more years to go and I can "retire" from Wesley too!  Haha.  I wonder what they consider retirement?  20 years?  I have 15 now. 

My son is making me so angry lately with his laziness and general disrespect.  He expects me to wait on him and get him his clothes and food.  I tell him to do it himself.  So he just lays on the couch until the last minute before school and barely gets the bus on time.  I took away his computer priveleges the other day.  He pretends he is sorry but I know he isn't.  He is on the other hand getting good grades in school.  He is getting 80's in his main subjects and in Criminal Justice he got a 79 and the instructor said he is attentive and has excellent attendance. 

I really dont' have too much more news.  I hope everyone has a nice day...  Linda


emabecmar said...

you'll do fine in court as long as you have all the proof and facts. just look the judge in the eye, present your case and show the proof. you don't need to pay some fancy lawyer to say what you already want to say. Hope you have a nice thursday.

wwfbison said...

I think you will do good in court - my gosh you certainly have enough to tell the judge.  Just stay calm!!!  Don't let the X rattle you.  

nay0114 said...

I lost your link there for awhile and found you off someone else's sidebar. Just dropping by to say hello. I'll have to read back, but hope all is well. Sorry about your son giving you problems. Hope court goes well for you.
Take care, Chrissie

fowfies said...

Just tell them how it is. Back when my friend was going to court she payed her lawyer thousands of dollars during her divorce...and I didnt see where he did that much. :( Surely the court will see right through him and see him for the person he is. Please keep up updated...I want and wish for you and Sarah to have some peace in your life away from this horrible excuse for a human being.