Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why does God...?

I get alot of e-mails and see pictures and graphics telling me about God's love.  God knows us from the moment of conception to the moment of death and then we will be reunited with him but only if we have accepted his Son Jesus Christ as Savior.  There is also the belief that God knows our life, that it is pre-planned for us.  This is my question.  If God knows everything that will happen to us then he must already know that we will or will not accept him as our God and Jesus as Savior.  Why have people born knowing that they will go to hell?  Why have the baby born whos father will throw him off a bridge.  Why be born and have your Aunt strip you naked and walk into traffic with you?  Why let the children be raped, mutilated, abused etc?  What lesson can be learned in that?  What about the mother with children who gets cancer and dies slow and terrible and in agony.  Is this God's plan for her?  What if she doesn't accept Him as Savior first.  Then she gets to burn in Hell too!  There are thousands of examples I could state.  I don't understand any of this.  I know I will get all the statements of the faithful like, No one knows God's plan etc...  I just don't understand that if God loves us and knows us why send us out to perish?  Why send some out to die and burn in hell?  Just my thoughts....


mosie1944 said...

Every thinking person has asked these questions.  There are theological answers, but I'm not a theologian.  You could go to google and type in "why do good people suffer" and get tons of answers.  None are all that satisfactory.    

As far as who's going to hell and who is not, I'm not so sure things are as cut-and-dried as some of us imagine.

I do know this:  I've gone without God in my life at times, and I've walked beside Him at others.  The latter times are when I've had peace.  And the happiest people I've known were those whose faith was the greatest.

We walk by faith, not by sight.

glensfork4 said...

It is HUMAN to ask of those questions, but we are to ask not, and will know later. I would rather walk by Faith then be evil.


nightmaremom said...

Linda... I asked all those questions when my sister got so ill...  when she passed.  I don't know the plan and I sure as hell don't understand... but I have some type of faith that there is a reason a bigger plan.  I have to believe that or I'd be filled with so much anger and so much hate......   I miss my sister like mad and I hate the plan... but I do have to believe....  makes no sense to me either.

bhbner2him said...

I don't think anyone can totally understand it all.  Yes, God has a perfect will for each of us.  But very, very few of us even seek to know it, let alone follow it.  And since he is all knowing I think he does know who will turn to him and who won't.  He loves us all very much, so this knowledge must grieve his heart.  But most of the things you list are the result of someone's bad choice, someone's sin.  Each and every person has free will to accept or deny him.  And the beautiful part is that he will not give up trying to persuade ALL to come to him, even though he knows who will and who won't.  So, let us not give up either.   -  Barbara

breakaway1968 said...

You know...this is a hard thing to understand but I REFUSE to believe that god will let anyone burn in says in the bible god is one of love and no matter what someone does I know he would not allow that to happen. I mean really, how bad do you have to be do endure such torture?!  I believe god is for second chances and I refuse to believe anything else.  I believe we are living in hell right now.  There IS so much better then this  in store for us!  I just know it!  

tendernoggle said...

Just as I can not SEE the love that me and Danny shared...I can not SEE God...but I KNOW that the LOVE was there and that it also still exists...It is not God that does evil things but humans...God gave us free will...if HE had not then we would only be like robots...with no heart and no soul...and no mind of our own. Our minds are not made to understand the why of a lot of it is with true FAITH in GOD that we have to have to get through this life....Without my FAITH I would have not made it this far.
Love ya,

wwfbison said...

I think your questions are valid and some I have asked myself.  I believe, and this is just my opinion...I believe there is a master plan but I also think Satan is as present in our lives as God is.  Therefore, when those acts are committed I cannot help but believe it is the work of Satan in the person committing those acts.
I don't think it is evil to question - you are not denouncing God, you are merely asking valid questions for which I don't think anyone has a true answer for.