Saturday, July 14, 2007

Great visit so far!

My Mom and I have been having a great time visiting.  We have been pretty busy visiting people and catching up!  On Thursday, we went down to the Salvation Army store to shop around but even there it was expensive.  I saw a shirt that looked like it used to be Sarah's and it even had stains on it and they wanted $2.49 for it!  I'm not paying even that for someone elses dirty clothes.  Now I do understand that there are people that can only afford to shop there and I'm not looking down, but I think Salvation Army should price these clothes in the cents range not dollars!  They had racks and racks of clothes and they would sell alot more if they lowered the prices. 

Yesterday we went out to see Lindsay and the babies.  We ended up over at Kate's house and Greg (Travis' father who is living with my sister in law) was there as well as Logan's other grandmother.  We had lunch and visited and then I brought Mom home to rest.  Later that evening we went down to the Legion Hall in Ballston Spa to celebrate my Uncle Jack's birthday.  I will have photos from that later.  I saw my cousins and 2nd cousins.  The one I was most thrilled to see was Josh.  He is 27 now and handsome as hell.  Too bad I'm 40 and his cousin!  LOL!  He served in the Army for 2 years and was in Iraq for a while.  He is in the Guard now and wants to go back over there.  Good Lord, I hope he doesn't.  He is such a sweet young man and even took the time to talk to this fat old lady and act like it was the reason he came there to begin with!  I will be seeing everyone again Sunday.  Today, we are going up to hopefully see my sister's kids.  I need to get my things ready for the fair tomorrow too.  I have Sarah's pageant rehearsal and then also need to drop off my entries.  So I will be busy!  I think I may skip the carrot cake even though I signed up for it.  Too expensive to make and I don't have the time. 


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


tendernoggle said...

I am so happy that your visit with your mama is going so good!!! Sounds like you both will be worn out before it is over!!! lol
Have fun at the fair!
love ya,

ggjack7 said...

Sounds like a great visit, nothing like family eh what, have fun at the fair and I you bring home a Blue Ribbon. gg/Jackie

nightmaremom said...

I am so glad you are having fun.  I don't know what I'd do if my mom lived out of town.  Enjoy it!

wwfbison said...

Sounds like you are having a great and running non-stop!  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.