Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christopher and Nikki

I got to visit my nephew and niece today.  I haven't seen them in 5 years except for seeing Nikki at Great Escape last week.  They both look so good.  Chris works at a local paper mill and its a really good job.  Nikki is going to be a senior this year and has been working at the Great Escape for 3 years.  She is a costumed character this year.  She says its hot and she gets hit, groped and kicked all the time.  Nice huh?  She showed me her art portfolio.  She is a very good artist and also a photographer.  She likes black and white mostly.  I got a picture of Chris, Nikki doesn't like her pic taken.  Here is Chris

This is my last lily of the year and one of my dahlias:


ggjack7 said...

WOW Linda he must get his good looks from your side of the family!!! He looks a lot like you.

Your flowers are beautiful, you have a green thunb. gg/Jackie

nightmaremom said...

Glad you got to visit...  Chris is very handsome!!!  Agreed... gets the looks from your side :)  

tendernoggle said...

Your nephew is very cute! By the way;
I couldn't help but laugh when I read in a previous entry about little Sarah and her friend chopping up your peppers and buring them! lol Sorry!
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

your nephew is a cutie:) have a good hump day


ally123130585918 said...

Glad you got to visit with your niece and nephew ~ 5 years is a long time not to have seen them ~ Chris is a handsome young man ~ and your flowers at beautiful ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

He is handsome - it's nice you had a chance to visit after all those years. They are young so I bet  they really looked different than you remembered.   I don't think I would want to be a costume character after hearing what she goes through- sounds awful!  Your flower shots are great.

nay0114 said...

Love all the pics. Thank you for sharing.
Take care, Chrissie