Thursday, July 26, 2007

Response from the Great Escape

I wrote a letter to the managers at Great Escape regarding the water issue and bathing suit issue.  This is their reply...

Thank you for your comments regarding your visit to The Great Escape.  We value your opinion and recognize that receiving guest input is the best way to continually improve our park.

We understand your disappointment when you realized that we no longer allow food or beverage into the park. We felt it was important to institute this course of action because of increased security measures and to increase the flow of traffic coming into the park. The food and beverage policy only prohibits outside food and beverage inside park gates, where our guests are in a controlled and somewhat confined location.  Picnic baskets continue to be welcome on the park property.  For the convenience of our guests, we offer comfortable picnic areas outside of the park complete with picnic tables, trash receptacles, and our maintenance service. In addition, as always, Guests can come and go throughout the day, since the park has a very flexible re-entry policy.  You need only to have your hand stamped and you have the freedom to come and go all day long.  In addition, all of our Guests are welcome to bring in sealed water bottles or empty plastic water bottles to fill once they are in the park.  We offer complimentary water to our Guests at most food locations as well.  

In reference to our prices - In a recent pricing comparison, we found The Great Escape to be very competitive in value with other forms of entertainment such as sporting events, concerts, and movies in the Albany/Glens Falls area.  Your comments have been forwarded to our In-Park Services Director for review and consideration.

The reason we don't allow bathing suits outside of Splashwater Kingdom is because we implemented a new Guest Code of Conduct to support our goal of improving the family environment throughout all Six Flags parks and to encourage all Six Flags guests to be considerate of others.  The Six Flags Guest Code of Conduct requires our guests to comply with a set of rules and policies designed to make the park experience fun, safe, clean and appropriate for children and families.  

Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

From: Linda Wheeler
Phone: 518-XXX-XXXX
Reason for writing: Merchandise Questions
Park: The Great Escape, Lake George
Message: I visited today with my family and was once again discouraged and disgusted by the high prices of food and drink.  For people on a lower income level we can only afford to come to the Great Escape once a year.  When families are not even allowed to bring water in and stands charge close to $4.00 for a small bottle of water it is very upsetting.  I see there is plenty of cold water available for employees as each station has a large cooler of water but very little public water fountains.  I saw only one during our whole day.  
On a brighter note, the park was very clean and there were costumed characters everywhere we went, which the children enjoyed.  
I am also wondering about the policy about no swimsuits being worn in the park.  I wore my full bathing suit into the park with shorts over and was not notified at the gate of this policy.  I was stopped by an employee and told I had to put on a cover shirt and also barred from a ride.  There were people walking around wearing shirts with less coverage than what I had on.  The only difference was they were not swim suit tops.  I think as long as someone is not dripping wet and decently covered they should be allowed to wear the suits.  Thanks for your attention...


ggjack7 said...

Good for you Linda, you wrote a very nice letter, not one of anger and confrontation, to bad you didn't know that water cooler you saw behind some of the counters, was yours for the asking, now that you know all of their rules I hope you feel better, but writing the letter was smart on your part, now you can put it behind you. Have a great evening. gg/Jackie

jckfrstross said...

at least they replied back:) enjoy your weekend


plieck30 said...

Good for you to voice your opinion in a nice way. Paula

seraphoflove9001 said...

I'm glad that you wrote to them! :o) More people need to do this.

wwfbison said...

I'm glad you expressed your opinion.  I think it's important to let companies know what consumers are thinking.  Good for you!