Saturday, August 4, 2007

Boring week

As you can see, I've had a boring week.  Didn't do much.  It was very hot Thursday and Friday.  Warm today too, but not as humid.  I made spagetti and meatballs.  I made the meatballs out of ground turkey and they were very good.  Then I took Sarah and her friend over to Dave's to swim.  I had him over to dinner.  He is trying to get as much done as possible before he has to get another graft on his foot.  It will be the end of August probably.  Then its the crutches and boot again.  This happened to him last year. 

Sarah is watching Miranda Cosgrove on TV.  She was on Drake and Josh as the annoying little sister.  Now she is getting her own show called ICarly.  She is a cute little girl.  I think she is 14. 

I talked to my Mom tonight.  She is going to send me the money back that I used to buy her airplane ticket.  I can certainly use it!  I am so broke.  I should probably pay the credit card company first and pay off the ticket.  I was supposed to do that to begin with but forgot.  Pay back part anyway and then put the rest in savings.  If any rich people out there want to send me money please feel free!  LOL!  Any philanthropist want to help a single mom with two kids...?  Ok enough of that!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  May go boating tomorrow with my Dad. 


tendernoggle said...

We are almost in the triple didgets here! It was around 99 today and 105 heat index.
love ya,

seraphoflove9001 said...

It's been way up in the 90's here! I heard that it's suppose to get in the 100's this week! Good grief! I stay inside when it gets this way. I hope you have a great day! :o)

fowfies said...

Sometimes boring is good...I like boring, it means there is no turmoil going on. :) It is hot hot hot here too...Derby had dried sweat on him today so I went out and hosed him down, gave him a bath too. He seemed to feel better afterwards. Hope we can all get through August without having a heat stroke..sure is hot.

wwfbison said...

I absolutely love your graphic - totally awesome.  I wish I would have some boredom - lately it seems it's just been one thing after another.  Honey, if I were rich I'd send something your way!  Sorry things are so hard for you right now.
Take care,