Saturday, August 11, 2007

Geocaching the Old Rock City Falls mill

Yesterday afternoon, I dragged Sarah kicking and screaming out to do a geocache at an old mill in the forest.  Once she got there and realized there were interesting things like waterfalls, she was happy.  In this cache, you have to use the date and name to figure out the coordinates for the cache.  While I was there I found the benchmark and gloated because that counts toward a find also!  It was not mentioned in the dialoge for the cache so it was a bonus.  After getting the numbers I needed, we set off.  Sarah wanted to explore the waterfall area first, so we did that.  Then we went up to find the cache.  Exploring the old mill was great.  It was getting very humid in the forest however and after nearly an hour of searching, I had to give up.  I did however, come out with some great photos. 

Last night after I went home and Sarah went to her Dads.  I invited a man friend from work to go to the baseball game tomorrow night.  It was a cold call and I was so nervous.  He said he had a birthday party for his Dad however.  Then I decided I wanted to go see Hairspray, so I called him back.  He said he had plans for last night too.  Oh well, two strikes.  So I called my friend Barbara and went with her.  Hairspray was great!  I loved the girl in the movie and John Travolta was a hoot!  After, Barbara and I took a quick walk downtown.  It was cold and she was freezing.  There were about 10 people set up in the bank drivethru area playing drums of all sorts.  The rythem was intoxicating.  I wished I had brought my camera to take pictures of them.  Oh well.  So off I went to home and bed.  I had a phone call at 12:15 am.  They didn't leave a message, but I could here a man's voice murmer in the background.  Maybe a wrong number.  I will have to start bringing the phone with me to bed.  I got rid of my caller ID so I don't know who it was. 


wwfbison said...

The falls look beautiful, it looks like a great place. I am so bad with direction & coordinates I doubt I would ever find anything.   I'm glad you liked Hairspray, it sounds like you had a fun night.  I would have loved to hear the drummers, I love street performers.  I would wonder who was calling that late as well.  Too bad you dropped your caller ID, figures the one time you wish you had it.  Have a great rest of the weekend.

seraphoflove9001 said...

I loved the pictures! :o) And yes...I loved Hairspray! Have a good weekend!

madcobug said...

I loved your pictures. The falls and flowers were all so pretty. You should have got that old waterbucket to plant a flower in. Glad that you enjoyed the movie. Helen

tendernoggle said...

i LOVE CALLER id!!!!
I have wondered if that movie was any good! lol
Loved the pictures!
love ya,

fowfies said...

She was COLD? How cool does it get around there at night? I would love to be Its just not cooling off here...even at night it stays warm and muggy.