Sunday, August 26, 2007

Washington Co. tractor pulls

I hope this works this time!  You tube kept saying failed when I put up my videos but for some reason Uncut video worked this time.  Usually I can't even upload anything to them!  So I went ALONE to the Tractor pulls last night.  My friend Dave decided he would rather go to camp and play with his gun this weekend.  So thats ok.  I met up with my friend/co-worker Sheri and her husband and we had a good time until a massive storm rolled in.  They put a delay on the pulls, and it was already 8 PM so I decided to leave.  I was never more scared riding home.  The lightning and thunder was right over me and all I could do was pray and pray I did.  The only other time I was seriously afraid for my life was being out in a small rowboat when a storm came up.  I know I am safe in the car from lightening, I was more afraid of having a tree come down on me!  Travis left last night for N.C.  Please pray for his safety and everyone else.  I worry so when people drive at night that they will fall asleep driving.  Ok time to go to work....  Still getting pulled.  Linda

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