Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling nervous and upset

Last night when we were in bed, Sarah confided in me.  Begged me not to tell her father, the judge, etc...  She is so terrified of her Dad finding out she complains about him.  He woke her up, or kept her awake by shouting at the computer or TV again.  Shouting obscenities.  Drinking no doubt.  I don't know what to do.  I can't exactly go over there and peer in the window at night when she is there.  I could recruit a neighbor friend of mine that lives there and ask her to call the police if she suspects anything.  She was also asking me about the big bulge in her father's underwear which he walks around in right in front of her.  I wonder if I can petition the court for her to spend Friday and Saturday nights at her Grandmother's or with me.  I don't want her spending the night there.  She doesn't feel comfortable there either.  I guess it won't hurt to try.  I can't afford a lawyer and I'm hoping I won't need one.  Its just a modification request.  I'm just so afraid something is going to happen when she is there.  A fire or he gets hurt or hurts her on accident.  He is not a bad father, just an alcoholic who is in serious denial and who is desperately trying to fool everyone.  I told her when he starts yelling to go out and ask him for the phone.  She is afraid to though.  She says what if he won't let me call you?  I told her he has to let her call, the judge said so.  I don't care if she wakes me up.  She is so afraid of her father's reaction.  She said he yells and the dogs go and run and hide.  I'm so upset and worried.  That old fear of him is still in me.  That fear of his reaction when he finds out I'm taking him to court again.  He can hurt me if he wants.  Try to say I don't take care of her or abuse her.  Linda


jlocorriere05 said...

Poor little Sarah, I wouldn't let her go stay with him, he sounds awful and it's no place for a little girl to be. Go back to court and explain all that's going on. Jeannette xx  

nana0014 said...

I wouldn't send her anymore. I mean around here if the parent is on drugs or drunk your kids can get taken away from you if the police are called. Would that happen over there to her IF a neighbor called for you? If the child is scared.. don't send her I don't care if that's her dad or not.
Take care, Chrissie

ally123130585918 said...

I agree with the last two comments ~ I would not let her go there again ~ Ally x

tendernoggle said...

I would go to the local probate judge or whoever is in charge of such things there in your local court house...or at least go to the police dept. and ask for information on what your choices are...That way it will at least be on record...I don't blame you, I would be uneasy about sending her over there too...maybe yall could set up a public place that he could see her.
God bless,
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

go to the police and explain what is going on. then take him back to court. she should not live in fear of what her dad will do what a jerk he is. keeping all in prayer


fowfies said...

Linda remember back when we first met, and I was tellin gyou about my friend that went through hell and back to get a divorce from her scum of the earth husband...and right there in court he was trying to get full custody of their daughter. He didnt have a job, so that he didnt win. Now tell my, why didnt he have to take a drug test? Why didnt he have to go to some sort of alcohol rehab program. He had her every other weekend, unsupervised. He only did it to get at her mother. He never wanted her. He would have his buddies over til 3 am, drinking, loud and stuff, course that went on her whole life. When we would go over to work on the old house to sell it, she was always in the middle of the street all day, walking around, nothing to do. Guess it was better than staying in the house with him. I cant stand to look at him, to hear him, he disgusts me. The things he did while she was over there on his weekends...he would have a huge cup of a mixed drink the car when they went off. Now tell me, where is the justice? He has done everything he can to put himself in harms way, driving drunk, doing drugs, why doesn't he ever get caught? Why isnt he dead? I don't know...but I do know how you feel, as I was alongside my friend during the whole ordeal. Her daughter would beg, cry and plead not to go over there, but it was court ordered. Her personality has totally changed because of it all. She is very withdrawn at times, not nearly as outspoken as she used to be. It makes me sad that any child has to go through it. The judges don't look at things close enough in my opinion. In my opinion that scum never had any right to claim her as his daughter. Just burns me up.