Friday, May 18, 2007

Whew, I'm tired!

I don't know whats been going on in Jland.  People are accusing others of theft and some feel so offended that they have closed their journals down.  I think its a shame that people can't leave others alone and let them do what they want in their journals.  Anyhow....   I went to the nursery today and got some new plants.  Some Kong Rose coleus for the front along with a couple impatients.  Petunias, marigold and zinnia for the front along with some bee balm and phlox.  I got cherry tomatoes and some compact tomatoes for my patio planters and some cayenne peppers to try.  I don't know what I'm going to do with them after!  I want to go back and get some jalepeno for Dave.  I didn't like the ones they had today, they were pretty leggy.  I guess I could plant them deep.  I also went and got my lawnmower and snowblower from the ex's.  Got a good part of the lawn mowed.  Its nice to have a shed to put them in.  I'm not sure if any of you remember the shed problem when I lived with the ex.  He got a shed but then it layed in a heap in the yard and was never assembled.  He gave me some line of crap that his brother wouldn't come over and help him put it up because I wouldn't let him come "party" at the house anymore.  Well after putting up with that butthead for as long as I did, I could live without a shed.  I think it was just sheer laziness on the Ex's part.  His yard is still full of garbage and furniture.  The landlord will be getting after him.  Well thats not my problem anymore.  I did enough work trying to keep that place up while he sat on this fat ass in the living room playing video games and talking to other women on the computer and getting drunk while I was busting my butt.  I am so glad I don't live there anymore! 

I was also asked about speaking again for EOC.  Wow, they sure are asking alot of favors!  They were given $80,000 after the fundraiser a couple weeks ago.  There was even a blurb in the paper about my speech, calling it the most touching part of the evening.  Now they want me to speak again and I will, but I wonder if they can help me out a little more, like paying off my house?  Heehee.  No I wouldn't ask that.  Icould use another clothes dryer thought, the one that was donated broke.  Ok enough rambling. 




madcobug said...

I have read parts of both sides of that story and I am just gonna stay out of it including any comments in the journals. I just hate any kind of discord that occurs in the journals. You will have put in a lot of hours planting all those plants if you put them out. Good for you getting your things back. I am so proud of you for getting out of that situation. Hope you have a good weekend.
Hugs, Helen

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


springangel235 said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend...hugs,

jlocorriere05 said...

Some people are just so mean and petty, I tend to stay away from their journals. It's sad that Donna's been treated like this, she's a lovely person. I'm glad you got away from your ex too! Jeannette xx